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    Exclusive: thenewno2 Covers Thom Yorke

    Loads of bands have covered Radiohead, but what about Thom Yorke's superb 2007 solo album, The Eraser? Dhani Harrison and his band, thenewno2, haven't forgotten, and backstage at Lollapalooza they banged out a chipper, acoustic version of "Black Swan" for SPIN.com's video cameras.After performing original tune "Shelter" for us, Harrison led his London trio through a gritty version of Yorke's electro-ish album cut, overcoming Miike Snow's noisy set nearby."Without the aid of a computer safety net or [Radiohead producer] Nigel Godrich, we're going to attempt to do 'Black Swan' by Thom York, off The Eraser," said Harrison, as he prepared to play. "If it sounds shit, sorry Thom." But it didn't. At all.Check out the performance below and decide for yourself:

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    Islands Unveil New Tunes in Tour Opener

    At most gigs, "We're going to play a new song" is code for "If you need a bathroom break, now's the time!"But when the new songs are as excellent -- and as plentiful -- as they were at Islands' tour opener Wednesday night at Brooklyn's Bell House, the call of nature must wait. Vapours doesn't hit stores for another month, but for all practical purposes last night was the album's coming-out party."This is our first time playing all these songs," frontman Nick Thorburn said early on."Apologies if I've got the jitters." But, clad in a rhinestone cape worthy of the King himself, he pulled it off, with the strong new material keeping request shouters at bay. Crowd-pleasing highlights included the tribal drumming of "Switched On" and the scattered clap beat of "Shining," which pinches the bass hook from "Under Pressure" far more effectively than Vanilla Ice ever did. The band is down to a f

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    WATCH: Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye "Run This Town"

    "Run This Town," a bangin' song off Jay-Z's September 11 release Blueprint 3, may be a late contender for 2009's defining summer jam, but Hova has more on his mind that just another notch on his diamond-studded belt. With help from Rihanna and Kanye West, the multi-platinum rapper leads a torch-wielding mob in his new video for the track, sporting a chain of bullets around his neck as he incites a revolution. There's political commentary at work here -- witness the brief shot of Communist leader Mao Zedong two minutes in. But while the mob's exact mission is unclear, one thing is certain: the bandana-clad vigilantes exude a Molotov cocktail-toting cool. Jigga shot the video -- which leaked this morning ahead of its scheduled premiere -- at a civil war fortress near New York,giving it a gritty realism that surpasses most car- and-money-lovin' rap videos.

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    Lady GaGa Straps One On, Bob Dylan Goes Vagrant

    Here's some of the strangest music news to hit the Internet this week: Katy Perry claims Lady GaGa wears a strap-on. And she knows... how? [Daily Mirror] Before his death, Michael Jackson was plotting to create a giant robot of himself to roam the Las Vegas desert -- with lasers! [MTV] A bikini-clad Britney Spears tells Letterman 10 reasons why she should be President.... Sarah Paiin as her Secretary of Crazy? [CBS] Jason Mraz demonstrates his ninja skills in a new episode of his online series. Forget hiya, Mraz has another approach: Skibiddy, bop, whaaaahh. [YouTube] According to a British poll, Freddie Mercury had the best mustache ever. Hipsters worldwide shudder in shame. [Telegraph] French artist "Invader" has arranged thousands of Rubik's cubes to recreate classic album covers.

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    Hot New Band: Hockey's Star-Studded Video

    Their retro dance anthems are deft exercises in geek chic, so it makes perfect sense for Portland-based buzz Hockey to recruit two budding stars of nerd cinema for their brand new music video. Paper Heart actors Charlyne Yi and Paul Rust meet on the dancefloor in the band's clip for "Song Away," the second release from their forthcoming album, Mind Chaos (out Oct. 6). After Rust busts out some ridiculous gyrations, accidentally sending his boat shoes soaring through the air, right into Yi's noggin, awkward turns to endearing in no time and the party kicks into high gear. That carefree, fun-loving attitude extends to singer Benjamin Grubin's lyrics: "This is believe-me music," he croons.

