• Demander

    Spunky New York trio Demander will have to beat off Yeah Yeah Yeahs comparisons with a stick, and not just due to geographic proximity. Lead singer Karen Kanan Corr�a is reminiscent in stage presence and timbre of Karen O. Corr�a's a bit less twitchy live, perhaps because she's got a bass slung around her neck. Where the YYYs have the geek-chic of Brian Chase behind the drum set, Demander has Sivan Harlap, a hard rockin' girl. In guitarist Jared Scott, Demander has a solid back up to Corr�a, just as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner compliments Karen O. But Demander manages to pave its own way. The band's songs are fairly straightforward hard rock, and like the Breeders, Demander structures its songs around innovative bass work from Corr�a.

  • Kings of Leon to Tour with Secret Machines

    Two southern bands, Nashville's Kings of Leon and Dallas-born Secret Machines are teaming up to tour this summer. The Kings are fresh off opening for U2, while the Secret Machines will be opening for Oasis this evening in Berlin. According to Billboard.com, the tour kicks off July 15 in Portland and wraps up in the Kings' hometown of Nashville on August 20. The Kings of Leon are touring to support their latest release, Aha Shake Heartbreak, and the Secret Machines are set to release an EP, The Road Leads Where It's Led, on June 7. Tour dates are as follows: July 15: Portland, Ore. (Roseland Theatre) July 16: Seattle (Moore Theatre) July 17: Eugene, Ore.

  • Brazilian Bowie Seu Jorge Going on Tour, Releasing Album

    The dulcet sounds of Seu Jorge, the troubadour who sang Portuguese versions of David Bowie's songs in The Life Aquatic, will now be readily available outside of Wes Anderson movies. According to Pitchforkmedia.com, Jorge is planning to release a full-length album on September 6th. The lyrical content on the album will be a far cry from Bowie's music. Many of the songs will chronicle Jorge's gritty upbringing in the slums of Brazil. Those fans who are looking for more Ziggy in Portuguese, never fear: The DVD of The Life Aquatic has complete versions of the ten Bowie songs covered in snippets by Jorge in the film.

  • Jack White Marriage Prank?

    Oh, those White Stripes, always shrouded in mystery (and sometimes deceit). A post on the band's official Web site claims that Jack White shared nuptials yesterday (June 1) with model Karen Elson during a small ceremony "on the confluence of three rivers -- the Rio Negro, the Solimones, and the Amazon -- in the Amazon basin in the city of Manaus, Brazil." More specifically, the post continues, "They were married by a Shaman priest on a canoe at the exact point where the three rivers meet." Ian Montone, the band's manager, was the best man, while Meg White served as maid of honor, according to the post. But, as with most Stripes news, there's a bizarre kicker. "This was the first marriage for both newlyweds," claims the last sentence of the announcement. Huh? Didn't this Meg-Jack marriage business get settled years ago?

  • Strokes to Release Album in January

    For those of you waiting with bated breath for the next Strokes album to hit, you can exhale: According to Billboard.com, the third studio album from the New York City boys will arrive in January. Manager Ryan Gentles told Billboard that the new album will be a lot "trickier," and that lead singer Julian Casablancas has learned how to "accept his voice." Now he just has to work on accepting the fact that one of the producers of the new album, David Kahane, used to work with Sugar Ray. We promise it won't ruin your hipster cred, Julian. The band also plans to tour in the weeks leading up to the album's release date. For more info on the Strokes, visit thestrokes.com.

  • Wide Right

    Wide Right's lead singer Leah Archibald could be the daughter of Heart's Ann Wilson. She has a similar timbre to Wilson during her "Barracuda" period, and a similar penchant for hard-bitten hard rock, lady-style. But Wide Right's second album, Sleeping on the Couch, is dominated by lyrical motifs foreign to most indie rock: While most of Archibald's contemporaries are singing about broken hearts and mushroom trips, Archibald sings about the working class life in her hometown of Buffalo, NY, as well as being a single mother, struggling to pay bills, and flattened peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches. The sometimes-downtrodden lyrics could come off as attempting to elicit pity, but Archibald's style is so matter-of-fact and often funny that the listener wouldn't dare feel sorry for her.

  • U2 at Continental Airlines Arena

    U2 at Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ 5/18/05 About the Advanced Theory: The theory states that there are certain musicians who were so good when they started that it is impossible that they could ever be bad. Advanced musicians contradict themselves, confuse their core audience by radically changing their sound, rework songs that are sacred to fans, appear in commercials, and generally make everyone upset. But the Advanced always explain that their latest work is their best, infuriating anyone who is still paying attention to their careers. The official Advanced look is a black leather jacket, dark sunglasses, and long hair in the back (a mullet without the irony). Among the Advanced are Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and Lou Reed. In the 1990s, U2 appeared ready to become Advanced-especially Bono, who already had the hair for it.

  • Do You Look Like a Rock Star? Be in Spin Magazine!

    Do you look like a rock star? Are people forever mistaking you for Karen O, Jack White, Moby, or Fab Moretti, etc.? If so, send us a high-res jpg (and include your name, address, and phone number) and let us decide. Maybe we'll run your picture in a future issue of Spin. Click Here to send us your mug shots.

  • Spoon Headlines Brooklyn's Siren Fest July 16

    Spoon, the Dears, Brendan Benson, and more will draw out pasty indie rock fans from their cool summer hovels and over to historic Coney Island, Brooklyn for the Village Voice's fifth annual Siren Festival on July 16. VHS or Beta, Mates of State, Q and Not U, and Dungen are also among the first acts announced today by the Voice; lineup additions will be announced soon. While festival organizers might have a tough time matching last year's standout bill that featured Death Cab for Cutie, Mission of Burma, TV on the Radio, Blonde Redhead, And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, among others, there's no doubting the campy allure of seeing rock bands do their thing without being totally freaked out by shrieks and screeches emanating from the legendary Cyclone roller coaster, which runs alongside the main stage. The event is free and goes down rain or shine.

  • My Chemical Romance

    By: Andy Greenwald Eightor nine years ago, mild-mannered comic-shop clerk Gerard Way couldn'ttell you much about rock'n'roll. Deathly pale, introverted, and adriftin the working-class suburb of Belleville, New Jersey (about ten mileswest of Manhattan), he could, however, speak at length aboutrole-playing games, horror flicks, and numbing monotony. Oh, andsuperheroes, of course. You see, Way has always known that the mostessential element of any good superhero is a killer origin story. Thoughnot quite as cinematic as getting bitten by a radioactive spider, thetransformation of Gerard Way, 28, into a snarling, self-proclaimedrock'n'roll savior is still remarkable. Like many life changing storiesof the 21st century, it all began on September 11, 2001.

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