• The Grudge: The Curse That Keeps On Giving

    Since the American version of the Japanese horror flick The Ring was such a colossal hit, it's no surprise that this year Hollywood presents another American facsimile of a Japanese original, The Grudge. Unlike The Ring's chilling yet smooth translation to American film, The Grudge's U.S.

  • Deerhoof Stomps out the Competition at the Ranch

    The RanchColumbia, MO11/09/04 Every once in a while, you see a band that's just so terrible that you might call them "the worst band ever." On this night, at least for this writer, Minus Story earned that dubious sobriquet. Comprised of four men from Boonville, MO, Minus Story, at its best, comes off as a rockier version of Dashboard Confessional doing horribly heartfelt covers of classic indie rock songs. Of course, Minus Story isn't a cover band, and that's too bad, because that means the responsibility of the lackluster material lands squarely on the people performing it. Luckily, Kansas City's the Ssion came out next to clear the air.

  • Looking for America: An Online Exclusive

    "Few of us will have the will to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation." ROBERT F. KENNEDY "I have always kept an open mind, which is necessary to the flexibility that must go hand in hand with every form of intelligent search for truth." MALCOLM X I have sat in my Brooklyn, New York apartment, quietly, for several days now, too perplexed to talk with many people, friends or not, about the American presidential election of 2004. I have read mainstream and alternative news accounts of the campaign both on and offline, absorbed statistics and exit polls, sifted through the debates, flipped between CNN and the Fox News Channel, dodged most emails and phone calls coming my way, asking me what I thought it meant that President George W.

  • Check out Jay-Z and Linkin Park's "Numb/Encore" collab

    Ever since Dangermouse mashed up the nasal tones of Jay-Z with the psychedelia of the Beatles' White Album, people have been mixing up Jay's rap with anything they could find. I wouldn't be surprised to find an MP3 somewhere that layers "99 Problems" with the Captain and Tennille. But no one since Dangermouse has come up with such a beautiful melding of genres like Jay-Z's recent collaboration with Linkin Park, "Numb/Encore." The song combines Jay's hard hitting vocals with Linkin Park's massive, almost ambient, sound. A live choir adds a gospel feel to the track. The video for "Numb/Encore," premiered November 10th on the MTV network as part of a program called MTV ULTIMATE MASH-UPS (10:30 pm eastern/pacific). Collision Course, the CD + DVD package will be available in stores November 30th.

  • Faultlines in *All Roads Lead to Fault*, Debut Album from Your Code Name is: Milo

    By: Jessica Grose In their typical histrionic fashion, the British music press has nearly wet itself over the recent crop of United Kingdom rockers. The advance buzz over bands like the Futureheads, the Zutons, and most recently, YourCodeNameIs: Milo, has been excessive and, in most cases, undeserved. YCNI: M's debut album, All Roads Lead to Fault, which comes out on today, so impressed Kerrang! that the magazine exclaimed, "2004 is theirs already." NME followed suit and called All Roads Lead to Fault, "primal noise core." Exclamations and other unnecessary punctuation (most notably in the band's name) aside, All Roads Lead to Fault is a competent punk pop album, and not much more.

  • Q & A: Grandaddy's Jason Lytle is Living "Below the Radio"

    By: Jessica Grose There is an art to making the perfect mix tape. A well-designed compilation can inspire the deepest emotions, which is why they're often used as tools for wooing. The best mix tape I ever received began with a Grandaddy song, A.M. 180, off of their first full-length, Under the Western Freeway. The song made me feel invincible, especially when lead singer Jason Lytle sings, "We'll diffuse bombs / and walk marathons/ and take on whatever together," against what sounds like circus music. Lytle knows a few things about the importance of mix tape construction.

  • Interpol: Selling the Drama

    InterpolThe Warfield, San FranciscoOct. 25 Interpol was just about finished with its nerve-melting set at San Francisco's Warfield when the music stopped, and not in an Ashlee Simpson kind of way. While ripping through their hit single "PDA," they dialed up a classic rock 'n' roll ploy: the dramatic pause for effect. Guitarist Daniel Kessler froze while bassist Carlos D gazed stoically into the crowd, his shoulders rising and falling with each heavy breath. Paul Banks drifted back from the mic and into the shadows, while drummer Sam Fogarino and keyboardist Blasco maintained ready positions. It was as if a silent alarm had just been triggered: Danger!

  • The Thrills Bring On the Sun at New York's Irving Plaza

    By: Lindsay Barnes It was surprisingly appropriate that legendary tennis bad-boy John McEnroe introduced the Thrills at a recent show in New York City. From the first riff to the last chord, the Irish quintet seemed out to prove that, despite the bright tone of their songs, they are a band with attitude to spare. While the Thrills certainly didn't come off as wild as the over-the-top Johnny Mac did in his prime, their Ireland-via-the-Pacific sound translated well live as fun, high-energy rock and made for an entertaining 90-minute set. The Thrills had their work cut out for them--they followed a particularly raucous set from the Liverpool-based Zutons, who sounded like the Clash with an ear for four-part harmony and a honking alto sax.

  • Moveon.org's Vote for Change Tour Featuring Bruce Springsteen, R.E.M., and Pearl Jam

    Moveon.org's Vote for Change Tour October 8-TD Waterhouse Centre, Orlando, FLOctober 11-MCI Center, Washington, DC The Vote for Change tour's final show in Orlando, Florida, served as the grand finale for modern rock's most earnest guerilla campaign to date. Yet both politically and geographically, the tour reached its apex three days before, when Hurricane Lisa blasted through the hapless city. Hotels designed for the jet set boasted makeshift shutters and empty fountains, while neon signs pointing towards Disney World and Universal Studios flickered with waning energy, simultaneously signaling the natural disaster and the end of the Clinton-era prosperity.

  • America's Semi-Modern Troubadour: Colin Meloy of the Decemberists

    The Decemberists with Lou BarlowWebster HallNew York City There is something about Decemberists lead singer Colin Meloy that inspires old-fashioned descriptors, words that haven't been in common usage since nineteen dickety six.Perhaps it's his predilection for industrial Victorian storytelling in his songs (see; The "Chimbley Sweep", "Billy Liar", the "Legionnaire's Lament").Maybe its Meloy's own use of quaintly antiquated nouns, like "knickers" and "divan," or the dainty illustrations that decorate all of the Decemberists albums and merch. Meloy comes off as a dandy, and not in the Oscar Wilde, faux gay kind of way, though Montana-bred Meloy does affect a British accent.

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