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A Break From the Norm

Remember Norm Macdonald? His sardonic delivery and O.J. Simpson-bashing spiels were the highlight of Saturday Night Live in the mid-'90s--until he got the boot when NBC exec (and O.J. pal) Don Ohlmeyer deemed him unfunny. After a short-lived ABC series and a couple of lame film comedies, he's back on the air: In his surprisingly charming new show, A Minute With Stan Hooper (premiering October 29 on Fox), Macdonald stars as a TV commentator who leaves Manhattan for rural Wisconsin. But this time, it's Macdonald who's the sober straight man and the eccentric townsfolk around him--from the diner owner to the local cheese magnate--who land the punch lines. In person, though, the caustic Macdonald can still spar like a champ.

SPIN Staff |November 5, 2003 - 8:00 am

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