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Lo-Res All Stars

In the universe of Eboy, a pixel is worth a thousand words

You can toss that 20-foot stack of glossy magazines piling up in your living room, because the Berlin- and New York-based design team Eboy ( has downloaded the contents of its hard drives into Eboy Hello, the hipster/stoner coffee-table tome of the year.

Best known for slick pixilated visions featured in such publications as Wired and The Face, Eboy lets its signature reductionism run amok in more than 500 pages of elaborate cityscapes and vector tracings. The result: a brightly colored world reimagined to look like Mac desktop icons and sprites from 8-bit Nintendo games.

Retro look notwithstanding, Eboy (Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital, Kai Vermehr, and Peter Stemmler) only formed in 1998. “We don’t want to grow as a company,” says Stemmler. “That’s our philosophy.” Though Hello‘s jumble of eye candy can be a lot to absorb, it’s proof that German efficiency can be absurd, oversexed, and very, very cute.