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Band of the Day: Smoosh

  • Discography:
    2004 – She Like Electric, Pattern 25 Records
  • Sounds Like: Young Tori Amos meets a lo-fi SleaterKinney with a little hip-hop thrown in for good measure.
  • Fun Facts: Smoosh don’t just play riot grrrlmusic, they’re actual riot grrrls: Smoosh is 10-year-old Chloe on drums and 12-year-old Asya on keyboards.Since their album came out, Smoosh has made the indie rockrounds, performing with the likes of Pearl Jam and JimmyEat World. In the coming months, Smoosh will open for theexuberant popsters the Unicorns on a major city tour. Don’tworry about Chloe and Asya missing school, as the tour isscheduled to coincide with their spring break.

    For more info about Smoosh:
    Pattern25 Records

    To Hear Smoosh’s “Massive Cure”