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The Ladies’ Man: Har Mar Superstar

It’s likely that more people have heard of the outlandish Har Mar Superstar than have actually heard him. The Los Angeles-based showman, who strips down to his Paul Frank briefs onstage, is, like Nicky Hilton, famous for being famous. Har Mar (born Sean Tillmann), 26, took time out between DJ’ing in Ibiza and partying with famous friends Kate Moss, Kelly Osbourne, Karen O, and Conor Oberst to chat with Spin. His sexed-up white-boy alt-R&B album The Handler, which sounds like Jamiroquai with an irony infusion, is out in September. R. Kelly better watch his back–there’s a new perv in town.

Spin: Who is Har Mar Superstar?I’m an all-around entertainer: a singer, show-maker, and party provider. I’m a behemoth of entertainment-like an older, gross Olsen twin.

Why do celebrities like you?Do they? You’re always surrounded by them! I’ve got crazy charm. It’s the same reason why all the animals in the pet stores love me.

Where was Har Mar born?When I started doing karaoke back in Minnesota, I’d get a crowd together to go to the Steele County Free Fair. There was a karaoke booth that had “How Deep Is Your Love” by the Bee Gees and “Hello” by Lionel Richie. I’d get up and sing to a six-year-old in the crowd or whatever. I would do perverse things, like take off my shirt and try to make out with everybody, like older moms and shit, until I got kicked off the mike. I was 13 or 14.

How do you and your posse like to roll these days?We try to show up as scrubby as possible-that’s how we do it in L.A. I prefer to go in my friend Preston’s car because he drives a gold Kia. Show up to [nightclub] El Centro and have them valet the Kia. You totally get more attention than all the primped-up, secretly-gay-but-not-gay L.A. dudes. We’re the people who show up to award shows, eat the shrimp, and throw the tail on the floor.

You’re often mistaken for legendary porn star Ron Jeremy. Has that benefited you in any way? Not really! It’s kind of annoying. I see him all the time in L.A., but he doesn’t talk to me, only to the famous people around me. That whole Ron Jeremy thing is really played. What has he done, anyway? Yeah, he’s got a big dick, but who cares?

What’s the difference between Sean and Har Mar? I’m still trying to figure that out. Sean is a more relaxed dude. Har Mar is more in-your-face and sexual.

What do your friends call you? A mix of both. I don’t prefer one or the other, but I introduce myself as Sean so people don’t think I’m a cock.