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    Career Move of the Year: Videos Go Viral

    If you diagrammed all the move-ments of all the trained dogs that saunter and woof through OK Go's "White Knuckles" video, it would look like a cross between Glenn Beck's blackboard and a bowl of spaghetti. The band, too, have taken an incredibly indirect route, going from cute-rock okeydokes to Grammy-winning international video stars. But do all bands now have to jump through similar hoops to get noticed? OK Go, whose backyard-dance video and treadmill video broke the band big five years ago, topped even themselves with 2010's jaw-droppingly complex one-take "White Knuckles" and "This Too Shall Pass" (the Rube Goldberg–contraption video), as well as the staggeringly time-crunched "End Love." Together, they have racked up tens of millions of YouTube views and set the platinum standard for low-down, high-concept music clips.

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    'Celebrity Rehab' Star Bob Forrest's Musical Past

    Called a lunatic and a wreck by Anthony Kiedis -- his friend! -- Bob Forrest was also the charismatic leader of one of L.A.'s greatest cult bands. Here's how he survived a life of addiction and turmoil to become the seen-it-all face of Celebrity Rehab.[Magazine Excerpt] This was not Bob Forrest's rock bottom. That came later. This was more like a pit stop on the way down. He had seen his band Thelonious Monster become a buzz sensation of the L.A. club scene, while he himself landed a huge solo contract with RCA. But by 1993, just a year after Thelonious Monster's major-label debut, Beautiful Mess, Forrest was exterminating himself with heroin and crack, barely listening to, let alone making, music. He dimly knew his friends were talking about this thing called grunge and had heard that Kurt Cobain liked his band.

  • Tupac Remembered, Ten Years Later

    The following ran in the December 1996 issue of Spin. ALL EYES ON HIM Tupac Shakur was more then just another million-selling gangsta rapper. He polarized the races like few pop stars, in death as in life. It was early in the morning of Friday the 13th, and in a Las Vegas intensive care unit the world's most famous rapper was drifting along in a "medicinally induced coma." Across town, a lounge singer grabs the mike. Between Jimmy Buffett and Bell Biv DeVoe covers, he stares hard through the smoke to the back of the small room. The singer points a rhinestone-festooned finger at a powerfully built young black man with a shaved head, standing before a row of video poker machines. "Oh my God," he says with a shocked voice. "Ladies and gentlemen, a miracle has taken place. Tupac Shakur is with us tonight!' Rimshot, please.

  • "...You've got to hide your love away"

    When Elliott Smith played Los Angeles in the fall of 2002, aftermore than a year of semi-seclusion, he didn't look so good.His hands scrabbled across the guitar strings like they werestrangers to his arms. He appeared grubby and unshaven and wore awatch cap pulled low over his skull. He stumbled on a Beatles song-- his beloved Beatles! -- and seemed only partiallyacquainted with his own work. He looked in pain, and it was painfulto hear. Smithwas playing a Latin nightclub that had been remodeled for hipsters inEcho Park, the neighborhood where he resided until his death on October21, 2003. He lived on a nearby hill and could have walked to the gig.Echo Park is like L.A.'s new Laurel Canyon (the '60s Hollywood scenethat spawned the so-called beautiful-people rock of Jackson Browne, theMamas and the Papas, et al.). It's full of bohemians, drifters, andhouses tucked behind other houses.

  • Ryan Adams, 'Rock N Roll' (Lost Highway)

    Supposedly true thing about Tom Cruise: When he enters a roomful of strangers, he slinks around, scopes out the most charismatic person, and starts copying his or her traits. Whether this means that Cruise has no personality of his own or that he's just a brilliant mimic, who can say? What definitely can be said is that the most charismatic band in New York right now is the Strokes. Ryan Adams is on record as a fan; he once claimed that he was recording a note-for-note version of their album Is This It. Instead, he made Rock N Roll.

  • Spiritualized, 'Amazing Grace' (Spaceman/Sanctuary)

    Recently released census figures indicate that Detroit has lost some 26,219 citizens since 2000. However, that loss is more than made up for by all the bands around the world who have set themselves up as honorary Rock City residents. Latest to go all White Panther on our asses is Spiritualized, whose Amazing Grace is at peak moments an amazingly graceful representation of MC5/Stooges skid marks on a psychedelic superhighway. Frontman Jason Pierce even says it was the White Stripes' let-it-fly recording style that gave him the inspiration to record all these songs mostly live in three weeks. Next thing you know he'll be dating his "sister." They do the garage thing a lot better--and, crucially, a lot more casually--than Primal Scream did last year on Evil Heat.

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