• Neon

    Hometown: Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia Discography: 2003, A Man EP (Transcopic) 2005, Hit Me Again (V2) Oz's own Neon will take you on a magic tambourine ride: The three-piece sounds like the Dandy Warhols snorting sand dunes in southeastern Australia. Singer Josh Bitmead, drummer Jamie Gurney, and bassist Britt Spooner craft psychedelic revival rock laced with '70s and '80s power pop.

  • United State of Electronica

    Sounds Like: A gerbil (or some other high energy rodent) trapped inside the arcade game "Dance Dance Revolution" (or some other Japanese dance-off). It follows then that the first single of the United State of Electronica's new self-titled full-length, "It Is ON!, is a hit in the land of the rising sun. U.S.E.'s unabashed love for cheesy synth loops is commendable for its earnestness if nothing else. Each song on U.S.E. is unbearably catchy but the edgy female vocals of back-up singers / official dancers Amanda Okonek and Carly Jean Nicklaus add a nice kick to U.S.E.'s otherwise saccharine arrangements. Fun Facts: The United State of Electronica began as a joke on the muddy banks of Seattle. One fateful night in 2002, a handful of the current members got on stage at a local nightspot, pretending to be a made-up house band from the home of odd electronic music--Germany. U.S.E.

  • Interpol Live at Radio City Music Hall

    Heroically leaping from eastside bars to midtown theaters in a matter of months, Interpol is a band caught in transition. A quartet of suit-clad New Yorkers, whose recent Matador release has turned the group into the poster children of east village indie rock, Interpol's current live show is a snapshot of its ascent through the ranks of New York City's venues. Spreading their instruments thinly across a stage designed for musical revues, Interpol is still a club act at heart, still not quite sure how to use their more spacious setting to their advantage. And while the group's sonic textures filled Radio City's cathedral-high ceiling with ease, Interpol still play by the 500-person Bowery Ballroom's rules, hiding behind dim, pub-style lights and keeping concert narration to a minimum. In certain respects, Interpol's set list decision was striking.

  • Andre 3000 in Gold and on the Silver Screen

    We all know that Outkast's Andre 3000 is a consummate exhibitionist. In addition to his flamboyant stage persona and newly minted clothing line, Andre is foraging into a new and glitzy genre: the rock musical. The long-awaited project from Dre and Big Boi is slated for release this summer. Fantasies of Dre as the next pinball wizard (a la the Who's Tommy) or cowardly lion (like in Diana Ross's the Wiz) should be put aside: Though he has a penchant for the over-the-top, this rock opera is set in the 1930s, not in a mystical land of Oz. Outkast's manager, Blue Williams, compares the as-yet-unnamed film to Prince's 1984 masterpiece of kitsch, Purple Rain. Macy Gray and Patti LaBelle are also featured along with the boys from Hotlanta. Look for the Outkast movie in mid-June.

  • SXSW 2005: Check out exclusive photos of M.I.A and Diplo, Smoosh, Queens of the Stone Age, Damon Albarn, Bloc Party, the N

    It's all we could do to crawl back to our humble workstations on Monday, reeking of cigarette smoke (yes, it's still legal to smoke in clubs in Texas), ears ringing with the thunder of a thousand guitars. While we try to make heads or tails of what we saw, heard, loved, hated, or just plain forgot (ahem), check out photos from each day and night spent pounding the pavement on Austin's infamous Sixth Street, in search of the perfect song. In summary: Punk rock is back! (And so are greasy, raggedy hairstyles. Whatever.) But the madness that is Austin never went away... SXSW Day One Photo Gallery SXSW Day Two Photo Gallery SXSW Day Three Photo Gallery SXSW Day Four Photo Gallery

  • The Village People Not Gay and Other Stories in Spandex

    Village People: Gay? Not Us! The group's lawyer has decided members need a more "mainstream" image and is barring inclusion of their songs in an upcoming gay rights documentary. The rest of us can just enjoy the sweet, sweet irony of imaged of Republican conventioneers getting down to "YMCA." nypost.com Hawkins gets waxed The singer of the Darkness is to be immortalized in wax at the equally immortal Madam Tussaud's. Word has it that the choice was made after creative staff realized their budget for fake hair was running low. yahoo.com Britney's "Desperate Cry" Spears claims her 55-hour Vegas marriage was intended to "shock the shit out of" her parents.

  • Kevin Martin Crowned Chairman of the FCC

    In an utterly predictable move, President Bush promoted current conservative FCC member Kevin Martin to the vacant post at the head of the regulatory government agency. Martin has been a staunch supporter of the recent crackdowns on indecency in the post-Nipplegate world. He replaces the departing chief, Michael K. Powell, the son of Colin and a remnant from the halcyon, blow-job referencing days of the Clinton administration, when Sex in the City dominated the small screen and Foxy Brown defiled the airwaves. In his first move as FCC chair, Martin plans to sew Howard Stern's mouth shut.

  • The Foxymorons

    Hometown: Mesquite, Texas Discography:1999 - Calcutta (American Pop Project)2001 - Rodeo City (American Pop Project)2005 - Hesitation Eyes (Heartstroke) Sounds Like: The ghost of heartbroken, mid-'90s complaint rockers like Pavement and the Lemonheads. This southwestern duo combines the catchiness of Summerteeth-era Wilco and the sweetness of Evan Dando's vocals (pre-rehab). Lyrically, the band takes major cues from Steven Malkmus, specifically in the song, "Between the Lines." Singer David Dewese drawls, "You're a pedigreed girl / and we're a perfect match," lifted straight from Pavement's "Spit on a Stranger" ("Honey I'm a prize / and you're a catch / and we're a perfect match").

  • The Go! Team

    Sounds Like: Old school hip-hop, northern soul, blaxploitation soundtracks, and low-fi fuzz sewn together with friendship bracelets and adorned with Cracker Jack prizes. This can (and will) be the soundtrack to every cool indie-rock dad's iMovies, where baby shakes his rattle to cutesy tunes like "Bottle Rocket" and "Friendship Update." But it's not all loops and samples; vocalist Ninja's Motown-era tones will have many wondering if Phil Spector is licensing old vocal tracks from his ex-wife Ronnie to pay for his murder trial. Fun Facts: Comprised of three boys and three girls, the Go! Team takes its name from the agile crews dispatched to tidy up airplanes in-between flights--an apt choice considering how the band makes a living off re-imagining things others might have discarded.

  • Lil' Kim Loses Her Magic Stick and More News Updates on Jacko, Paula Abdul and Bono

    Lil' Kim Conviced of Perjury, Faces Jail Time Lil' Kim faces jail time after being convicted of lying to a grand jury. Now I don't believe anything she has to say. I bet she was fibbing about that whole Sprite-can-disappearing-in-her-mouth bit, too. nme.com Paula Abdul May Be Charged with a Hit and Run So, by reading into the lyrics to Abdul's popular 1989 dance hit "Straight Up" and using some simple logic one can deduce that you don't really want to love me forever, oh oh oh. netscape.com Former Michael Jackson Housekeeper Recalls Seeing Drunk Children She said Neverland Ranch was just like Animal House, except with real animals. mtv.com Paul Wolfowitz Discusses World Bank Mission with Bono Though their ideologies are worlds apart, the pair did find some common ground: Wolfowitz's war in Iraq wasn't very good, and neither was How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. yahoo.com

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