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The Stars Solve Your Relationship Dilemmas

By: Victoria DeSilverioThis Month: Trishelle and Steven of The Real World: LasVegas

In Season 12 of MTV’s The Real World, the cast members live in a Las Vegas casino. Fittingly, they gamble, drink alot, and sleep with one another. And that’s just the first episode. Here’s how their advice to Spin readers stacks up against how theyhandled similar situations in the real world.

I’m pretty sure my boyfriend is avoiding having sex with me. When we go to bed, he falls asleep right away. When we do have sex,I always initiate it. H.L., El Paso, Texas

Trishelle: Hello? He’s gay. You need to find another man–a real man who will give it up.

Steven: Guys love sex, so he might be cheating on you. It might be creepy to start following him around, but you may want to checkthat out. It’s possible that he just has a low sex drive. Why not do something sexy to spice things up? When you are out to dinner,don’t wear panties.

What happens on The Real World: On the first episode, Trishelle invites castmate Frank into her bed for a “nap” after knowinghim for only a few days. Visibly bored with his nervous chatter and lack of smooth moves, Trishelle turns her back to him and fallsasleep.

Trishelle: Just because you fooled around with a girl doesn’t make you a lesbian. But it seems like you are smart enough toknow what’s going on, and maybe you should dump his ass.

Steven: As a rule, threesomes involving a couple are bad news. There are always problems afterward. If you moan a certain waywith another person, a guy can get really insecure.

What happens on The Real World: Trishelle’s ménage à trois with Steven and castmate Brynn (which starts in the hot tuband continues in Steven’s bed) doesn’t make her doubt her sexuality. However, the next day’s sobriety does remind her about thecameras.

One of my friends likes one of my other friends, but I’m really sure he doesn’t have a chance with her. How do I let him knowwithout hurting his feelings? J.A., New London, Connecticut

Steven: Point out her flaws. For instance, if he doesn’t like Republicans, tell him she has a photo of Reagan hanging up.Or tell him she has a nasty habit, like she gives it to guys with a strap-on.

What happens on The Real World: Frank confides to his pal Steven that he has a crush on Trishelle. Steven advises himto go for it. A few hours later, at a bar, Steven makes out with Trishelle across Frank’s lap.