• White Stripes Praying For 'Satan'

    Should we have taken a hint from the red garb? The White Stripes enlist assistance from the Dark Lord on June 7 with the release of their fifth studio album, Get Behind Me Satan. The record explores "characters and the ideals of truth," according to a statement issued by the Stripes' publicist, but no word yet about whether that truth involves full disclosure of the Whites' marital history. "Blue Orchid" will be the record's first single, and the band will kick off a world tour May 11 in Mexico; U.S. tour plans have yet to be announced. Get Behind Me Satan tracklisting: 1. Blue Orchid 2. The Nurse 3. My Doorbell 4. Forever For Her (Is Over For Me) 5. Little Ghost 6. The Denial Twist 7. White Moon 8. Instinct Blues 9. Passive Manipulation 10. Take, Take, Take 11. As Ugly As I Seem 12. Red Rain 13. I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet)

  • Franz Ferdinand vs. Snoop Dogg

    No, it's not the latest silly mash-up that you found on some MP3 blog. Snoop D-oh-double-gizzle wants to collaborate with Franz Ferdi-nizzle. In a recent interview, Snoop said he'd like to work with European artists on his next joint, "especially the dudes who sing 'Take Me Out.'" We're already picturing a video featuring Alex Kapranos in an oversized, vintage (American) football jersey, sippin' a 40 oz., and cruising through the LBC in a pimped out Impala, while Snoop gets a short indie-rock coiffure, then dons a skinny tie and white belt. When the Scot's in the crib, ma, drop it like it's hot, drop it like it's hot!

  • Six Organs of Admittance

    Best known for bashing out the hits in groups like Vampire Belt and Cold Bleak Heat, Corsano has become the drummer de rigeur for the discriminating rock elite. School of the Flower is, alternately, a brilliant examination into long-form psychedelic ragas and a collection of downright gorgeous ballads. This dichotomy brings many intellectual and emotional images to mind: Harry Smith drawings, Bert Jansch, LSD, Sunny Murray, to name a few reference points. But if you imagine these two dudes as chin-scratching intellectuals you, my friend, have got it dead wrong. Having blazed a path of destruction that can only be considered Crue-like, it's a miracle they lived to record at all. How did this collaboration come about?

  • Cobain's In Bloom

    The site of Kurt Cobain's well-documented teen angst will now be commemorated with a sign. Cobain's hometown of Aberdeen, Washington, is adding the phrase, "Come As You Are," to the metropolis' welcome sign. VH1.com reports that the Kurt Cobain memorial committee hopes to make the welcome sign a depressive Mecca of sorts. The KCMC co-chair Jeff Burlingame says, "Several people have contacted us and intend to make pilgrimages to pay their respects." Now a new generation of misfit adolescents can stop and pay homage at the birthplace of their patron saint.

  • Viva La Libertines

    Heroin-rock chic's most notorious poster boy, Pete Doherty, former member of the Libertines, caught a natural high this week when he learned that robbery charges against him were dropped. According to NME.com, the Crown Prosecution Service chose not to continue pressing robbery and blackmail charges against the beleaguered singer and guitarist. Doherty was initially arrested on charges relating to the alleged assault of filmmaker Max Carlish back in February. Pete has been in and out of the British tabloids over the past year or so, not only for his drug mishaps and frequent arrests, but also for his romance with former heroin-chic poster girl Kate Moss. Doherty is currently making music with his new band, Babyshambles.

  • A Thousand Hipster Hearts Are Broken

    As was reported on April 3rd by The New York Post's Elisa Lipsky-Karasz and the gossip blog Gawker, and then picked up and dutifully reported by the Spin.com news team, the uber-cool pairing of Parker Posey and Ryan Adams had gone the way of the trucker hat. We were then informed by Ryan's publicist that in fact, Parker and Ryan are still together and very, very hip. We apologize for the misinformation. They are currently sitting at an East Village café and splitting a PBR with two straws.

  • Joshin' 'Bout Jesus

    Apparently Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan is still batting for the dark side. A few days ago on the tool fansite, www.toolshed.down.net, Keenan claimed to have "rediscovered Jesus." Maynard found Jesus to be wanting, though, and on Tool's official website, www.toolband.com, Keenan told fans, "I wasn't feeling top notch when I found [Jesus]. The evening prior to the day in question I had over-indulged in a series of bad Molotov shrimp cocktails with a side of Makers Mark and twin strippers...it's very possible that the guy I met wasn't even Jesus at all. For all I know, it was Willem Dafoe." Maybe tomorrow Keenan will overindulge on Old Grandad and realize that Dafoe as the Green Goblin is God.

  • Caribou

    2001, Start Breaking My Heart (Leaf)2005, Up in Flames (Domino) Caribou, formerly Manitoba, ne Dan Snaith, has gone through about as many monikers as he has styles of music. The Canadian-born, London-based producer has hop-scotched through pastoral IDM (or "bucolica") to '70s psych-pop and now, on his third and most mature album, The Milk of Human Kindness, a mix of both, and then some. "Bees" plays like a Sea Change-era Beck meets Chad and Jeremy, while the single, "Yeti," is a zingy chamber-pop-Hari Krishna mash-up.

  • Relationships Between Labels, Radio Under Microscope

    Back in the early '60s, popular radio DJ Alan Freed--the man who coined the term "rock and roll"--pleaded guilty to charges that he took bribes from record companies to play their records. Well, get ready to start hearing about "payola" all over again. New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer served Warner Music Group, the world's third largest record company, with a subpoena last week, the third one they've received since the fall. Spitzer is reportedly investigating independent companies who receive money from major labels in exchange for promoting music at radio stations, essentially eliminating direct contact between the labels and radio.

  • Tooling For Jesus

    Joining the legions of pot-addled fans who have seen immaculate visions during Tool light shows over the years, the band's front man, Maynard James Keenan has found God. According to several internet reports, Keenan joins President Bush and Tammy Faye Baker on the born-again bandwagon. In a letter to the Tool fansite, www. toolshed.down.net, Keenan says that "some recent events have led me to the rediscovery of Jesus." Keenan is the second metal man in some two weeks to embrace the man upstairs: former Korn member Brian "Head" Welch left the band so that he could fully devote himself to Christianity.

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