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Return To Slender

While the average American’s waistline continues to expand,the technology sector has discovered that thin is in: Bulky PCs andobese speakers have been placed on starvation diets and haveemerged as compact but powerful devices that can still get the jobdone. Put them to work on your cluttered desk, or admire them asergonomic works of art — just don’t forget to complimentthem on all the weight they’ve lost.

Just because these desktop speakers are flat doesn’t mean the music coming out of them has to be. The Philips MMS303 systemgenerates sound by vibrating a large thin surface, providing crispaudio over a wider area than traditional speakers. Though the 12-watttwin satellites and 20-watt ?subwoofer won’t exactly rattle the walls,they’re ideal for ?performing in small spaces. Of course, if you wantto use them to blast Metal Machine Music, that’s your business. (, $49.99)