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The Sleaziest Moments We Couldn’t Print…

My Sleaziest Moment: Paul Doucette of Matchbox Twenty: “Five years ago, before I was married, we had this stripper come down to a birthday party for a friend in L.A. She did this thing called “feed the kitty” where you lie down on the floor and hold a piece of licorice in your mouth and she would fuck it. Then you eat the licorice. She did a whole presentation, taking out a big thing of Twizzlers. She was very prepared. Out of all the people, only four of us did it. The funny thing is I didn’t even realize I was eating the licorice. Then one of my friends was like, “Dude, you’re eating the fucking licorice!” But I figure it’s been five years and I haven’t seen any adverse effects.”

My Sleaziest Moment: Slash: “The sleaziest thing I’ve ever done? Wow. My whole life just flashed before me. That’s a lot of sleazy stuff. I think the sleaziest thing I ever did was go down on a really big-tittied black girl in the men’s bathroom in high school. That was raunchy. It happened during fifth period and the potential for getting caught was big because there were no doors on the stalls. She was great. She had heels on and was sitting over the toilet and I was upside down backwards. She was sitting on my face basically. And she had these big huge tits. I was in the tenth grade. That was pretty heavy at the time.”