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  • Hari Kondabolu

    Watch Hari Kondabolu Get Nostalgic, Admit 'Weezer Broke My Heart'

    With Weezer's The Blue Album celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, it's no surprise that those who grew up with the band might get a little nostalgic about their collective youth. Comedian Hari Kondabolu's "Weezer Broke My Heart," taken from Waiting for 2042 (due March 11 via Kill Rock Stars), is a witty glimpse into the minds of steadfast fans who forgive the band's lesser albums in loyalty to their most triumphant ones. Describing himself as "the creepy old dude at the Weezer concert at 28 [years-old]," Kondabolu reflects on the days where illegally downloading music meant giving up entire weekends, the strangely unchanging, uniform demographic of Weezer fans over the years, and being delegated to the parents' section.

  • Smalltown DJs

    Hear Smalltown DJs and Broken Social Scene's Lisa Lobsinger Dance on 'See Thru'

    A dance tune is not something you'd expect to hear from soulful vocalist Lisa Lobsinger of Broken Social Scene and Reverie Sound Revue acclaim. That's where her fellow Calgary, Canada natives and local dance-club owners Smalltown DJs come in. With their latest release for the one-off singles party that makes up the Fool's Gold's Clubhouse series, the production duo's collaboration with the singer on "See Thru" is more of a genre-melding, pop-loving house track than we've heard from either contributor, really. "You left him for dead / when you crawled in his head," croons the coolly accusatory Lobsinger, as glammed synths whine over the four-on-the-floor pulse beneath.

  • Cropper

    Stream Cropper's Energized Remix of Dorj and Subculture Sounds' 'Path'

    Tel Aviv singer-songwriter Dorj and London-based producer Subculture Sounds have disparate roots in more ways than one. Dorj is an emotive balladeer; Subculture Sounds prefers to party to a blend of global electronic beats. However, when the pair teamed up for their forthcoming Waiting for the Crown EP, due later this year on Twisted Hearts Records, the duo managed to weave together the best of both their worlds. On "Path," the lead single from the EP, skittering snares and brooding melodic elements of the U.K. underground shine under pensive vocals. Bristol-based producer Cropper's remix bolsters the anthemic qualities of the original, adding bloated horns and boosting the drums, to make the track as dance-floor friendly as it is meditative.Shuffle along to Cropper's remix of "Path" below:

  • Warpaint on Safari

    Warpaint on Safari

    "Iiiiiiiiiii swal-lowed a fly," sings Warpaint co-leader Emily Kokal, to the tune made famous by Sugar Ray. She’s staring into the American Museum of Natural History's vaulted ceiling, her peculiar chorus bouncing back down at her, as a pair of stuffed, glass-eyed moose are poised for battle to her right and water buffalo lazily idle to her left. Tourists with cameras quietly navigate around her to snap photos of the beasts frozen in time — needless to say, Kokal is easily the most animated mammal in the room. Though a moment later, drummer Stella Mozgawa runs up behind her to join in on the warped hook, which, in a matter of seconds, has devolved into a chant that the girls yelp in unison: "Fly! High! High!

  • bibio, the green ep

    Stream Bibio's Charming Lo-Fi Nostalgia On 'The Green EP'

    Earlier this month experimental electronic darling Bibio released "Down to the Sound," a beautiful, plaintive ballad, to announce his newest release on Warp. And here we have it. The Green EP is the musician's follow-up to his Silver Wilkinson release from last May. "I wanted to do a follow-up using 'Dye the Water Green' as it was my favorite track off Silver Wilkinson," he explains to SPIN. "I have a lot of music in my archives that would complement the track well." In turn, the EP is one that's built off of brooding nostalgic landscapes that span from the mournful chug of cellos on "A Thousand Syllables" to the plucky, lo-fi charm of "Dinghy." The latter of which was recorded in 2006 with Letherette's Richard Roberts. "We used to work in an old Victorian pub back in those days," he says of the collab.

  • sammy bananas, flexin, fool's gold

    Hear Fool's Gold's Sammy Bananas' Smooth Club Single 'Flexin'

    Fool's Gold's Sammy Bananas is the label's very own, actualized Mr. Saxobeat. You see, the DJ and producer is also a saxophonist and has been known to whip out his sunglassed grooves live while performing with his projects Telephoned (alongside Maggie Horn) and Fifteenth (with L.A.'s Thee Mike B). With his new single "Flexin," the title-track from an EP by the same name, the producer's velvet-carpeted sentiments translate to a discotheque where throaty New Jack Swing battles with nostalgic New York City club. Here we've got uplifting house keys, bright bursts of horns, and the persistent, bloated burps of a sticky bass line. Need a visual?

  • alison valentine, curious,

    Stream Alison Valentine's New Roller Rink Jam 'Curious'

    Based in New York City, Alison Valentine's first single from her forthcoming debut EP is a light, shimmering, skip-along dance jam that feels straight out of a 2007 Kitsuné compilation; perfect for sunbathing on a very French beach. Produced by Chrome Canyon, the track is an example of the sort of lovey, summertime swirl that Valentine goes for. (It's not shocking that, by day, the singer is a fleuriste whose custom creations are designed for Hermes, Oscar de la Renta, and Yoko Ono.) But being ostentatiously adorable is part of the point here — "kawaii" is a tagged influence on this track in particular — and it certainly serves the singer well in the area of nu-disco nonchalance. The EP is expected to carry the single, which you can listen to below, along with remixes from Blood Diamonds, Chrome Sparks, and more.

  • steve starks, make u sweat

    Listen to Steve Starks' Trappy Stomp 'Make U Sweat'

    Bass-loving dance producer Steve Starks is a musician whose beats are practically designed for mean-mugging in the club. An ex-pat of D.C.'s Nouveau Riche house collective, the DJ recently moved to Los Angeles and has continued to blur coastal flavors along the way. With releases on underground crossover labels Fool's Gold and T&A Records, Starks thrives when fine-tuning overblown sounds; he mixes the worlds of rap and rave, local bass flavors with EDM, and flips trending festival sounds into simply structured but menacing dance-floor stunters. And he's done it again.Serving as a follow-up sister-single to his smoky club saunter "What U Got" that came out on Fool's Gold last summer, "Make U Sweat" visits another kind of bottle-poppin', club-hoppin' energy altogether.

  • Puja Patel's 25 Best Albums of 2013

    Puja Patel's 25 Best Albums of 2013

    To finish out the year, we'll be offering the top 25 albums from various SPIN staffers. Today, as a matter of introduction, SPIN's new Associate Editor Puja Patel.My favorite albums each year tend to be the ones that drive me the craziest. The denser the music, the better the head-trip — psychoanalyzation, daydreaming, and sonic nitpicking is key when you’re listening to the same music on repeat as frequently as I do. Eventually abandoning all that scrutiny later, especially with regards to dance music, makes the actual dancing part that much more freeing. It’s an approach that allows me to either dramaticize the regular and/or whittle down overblown trends to their particularly endearing quirks.

  • Miley Cyrus at Z100's Jingle Ball, Madison Square Garden, New York City, December 13, 2013 / Photo by Taso Hountas

    Miley Cyrus and a Grinding Santa Claus Steal the Show at Z100's Jingle Ball in NYC

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