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Backstage Pass: The Year in Gossip

We're sorry, pop stars. We never meant to hurt you. We never meant to make you cry. But tonight, we're cleaning out our gossip...and making room for 2003. The following made us laugh, cringe, and turn to Linda Perry for guidance this year. In October 2001, guitarist Wes Borland, after worrying publicly that he'd become a "sellout," announced that he was leaving Limp Bizkit. He is currently auditioning singers for his new band, Eat the Day. Bizkit returned to the studio with producer Rick Rubin. After failing to replace Borland, Fred Durst is now playing guitar himself and promises a more sensitive approach to misogynist frat-rap metal.... We were proud to be one of the first to write about would-be rock savior Andrew W.K. in March. We can now boast that we were also the first to be proven absolutely daft, as we predicted W.K. would explode like a blood vessel smashed with a brick. While he didn't set the charts aflame, W.K. did gain some perspective on life. We think. He tells us, "The highest high of 2002 was, is, and always will be Mount Everest after a catapult down deep.

SPIN Staff |June 19, 2003 - 7:00 am

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