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Seth Becomes Him

It’s not easy being Seth Green. Sure, the small-framed, big-talking actor is extremely good--probably the best there is--at playing clever sidekicks and snarky supporting roles. But when you’ve nailed the part as often as he has (e.g., this summer’s hit caper flick The Italian Job), it can become as confining as a Mike Myers fat suit. So when Green, 29, was given a shot at a different kind of character--the dishy, swishy best friend of a club kid who kills his drug dealer--the Austin Powers costar was prepared to shelve his bags of shhh and get to work right away. “I felt like I’d won a lottery,” he says. “Everything that I’d done before, no matter how dramatic or challenging, paled next to the scope of this.”

SPIN Staff |September 25, 2003 - 7:00 am

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