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Hot 97 Bans Posses, Michael Jackson’s Trial, more…

Posses banned at Hot 97
The carpenters’ union, which owns the Hot 97 building, has ordered that rappers only be allowed to bring one person inside with them. I guess they’re still trying to catch up on repairs to last year’s bullet holes. NY Daily

Jackson’s Lawyer Pokes Holes In Testimony Of Boy’s Brother
The choice of any form of the word “poking” for any headline related to this case is unfortunate.

Nick And Jessica Getting Back To The Reality Of The Studio
Nick also says he’s thinking of reuniting 98 Degrees. If the Backstreet Boys are playing Irving Plaza, I guess this also-ran group can look forward to packed gigs at the Mercury Lounge.

Fred Durst Promises ‘Brutal’ New Limp Bizkit Album
As if the public hasn’t been brutalized by Durst enough in recent days.

3 Doors Down Drummer Officially Joins Nickelback
According to the April Spin 20, quitting Puddle of Mudd for 3 Doors down is like quitting Hardee’s for Jack in the Box. What’s Nickelback’s fast-food equivalent?

Britney’s new movie
All I can say is, the craft table better be well stocked with Cheetos.