• Au Revoir Simone, Mazzy Star, Nikolai Fraiture

    Au Revoir Simone and Strokes Man Cover Mazzy Star's 'Fade Into You'

    If you found yourself wanting more from the Strokes' bassist after the band's colorful set at Governors Ball, well, you're in luck. As it turns out, Nikolai Fraiture heard Au Revoir Simone's live cover of Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" and fell in love — so much so that he's now joined the New York indie-pop group for a studio reimagining of the piece."I saw Au Revoir Simone perform the song on KEXP and had some ideas for how it could be recorded," he told Rolling Stone. The indie-rock don plays guitar and bass on the track and produced the almost definitely Cure-inspired piece. (The first five seconds sound almost exactly like "Just Like Heaven," as a SoundCloud user notes.) Incidentally, this is the second cover of a classic alt-rock track we've shared today.

  • Kelly Rowland, Spike Lee

    Kelly Rowland's World Cup Anthem Gets Spike Lee Treatment

    Now Kelly Rowland and Janelle Monáe have something in common other than general fierceness. Both are featured artists on the Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game album, an 11-track collection of anthems inspired by the game of the moment — you guessed it — soccer. The World Cup is now in full swing, but the cola vendore has been debuting short films directed by famous directors every week since May 12. The touching piece you see above is directed by Spike Lee and set to Rowland's "The Game." It takes us through a day in the life of a young Brazilian boy, confident and optimistic, as he follows his soccer ball through a Brazilian favela.

  • Drake, Lil Wayne tour dates

    Drizzy vs. Weezy: Drake and Lil Wayne Set for Summer Tour

    It's no secret that Lil Wayne has been something of a mentor to Drake over the years. And Mr. Carter hasn't exactly escaped the influence of the Degrassi star either. As Complex reminds us in their summary of the rappers long-lasting bromance, Drizzy once rhymed, "Weezy told me just write every single thing you need down/And he got it for me, and I'm as happy as I can be now." Perhaps that list included a summer tour bestie? Lil Wayne and his hit-churning crony start their U.S. tour on August 8 and go until September 27.

  • The Shirts, Annie Golden, Fleet Foxes

    Mute 'Orange Is the New Black' Character Was an '80s Pop Star

    Looks like even poor old Norma Romano once had her fair share of shoulder pads. The Orange Is the New Black character who communicates solely through her timid facial expressions was the singer of an '80s band called the Shirts. Well, actress Annie Golden was, and for proof, here's the video for their most popular song, 1984's "Hang Up the Phone." Just a warning: it looks like someone swallowed then threw up an entire performance of Bye Bye Birdie from the Reagan years.Jim DeRogatis at WBEZ reports the Shirts were signed in 1978 by Nick Mobbs (who also inked a deal with legendary post-punks Wire) and that their earlier stuff was way grittier than this attempt at a pop anthem. But who wouldn't forego mid-'70s punk for the actual real-life version of Robin Sparkle's "Let's Go to the Mall"?This is not the first time we've discovered a connection between OITNB and music.

  • The Bug, Death Grips

    Hear Death Grips Meet the Bug on Hot, Angry 'Fuck a Bitch'

    Death Grips continue their prolific streak as U.K. producer the Bug releases a brand new haunting collaboration with the rap experimentalists. SPIN's Artists of the Year in 2012 are one of many artists on the Bug's upcoming album, Angels & Devils, which will be the influential dubstep (etc.) technician's first new one in six years. According to a press release the album will explore "two distinct themes" of  "light and dark," or "angel and devil." So while the aforementioned "Fuck a Bitch" is, duh, on the devil side of the LP, another freshly shared track — "Save Me" featuring Gonjasufi — falls firmly on the angelic side of that binary.All this comes hot on the heels of Death Grips surprise-releasing new album niggas on the moon, which Björk confirmed features her disembodied voice on each of its eight songs.

  • Ray & Remora Pavement Stephen Malkmus

    Stephen Malkmus, Jeff Goldblum Star in Ray & Remora's 'Gold Soundz' Video

    Los Angeles duo Ray & Remora's have released a joyfully star-studded video for their Pavement cover, "Gold Soundz." Kim Gordon, Stephen Malkmus himself, Weezer's Scott Shriner, Inara George, Beastie Boys collaborator Money Mark, and, naturally, actor Jeff Goldblum, all make an appearance. In the clip, the artists otherwise known as Dan Crane and Amanda Walker go door-to-door trying to get people to listen to their music. They aren't so successful.Crane said he got the idea for the video from watching a bunch of Mormons all suited-up for neighborhood missions, Entertainment Weekly reports.

  • Beastie Boys Trouble Funk

    Beastie Boys Dig For Legal Loophole Gold in 'Paul's Boutique' Sample Suit

    The Beasties are on their third date with copyright law, and the two seem to be hitting it off. First, they won $1 million in a settlement with a toy company that used their track, "Girls" in an advertisement.

  • Beastie Boys Law Suit Monster Energy Win Trial

    Beastie Boys Win $1.7M in Monster Energy Suit

    The Beastie Boys won $1.7 million in their long-running suit against Monster Energy. The infringement case came to a close today (June 5), with Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz and Michael "Mike D" Diamond netting nearly all of what they'd asked for after the beverage company used five of their hit songs in a video recap of a snowboard competition.

  • The Soviet Union Banned These Bands in 1985

    The Soviet Union Banned These Bands in 1985

    Putin wouldn't want you to see this list. It proves that his beloved Soviets were completely terrified of the West's "violent," "fascist," "racist," and, dare we say, "erotic" music.The year is 1985, the Cold War is in full swing and Donna Summer's eroticism is totally a weapon of war. Don't believe us? Believe Komsomol, the Youth Wing of the Communist Party, who put together this blacklist of bands to be banned from proletariat society. The translated list above (and in full below) is from Alexei Yurchak's new book, Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More.

  • The Soft Pink Truth Drew Daniel Black Metal Video

    The Soft Pink Truth Covers Venom, Reinvents 'Black Metal'

    If the Soft Pink Truth's interpretation of Venom's 1982 classic, "Black Metal," is any indication, the act's upcoming album is going to take metal into weird new territory. You can watch the volcanic video above, wherein Matmos member Drew Daniel remakes that track in his own electro-pop image. Also, there's a lot of corpsepaint, spell-casting, and at least one floppy fabric penis. All of this in honor of Why Do the Heathen Rage?, an entire album's worth of such drastically remade songs from metal's past. The project purposefully draws from a musical genre that's historically been criticized for its anti-gay tendencies, and endows it with refreshing strangeness (i.e. that bass-driven beat and Daniel's near-rapping).

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