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You’re Pretty Good Lookin’ For a Band

By: Jessica Grose

Rock documentarian Dick Carruthers captures a live performance from the enigmatic Jack White and his “sister” Meg for a new DVD called Under Blackpool Lights. Carruthers has chronicled such mythic rock acts as Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones in the past. The Stripes DVD will be released on December 9th, and, starting on December 11th, there will be a 13-city screening of the film. Tickets will be available the week of the 9th and Urban Outfitters will be running ticket giveaways for those lucky fans in selected locations. There will also be a limited edition vinyl available at the screenings.

The Stripes’ cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” is featured here in an exclusive clip from Under Blackpool Lights. Listen to Jack’s wrenching rendition of this country classic here.