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More New Music to Hear Now

Martina Topley-BirdAnythingPalmIt’s been almost a decade since she backed Tricky on the still-classic Maxinquaye,and we never thought we’d endorse another trip-hop record, but thisforgotten torch singer melts the mic like Nancy Sinatra with a gun inher mouth, lending smoky, stalkerette intensity to heralt-rock-friendly R&B.

The Good LifeAlbum of the YearSaddle CreekLike homies Bright Eyes andRilo Kiley, these proudly embittered longhairs write broken-downanthems of love and shame as sweeping and claustrophobic as theMidwestern sky. Moonlighting Cursive frontman Tim Kasher is the bestindie diva since Greg Dulli, singing every line like he’s strungbetween last call and his last breath.

Infinite LivezBush MeatBig DadaA pervy dude (Steven Henry) and hisone-eyed sock-puppet sidekick (Barry Convex), this comedic Brit hip-hopproject ingeniously transcends cheesy gross-outs–suggesting PrincePaul more than Dizzee Rascal–even if it does include a disturbing songabout a guy who lactates during sex.