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    LISTEN: 'Gossip Girl' Taylor Momsen's Band

    On Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen plays the daughter of a retired rock star, but in real life it's the 16-year-old actress who's wielding the axe. She recently debuted her band Pretty Reckless, and now she has posted the group's first material to their MySpace page. Momsen points to Joan Jett and Blondie's Debbie Harry as musical influences. And though comparing herself to rock legends may inspire an incredulous snort from Gossip Girl naysayers, Momsen does Jett and Harry no dishonor by spitting fist-pumping choruses over raucous guitars played at a furious punk speed. The pounding drums and jangling guitars of "Zombie" are reminiscent of Paramore; and the sticky-sweet kiss-off "He Loves You" finds her warning a friend about a dodgy dude. "I hate to be the one to tell you he's a liar," she sings. "You're hearing my diaries," Momsen recently said about the songs. "Have fun!"

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    DOWNLOAD: Grand Archives' Writer's Block Rock

    While recording their new studio album Keep In Mind Frankenstein (out September 15 via Sub Pop), frontman Mat Brooke of Seattle folkies Grand Archives couldn't seem to find the lyrics for what would eventually become "Oslo Novelist," one of the album's best tracks. But the group didn't sit around waiting for inspiration to strike. Sans lyrics, Grand Archives began recording the track's instrumental parts, fudging the words in the process. Later, the words came. "The lyrics are an imagination of an author who spends a lifetime with writer's block and finally finishes his first book on his deathbed.

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    Ladyhawke, Ida Maria Headline Perez Hilton's Tour

    He dishes out celebrity gossip. He doodles penises with abandon. He gets black eyes from Black Eyed Peas. Few web surfers can avoid coming across the ubiquitous Perez Hilton, and now the self-described "Queen of All Media" unveils another identity: tour promoter. Hilton first revealed his indie-rock fandom in July with the announcement of his new record label Perezcious Music.Now he is launching Perez Hilton Presents, a nationwide tour featuring some of his favorite acts, including Ladyhawke and Ida Maria, who will co-headline the tour's 17 shows.

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    LISTEN: Jack White Releases First Solo Song!

    "A spider got eight legs," Jack White sings in "Fly Farm Blues. "And I got two / This guitar got six strings / How about you? / What have you got?" What we've got is the first solo song from the White Stripe-Raconteur-Dead Weather multi-tasker, a distorted blues stomp from It Might Get Loud, the guitar documentary that also spawned this Jimmy Page interview. White came up with the song on the spot (and on camera) at the request of director David Guggenheim. The track's title comes from the Tennessee farm where the tune was recorded; for White trivia buffs, that's the same building where the Raconteurs' "Steady, As She Goes" video was recorded.

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    T-Pain Runs for College Prez, B-Ball Stars Rap

    Here's some of the strangest music news to hit the Internet this week: Lollapalooza fan picks a fight with a police horse. Apparently the drugs are too good in Chicago. [Chicago Breaking News Center] The battle between G.I. Joe and Cobra Command is finally captured in a folk ballad! [FunnyorDie] T-Pain: President of Florida State University!?! YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! [Idolator] An opera about Justin and Britney -- why didn't Puccini think of that? [Toronto Star] Basketball stars Rashard "Ice-O" Lewis, Andre "Chief Blocka" Iguodala, Kevin "Velvet Hoop" Durant, and Mo "Fog Raw" Williams pay tribute to '90s hip-hop. Hey, it's no Shaq Fu! [AdFreak] Best rock venue: Madison Square Garden, Royal Albert Hall or ... Guantanamo Bay? [Vanity Fair] London's Royal Opera House commissions first-ever "Twitter opera." Now should it be called The Tweeter of Seville or La Twitterata?

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