• The Darkness 'With a Woman' Video Hot For Teacher Stripper Bear

    The Darkness' 'With a Woman' Video Is a Goofy 'Hot For Teacher' Remake

    To hate the Darkness is to hate fun. To love the Darkness is to love schlock. And therein lies the frustrating side of this Suffolk glam band: lest you be labeled a complete bore or an utter dumbass, you're forced to tolerate Justin Hawkins right down to the ridiculous mustache on his face. Historically speaking, tolerance has its merits however, and without it SPIN wouldn't have bothered to confront the band's lead howler last year, and we might've missed this goofy remake of Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher."Above, Hot Cakes single "With a Woman" gets a visual narrative courtesy of director Warren Fu, but there's an unusual twist. When Miss Black's young admirer runs to the bathroom in order to, erm, relieve himself (via a wicked air-guitar solo, of course), the teacher undergoes an unexpected transformation.

  • SPIN at SXSW '13: How to Join Us at Stubb's & the SPIN House!

    SPIN at SXSW '13: How to Join Us at Stubb's & the SPIN House!

    Are you headed to Austin next week? We've got plenty of great music lined up and a couple of different ways for you to join us at SPIN at Stubb's and the SPIN House.*SPIN at Stubbs:INSTAGRAM/TWITTER – #SPINSTUBBSWe want to see the Austin music scene through your lens (or phone, as the case may be) and we're offering some great prizes in return. SPIN is giving away 30 pairs of laminate passes to SPIN at Stubb's and the chance to have your photo featured in a gallery on SPIN.com. One lucky winner will also be awarded an iPad mini!It couldn't be easier to enter: Take some photos of your Austin music experience and upload them to Instagram/Twitter with the hashtag #SPINSTUBBS.

  • MTV T.R.U. Life: The REAL 10 Hottest MCs in the Game

    MTV T.R.U. Life: The REAL 10 Hottest MCs in the Game

    MTV has been steady picking rap's 10 hottest MCs since 2007 and, when it comes to the completely arbitrary metric of hottest-ness, they're usually more right than wrong. But their criteria are slanted towards the academic and traditional, giving too much weight to too-big-to-fail popularity (ruh!) and propping up the platinum establishment. The list has made waves this week after catching the ire of Kanye West, who took off his Yeti suit just long enough to call up Hot 97 to complain about being dropped to No. 7. Of course, the question that no one broached was whether Kanye even deserved to be on a list of people making moves in early 2013. SPIN offers our own list of the real 10 hottest MCs, not as a correction but to broaden the list's scope and sharpen its focus, to give greater weight to the artists who will actually represent the sound and feel of now.

  • Solange, CHVURCHES, Unknown Mortal Orchestra

    Kendrick Lamar Joined by Solange, CHVRCHES, Trinidad James, More for SPIN's 2013 Stubb's Bash

    SPIN has already announced that the man behind one of our favorite albums of last year, Kendrick Lamar, will be headlining our annual Austin throwdown on March 15 — now we're pleased to reveal the rest of the bill for our bash at Stubb's BBQ (and more!).The Stubb's lineup buzzes with a diverse array of today's most original young artists, led by provocative R&B innovator Solange, who released one of 2012 finest singles, "Losing You," and will unleash one of the the year's most-anticipated full-lengths in 2013. Other SPIN faves who will taking the Stubb's stage: heavenly Scottish synth-pop romantics CHVRCHES, intoxicatingly melancholy psych-soul trio Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and New York indie upstarts Parquet Courts, who come on like Pavement with Wire's rhythm section, yet also very stoned.

  • 40 Must-See Acts at SXSW 2013

    40 Must-See Acts at SXSW 2013

    Austin's annual bacchanal of bands, BBQ, and business cards, SXSW, is almost upon us! If you're lucky enough to stumble through its crowded streets this year, you won't be able to miss names big (Justin Timberlake will be enjoying a Frito Pie in his suit and tie) and small (given the current Internet buzz, Waxahatchee is going to be crowned Queen of Austin and thrown a parade). Here is SPIN's guide to 40 things not to miss if you have a laminate or are really adept at scamming your way on to guest lists. And for the lowdown on SPIN's own Austin events, click here! We've got Kendrick Lamar, CHVRCHES, and more essential acts playing on our own stages.

  • Wake Bake Skate Estate: At Home With FIDLAR

    Wake Bake Skate Estate: At Home With FIDLAR

    You can almost picture FIDLAR's house merely by scanning the song titles on their self-titled debut album — "Stoked & Broke," "Black Out Stout," "Paycheck," "Wait for the Man." Their group pad in L.A.'s Highland Park neighborood — which is located on the city's Northeast side — is as you might expect: beds in odd places, photos taped to the walls, weed stuffed in random containers. But it's also hyper-personal, and mementos like cheap, marked-up guitars lie about. The band gave us a guided tour, and also brought SPIN inside their soundproof live room, where songs are recorded, and where... other things also happen.

  • TV Mania / Photo by Andrew Day

    MNDR Team With Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes for TV Mania Remix

    The idea behind Duran Duran keyboardist Nick Rhodes and the band's former guitarist Warren Cuccurullo's side project TV Mania was so prescient, it's a little eerie: in the '90s, the two began work on what they imagined to be the soundtrack to a television show about a family who traded their freedom for reality-TV fame. The concept will come to full fruition on March 11 with the release of their new album Bored with Prozac and the Internet?. "Beautiful Clothes" tracks how the daughter will do anything to get her name in lights, and we've got a remix of the track via the brilliant MNDR and Peter Wade right here. Here's what Rhodes told us about it:“I first met MNDR when she interviewed me a few years ago about analogue synthesizers, a passion we both share. She played me some of her demos which sounded particularly inspired, so I was thrilled to hear her finished album.

  • 5 Best New Artists for March '13

    5 Best New Artists for March '13

    From a San Franciscan power-pop craftsman to a Glaswegian trio of synth-pop supernovas to a veteran Louisiana rapper finally on the rise, here are five artists you should hear — right now. DAVID BEVAN, PHILIP SHERBURNE, and BRANDON SODERBERG

  • breeders kim deal last splash lsxx

    The Breeders' 'Last Splash' Reissue 'LSXX': What's Inside the Big Box

    As SPIN has excitedly noted many times, the Breeders are celebrating the anniversary of one of our favorite albums, 1993's Last Splash, with a special tour featuring the album's lineup (Kim Deal, Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs and Jim Macpherson) and LSXX, a massive reissue of the platinum LP that's due April 23, 2013 on 4AD. Now we finally know what will be inside the limited-edition, seven-disc vinyl box set (which will also be sold as a three-CD package) — a plethora of previously unreleased tracks packaged up in artwork by the brilliant British designer Vaughan Oliver, who is responsible for all of Pixies' visionary album covers, and who also handled Last Splash.

  • Rolling in the Deep: Hip-Hop's Greatest Molly Moments

    Rolling in the Deep: Hip-Hop's Greatest Molly Moments

    It all started out as a weight-loss gambit. In 1913, German pharmaceutical company Merck patented MDMA (née "3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methamphetamine") for use as a diet pill, beginning the country's long history with the drug (shout-out to trance music). Barring studies and a little experimenting by the U.S. Army during the MKUltra years, it mostly sat on ice for about 60 years; but around 1970, love-addled youth began experimenting recreationally. During the '80s, the drug was known on the streets as "ecstasy" and became more widely used for its euphoria-inducing properties — famed Manhattan nightclubs Paradise Garage and Studio 54 were havens.

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