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Electric Candyland

If 1991 was the year punk so famously broke, ushering Nirvana and Sonic Youth into the mainstream and altering the face of pop music forever, 2002 was the year electronica went broke. With the Neptunes rocking Led Zep T-shirts and Burberry's fashionably shaggy models forsaking the wheels of steel for mullets, drum kits and Stratocasters, electronic music got more play in football stadiums than nightclubs. But despite the bad press (or complete lack thereof), the past year brought forth some of the most exciting music ever to fall outside the categories of rock and rap, expanding the definition of "electronic music" with release after groundbreaking release. Some of these titles you've probably heard, and some you almost definitely haven't (unless you're as obsessive as we are).

SPIN Staff |June 12, 2003 - 7:00 am

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