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Five Spot: Saliva

Joey Scott of Saliva gets passionate

Spin: What’s the first record you put on in the morning?
Josey Scott: Alison Krauss’ Forget About It. It’s an amazing record. It’s not crossbred pop country. Like Merle Haggard says–from when “Coke was still cola and a joint was a bad place to be.”

Do you have a favorite driving record?
AC/DC’s Back in Blackis a good driving record. And I listen to a lot of Dirty South hip-hop–Three 6 Mafia’s Hypnotize Camp Posse and When the Smoke Clears, Project Pat’s Mista Don’t Play–that’s the shit. I jumped on a verse on the new Three 6 Mafia record, actually. I’m on a song called “Mosh Pit.”

How did that happen?
We’re just good friends–Memphis boys. We hang out together a lot. I’m good friends with Three 6, Frayser Boy, Project Pat, all those guys. I’ve known them since I was in high school. We didn’t go to school together, but everybody listened to Three 6 in Memphis, to the trunk tapes.

What record gets the most play on your tour bus?
Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here. You get so wound up on the road–every day, our job is to sleep until two or three in the afternoon, wake up and go do interviews, and maybe meet with the fans. It’s all buildup. After the show, you party or shoot out the lights or something. And after that, we get on the bus to decompress and try to sleep. We always pile into the back lounge–maybe a little intoxicated, a little altered–and pop on Wish You Were Here. It doesn’t put us to sleep, but it puts us in that zone where we can calm down and enjoy the remains of the day.

Do you ever get used to sleeping on a bus?
I love it. But I didn’t at first. I used to have casket dreams about being lowered into the ground. I really had a problem with it. But these new buses have independent-wheel suspension all the way around, and it’s just like riding on a cloud. It just rocks you to sleep.

What’s your favorite record to have sex to?
I like Passion, the soundtrack to The Last Temptation of Christ, by Peter Gabriel. It takes having sex–making love–and pushes it to the next ceremonial level, dude. Where it’s spiritual.

It’s orchestral, it’s big, it’s epic.
And so should your lovemaking be.

Saliva’s Back Into Your System is out now