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Bands to Watch: The Stills

By: Christine MuhlkeLittle-known fact: Every rock group has a puker. “I talked toa lot of bands when we were playing [England’s] ReadingFestival,” says Stills bassist Oliver Crowe, “andI’d say 70 percent of them puke before a show fromnervousness. Take Julian of the Strokes.”

Crowe is definitely in the dry-heave phase. The Stills made several magazines’ ten-best lists on the strength of a four-song EP and shows with Interpol, the Rapture, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Now, the Montreal dark-pop quartet are heading south with their awesomely sulky goth-disco single “Still in Love Song.” “I’m just getting over being anxious and crazy about everything,” says drummer Dave Hamelin, who sings and cowrites with singer/guitarist Tim Fletcher. “But now I’m leaving my stuff everywhere. Still, I’d rather lose my possessions than my mind.”

The Stills have just released their pretty, moody debut album, Logic Will Break Your Heart, which balances staccato guitar spirals and unhurried vocals with a touch of synthesizer. Hamelin and Fletcher’s lyrics hit on the big on the big three: love, death, Montreal. And speaking of love, what’s the best defense against heartbreak? “Watch Woody Allen movies,” says Hamelin. “I like basking in the brokenheartedness,” agrees Fletcher, sighing. Adds Crowe: “My solution is not to fall in love.”