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Making Out with Ultragrrrl: the Streets

There are several important “fings” I’ve learned from Mike Skinner, a.k.a. the Streets, over the years: I’m a “bird,” not a chick. I’m “fit,” not hot. And when I play with my hair, I’m probably “keen.” Thanks to the science of Streets knowledge, I’m also aware that yelling out “Oi!” is cool. (Who knew when my grandmother screamed “Oy!” at me, she was just bein’ cool?) While I was hanging out backstage with “Mikey” before one of his June shows (with Dizzee Rascal) at New York’s Irving Plaza, I felt like I should represent America and teach him something useful: the hand-jive-esque “pancake dance.” (For instructions, please send three self-addressed pancakes to Ultragrrrl care of Spin, but we are not responsible for sprains and your pancakes will not be returned.)Grateful for this cultural exchange, the ever-generous Skinner gave me the best advice I’ve ever received: “While you’re young, hang around with the sexy people and be sexy. Then at some point, decide to be sexy to just one person.” “Oi?” I asked, suddenly feeling very special, like my glands don’t come for free. “Oi!” he confirmed. Then we pancaked until we were sore.