• Lil' Kim Loses Her Magic Stick and More News Updates on Jacko, Paula Abdul and Bono

    Lil' Kim Conviced of Perjury, Faces Jail Time Lil' Kim faces jail time after being convicted of lying to a grand jury. Now I don't believe anything she has to say. I bet she was fibbing about that whole Sprite-can-disappearing-in-her-mouth bit, too. nme.com Paula Abdul May Be Charged with a Hit and Run So, by reading into the lyrics to Abdul's popular 1989 dance hit "Straight Up" and using some simple logic one can deduce that you don't really want to love me forever, oh oh oh. netscape.com Former Michael Jackson Housekeeper Recalls Seeing Drunk Children She said Neverland Ranch was just like Animal House, except with real animals. mtv.com Paul Wolfowitz Discusses World Bank Mission with Bono Though their ideologies are worlds apart, the pair did find some common ground: Wolfowitz's war in Iraq wasn't very good, and neither was How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. yahoo.com

  • On Texas Time: SXSW Kicks Off

    It's a city with more bass cabinets than bathrooms, more tour buses than city buses, more cymbals than cellphones. It's Austin, Texas, and those who love the rock have invaded its borders for the annual beer-soaked festivities of South By Southwest. This year, Spin is taking it to the streets, literally, with Spin Mobile and our free SPINsider text messaging service all week long in Austin. Last night, SPINsider texted the party people in Austin, letting them know which up-and-coming bands were worth the time and effort; by all accounts, we picked some good ones. Check out photos from our exclusive SXSW Photo Gallery here. From Day One see pics of the Duke Spirit, Smoosh, Selfish Cunt, Jennifer Gentle, and the Upwelling, and while you're there check out Day Two, including exclusive shots of Queens of the Stone Age's secret show in an Austin airport hangar!

  • Snow Patrol Ditches Bassist, Billy Joel Ditches Sobriety, and All the Other News that Rocks

    Snow Patrol Ditches Bassist Band relations grown frigid towards bassist Mark McClelland. Snow Patrol leaves him to be eaten by polar bears. yahoo.com Britney Admits Vegas Wedding Was Intended to "Shock Her Parents" Most kids just pierce their nipples or get satanic tattoos. yahoo.com New Music Download Service Reaches Deal with Indie Labels College students rejoice; Metallica groans.

  • The Merediths

    Sounds Like: The Beatles fronted by any member of the Elephant 6 Music Collective. Frontman Joe Meredith has the perfect indie-pop croon; his voice is equal parts plaintive and shrewd. The first song on the the Closed Universe EP, Marmalade Maggie, is a knowing nod to "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," while the harmonies on "Homo Erectus" are reminiscent of pre- Good News Modest Mouse. "Homo Erectus" even deals with similar cosmic themes as The Moon and Antarctica.

  • The Latest News on Pearl Jam, Ozzfest, and Annie

    New Pearl Jam Album Nearly Complete pitchforkmedia.com Ian Brown Arrested for Beating During Show Next: Ian Brown weds alien stripper, gets face lift. nme.com Ozzfest Lineup Announced Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Killswitch Engage among this summer's ear-bleeders (tasteful restraint, pastels, women among those denied invites). pitchforkmedia.com Gideon Yago's Laptop Jacked Send out the ironic cavalry! nydailynews.com

  • One Be Lo

    Hometown: Pontiac, Michigan Discography: 2005 � S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. (Fat Beats) Sounds Like: With the prerequisite rhymes about absent fathers, Reagan-era crack conspiracies, and "The Ghetto," a place where "the trigger man ain"t even old enough to vote," One Be Lo isn"t paving much new ground, but his jams sure are catchy as hell. He cobbles together a pastiche of dusty R&B samples, soulful '70s beats, and the smooth lyrical activism of wordsmiths like Mos Def and the Last Poets. His rhymes get in your head and stay there -- and that's a good thing. Fun Facts: One Be Lo, aka Nashid Sulaiman, a part of the Midwest rap scene since the late mid-90s, has had more aliases than Jennifer Garner. He started out performing as One Man Army, and was formerly one half of the acclaimed underground rap duo Binary Star. Nashid is also a huge fan of the neo-natal acronym.

  • Getting Famous with the Stars

    The Montreal-based quartet spent last winter holed up recording their third album, Set Yourself on Fire, released stateside last week, and it might just be their best yet. Spin spoke with Campbell from his home in Montreal about cheesy songwriting, necessary sacrifices, and how Stars might have accidentally inspired the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. SPIN: What's the music scene like up there in Montreal? Campbell: It's an incredible place to work. I think a lot of people come here because it's so easy to work here and because there's so much space and so much time and you don't really have to earn a lot of money to get by.

  • The Futureheads, Bloc Party and the New York Dolls Descend on South by Southwest

    It's springtime again, which only means one thing in Austin, Texas: Indie devotees from around the country come and worship at the ephemeral mecca of rock that is the South by Southwest Festival. In the midst of the four-dayextravaganza, Spin is sponsoring an afternoon of unforgettable music including hot new acts the Hold Steady, Louis XIV, the Futureheads, Bloc Party, and perennialfavorites the New York Dolls. It is a private party, though, so you'll have to make the list to get in the door. Stay tuned for exclusive coverage of other SXSW 2005 events! For more info on South by Southwest, visit sxsw.com

  • More News on 50 Cent, Michael Jackson, and Coldplay

    Michael Jackson Arrives Late to Court Wearing Pajamas, Faces Angry Judge Arriving more than a half an hour late for court, Jacko leaves the bling at home in favor of dinner jacket and jammies. He spends the day listening damaging, gut-wrenching testimony from a cancer surviving accuser. The only upshot is at least he's didn't bring his monkey. nypost.com 50 Cent and the Game Bury the Hatchet Unfortunately The Hatchet was the latest signing to G-Unit. mtv.com Rush Guitarist to Stand Trial for Assault The incident occurred after an on air performance by Rush at Hot 97.

  • 50 Cent and The Game Make Nice, Trial Set for Rush Guitarist Accused of Assault, more...

    50 And The Game Kiss and Make Up MTV.com Trial Set For Rush Guitarist Accused Of Assault Yahoo.com Harvard Newspaper Calls Hillary Duff A Loser And A Chicken MTV.com Jadakiss Strikes Back At 50 For "Piggy Bank"The Game might be done, but at least we can count on Jadakiss MTV.com DMB Driver Admits He Dumped Human WasteDid he really expect no one would notice 800 pounds of shit? Billboard.com Ginger Spice's Solo Tour CancelledTo the sorrow of thousands of fans.....wait.... Launch.com Babyshambles Gig Cancelled Due To "Family Bereavement"By which they probably meant, Pete got arrested. Again. Launch.com

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