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Online Exclusive: Remembering Kurt

“The brightest flame burns for the shortest time-which, at the end of the day, given the history of popular music, is tragic.”

Jordan Pundik (New Found Glory)
“When I first heard Nirvana, it was just totally something different. It was kind of punk but not really, and it was being played on the radio-that was the coolest thing. Growing up, I’d put on Nirvana records, like Bleach or Incesticide and I’d jump on my bed and play air guitar. Kurt had a cool style about him-so dirty. I just wanted to be him when I was a little kid.”

Jack Endino (producer, Bleach and In Utero demos)
Bleach wasn’t the record that went on to become a big worldwide success, but I remember thinking ‘This is a great band, and I hope someone treats them right.’ Sub Pop hadn’t said for sure that they were going to put it out. There was talk about putting it out as an EP, but the band insisted that they put it out as a full-length release. The level of confidence from Sub Pop at the time wasn’t that strong: The band had to pay for the session themselves.”

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