Belle and Sebastian, ‘Fans Only’ (Matador)

With Dear Catastrophe Waitress, Scottish über-wallflowers Belle and Sebastian finally went from crayons to perfume, sharpening their hooks and addressing adult concerns (such as the sexuality of Mets catcher Mike Piazza). But ifCatastrophe‘s burnished cynicism made you miss the old days-when the band played rock’n’roll as if it were an enjoyable diversion between teddy-bear picnics-cop this item, a DVD retrospective so charmingly twee you won’t know whether to watch it or knit it a pair of mittens. Along with all the band’s pre-Waitress videos (from “Dog on Wheels,” an elliptical tale of man-puppet love, to theJules et Jim homage “Jonathan David”), the disc includes some priceless rare footage: TV performances, home movies, and film of an actual sunny day in Glasgow.




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