Calling the Nashville-based band Be Your Own Pet “sophomoric” isn’t actually an insult–these punk rockin’, expletive-spewing kid wonders just graduated from their sophomore year of high school, and no member of BYOP is over 17. Bleach-blond lead singer Jemina Pearl will have to fend off the Debbie Harry comparisons with a stick; and guitarist Jonas Stein bashes out the chords like he’s amping a crowd at CBGBs circa 1977. With lyrics like “You’ve got me on a leash / A damn damn leash / And it’s hard enough to be myself,” look for BYOP to kick-start the new angry teen’s rallying cry.

The quartet met at the Nashville School of the Arts. In addition to Abegg, the band members include drummer Jamin Orrall, guitarist Jonas Stein and bassist Nathan Vasquez. As Nashville is a music town, it’s not surprising that all four band members have impressive musical pedigrees. Stein’s father is Burt Stein, who manages the careers of Ronnie Millsap, Nanci Griffith, and Vince Neil. Vasquez’s father is guitarist Raphael Vasquez. Orrall’s father is singer-songwriter Robert Ellis Orrall. Jemina Pearl’s father is famed rock photographer Jimmy Abegg. The Damn Damn Leash single was released in March.


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