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The Stars Solve Your Relationship Problems

By: Caryn GanzThis Month: Pamela Anderson as Stripperella

I am a sex addict. I really need it all the time and would like to find one man who can keep up with me. Do I need to slow down, or are there guys out there like me? S.G., Minneapolis
It sounds like the only thing that might satisfy your insatiable libido is something battery-operated-have you heard of the Rabbit? I’d advise you to visit your local sex shop and pick up a few goodies to carry you over until you find a man who is up to the task. Or you could go to a Sexaholics Anonymous meeting and find the man of your dreams.

My boyfriend has grown a scraggly beard that drives me crazy. I want him to shave it, but I don’t want to offend him. How should I tell him that I hate it without hurting his feelings? N.H., Howe, Indiana
Fight fire with fire! Announce that he’s inspired you to go au naturel. Stop shaving your legs, and wait for a reaction. If nothing happens, stop shaving your armpits. The other option is to get him drunk and when he passes out, take matters into your own hands.

My friends were watching a porno and saw my girlfriend in the movie! I checked it out, and it’s definitely her. Should I tell her that I know about her secret film career? J.S., Corvallis, Oregon
Tell your girlfriend that you want to watch a hot adult film that your friend told you about. Pop in the video, and when she realizes it’s one of her films, pretend you have no idea that she’s in it. Comment on how hot the woman is, but tell your girl she’s way hotter. It will drive her so crazy that you don’t realize it’s her that she will definitely come clean-and you might, too!

I like to go out, but my boyfriend hates bars and clubs. He doesn’t mind that I go out without him, but I feel guilty about hanging out with other guys all the time. Sometimes I think I’d be better off dating someone else. What should I do? A.D., Kissimmee, Florida
What exactly is the problem here? Maybe after you get over yourself you will realize you have the best of both worlds, honey. You can go out on the town and flirt until your bra straps are about to pop and then go home to your boyfriend and let him finish the job. It’s a win-win situation!

Pamela Anderson’s animated show Stripperella debuts on TNN June 26.