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Intimate Portrait: Bubba Sparxxx

By: William V. MeterBubba Sparxxx (a.k.a. Warren Mathis) fulfills the world’sneed for a big-boned, white-boy Southern rapper. As a bonus, hisname has three Xs in it, so he’s either straight-edge ortotally dirty. His new album, Deliverance, is guaranteed tomake your barn bounce. He called us from his wood-paneled bathroom.

Hi Bubba, how are you? Man, I’m on the shitter. I’ve got an upset stomach, so don’t mind any noises you hear in the background.

How did you choose your nom de rap? For a while I was “Little Devil,” when I was in a group called One Card Shi. “Bubba” in the South is really just a random nickname. It’s a good-ole-boy name.

Did you always want to be a rapper? In the South, football is like religion, and in high school I wanted to be a football player. There was only one or two cats that were also rapping, and not to toot my own horn, but I was a lot better than any of them.

In my high school in Kentucky, we always used to go muddin’. Can you explain to the uncultured readers what that is? Muddin’ is findin’ a place after it’s rained that has started to dry up to do doughnuts in the mud and tear shit up. You can do it in a $30,000 truck if you are a real idiot and want to get your truck stuck. I got a truck now with biggie tires on it, but I haven’t gone muddin’ in years.

Did you ever imagine that you would get signed and be working with people like Timbaland? [Toilet flushes] I’m a Pisces man, so I’m a big dreamer. The people I idolized growing up were OutKast and the Dungeon Family. Going to Los Angeles to see [Interscope president] Jimmy Iovine and Timbaland was the first time I flew in an airplane.

How sweet. What is the most redneck thing about you? My temper. I don’t get into the guns and all that, like some rappers, but I will whup a motherfucker’s ass in a minute. I really am a country boy as far as that goes.

Feel better, man. It’s all good. I just took some Pepto-Bismol, so hopefully everything will dry on up.