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The Fast and the Furiouser

Nobody tells Michael Madsen what to do, but players of Driv3rcan come close: In Atari’s shooting, street-racing, car-jacking actionhybrid (available this June for Xbox, PS2, and PC), the star of Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill-Vol. 2lends his gravelly voice to Tanner, an undercover cop trying to takedown a ring of car thieves. With Madsen riding shotgun, we verrrycarefully slipped behind the wheel to take Driv3r for a spin.

I THINK I’M PARKED IN THE RED ZONE As its title suggests, the bulk of Driv3ris spent speeding around the streets of Miami, Nice, and Istanbul invehicles ranging from motorcycles to muscle cars. While he doesn’tadvocate the kind of reckless, high-velocity moves featured in thegame, Madsen could duplicate them if necessary. “I’ve done most of myown stunt driving,” he says. “I replaced my driver in one film. Hecouldn’t do what they were asking him to do, so I did it myself.”Madsen wouldn’t say which film, but we’re pretty sure it wasn’t Free Willy.