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Band of the Day: Matt Pond PA

  • Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Discography:
    1998 – Deer Apartments (Lancaster Records)
    1998 – Measure (File 13)
    2001 – I thought you were sleeping (File 13)
    2001 – This is not the green fury (Polyvinyl)
    2002 – The green fury (Polyvinyl)
    2002 – The Nature of Maps (Polyvinyl)
    2004 – Emblems (Altitude Records)
  • Sounds Like: A lush baroque with a lot of acoustic guitar. Lead singer Matt Pond’s voice sounds like a cross between Sebadoh’s Lou Barlow and Beulah’s Miles Kurosky.
  • Fun Facts: Matt Pond is responsible for adding a little more rock to the world of the soccer mom: He wrote music for the Oxygen Network in-between the release of The Nature of Maps and Emblems.

    For more info about Matt Pond PA:
    Big Hassle Media

    To Hear Matt Pond PA’s “Grave’s Disease”