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    SPIN's 20 Most Anticipated Films of Sundance 2012

    Starting Friday, SPIN will be getting our feet wet, perhaps literally, for our first-ever Sundance Film Festival blog, delivering daily posts and interviews from Park City, Utah, where there are too many promising premieres to count — though that won't stop us from trying. Even before the screenings get underway, themes are emerging: There will be fictional rappers alongside actual ones; there will be relationships gone sour or else downright rancid; there will be hipster dudes (despite the disavowing title I Am Not a Hipster) and hip parents; there will be low-fi thrills (V/H/S) and low-key performances; there will be the people you already know (Spike Lee) and the people you soon will (Lena Dunham). Basically, there will be lots and lots of movies.

  • SPIN's 10 Most Innovative Music Videos of 2011

    SPIN's 10 Most Innovative Music Videos of 2011

    10. FUCKED UP, "QUEEN OF HEARTS"Dir. Scott Cudmore Post-Pink Floyd, singing schoolchildren lost a little of their shock value, but to have them handle the verses of the song as though the story of David and Veronica was already legend adds another layer to Fucked Up's heavily meta rock opera. 9. BEYONCÉ, "COUNTDOWN"Dir. Adria Petty "Girl, show him how you ride it" is a far cry from "All the single ladies," but the six-months-pregnant B is so damn adorable channeling Audrey Hepburn in these frames that she's practically a one-woman .gif assembly line. 8. THE DECEMBERISTS, "CALAMITY SONG"Dir. Michael Schur Rock's most self-consciously erudite band writes a love letter to a lost literary giant as Parks and Rec cocreator Schur interprets the apocalyptic tennis match from David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest.

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    'Childrens Hospital' Star Lake Bell on Loving Axl Rose

    Lake Bell, costar of How to Make It in America and Childrens Hospital, on the soundtrack to her life What band were you obsessed with in high school?From ten on, I had a profound love of Guns N' Roses. Axl, mainly. That was the first time I remember having sexual feelings for anyone. On that note, did your parents ever object to anything you were listening to? Let's go ahead and say they weren't huge fans of Axl and Slash. But they didn't know any ?better. My mom helped me dye my hair red. What's the first album you bought with your own money? The Cars' Greatest Hits. I was 11 and my brother wouldn't share his copy. If you were to portray a musician in a bio-pic, who would it be? I always thought I was going to play Joan Jett, but then it happened without me. So I'll say Otis Redding. Or Carly Simon. Name a playlist on your iPod. The Ah, You Need to Chill mix.

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    'Parks and Rec' Star Chris Pratt on Mr. Bungle and the Future of Mouse Rat

    Chris Pratt, costar of Parks and Recreation (and Mouse Rat frontman!), on the soundtrack to his life — plus, check out SPIN's 40 Greatest Comedy Albums of All Time and more goodies from our first-ever, Patton Owalt-edited Funny Issue. What's the first album you bought with your own money?The Beatles' White Album. I paid a kid named Luke to steal it. He had a little thing going on where he would steal shit for money. Whose music has helped you over a breakup?There's a song from Keith Urban ["You'll Think of Me"] that goes, "Take your cap and leave my sweater / In fact, I'll feel a whole lot better." Keith Urban writes good songs. "Nobody Drinks Alone" is great to listen to when you're drinking alone. Growing up, did your parents object to anything you were listening to?Everything. We got a Run-DMC record, and my dad threw it away when he found out they swore.

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    'Always Sunny' Star Kaitlin Olson on Her Fave Music

    Kaitlin Olson, costar of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which returns to ?FX for its seventh season this month, on the soundtrack to her life. What was the last concert you attended? Arcade Fire at Coachella. ?Régine Chassagne is a tiny little person with the most powerful voice. My husband [costar Rob McElhenney] and I love "Wake Up." Is there a song that you associate with a first kiss? The boy I was in love with in college knew how much I liked Madonna's "Crazy for You," so we were dancing at a party and the song came on and he kissed me. I just got little butterflies. I'd like to kiss to that song right now to be totally honest with you. Find Rob. Oh no, not Rob. Do you recall the first album you bought with your own money? Run-DMC's Raising Hell. I got into them because I was supercool. Or trying to be. Your son's name is Axel.

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    'Style Rookie' Tavi Gevinson on Her Favorite Music

    Tavi Gevinson, the 15-year-old fashionista behind the website ?Style Rookie, on the ('90s-heavy) soundtrack to her life. What was the last concert you attended? A Kathleen Hanna tribute show in Brooklyn last December. Kim Gordon reading the "Riot Grrrl Manifesto" was really special. It made me tear up a little bit. Name a song you've listened to in the past 24 hours. "Oogum Boogum" by Brenton Wood. Who's your favorite pop star? I love Justin Bieber. My a cappella group sang "Baby" this year. What song would you like played at your funeral? Nicki Minaj's verse in [Kanye West's] "Monster," because I have it memorized and I rap it all the time. My friends know this, so there's a personal connection. Do you recall the first album you bought with your own money? Jukebox by Cat Power.

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    Q&A: Comic Michael Ian Black

    Michael Ian Black is the first to admit that he isn't technically "very famous," which is why he called his first stand-up special precisely that. "I try to keep the bar as low as humanly possible," says the comedian, who is perhaps not immediately recognized as the star of a number of short-lived TV shows, including The State, Stella, and Michael & Michael Have Issues (all co-starring Michael Showalter), as well as a regular talking head on VH1's I Love The... series. "I feel like I'm just proceeding at my normal pace of -- I don't want to say mediocrity, but I'll say it: Mediocrity." Jokes aside, the humbly funny Very Famous, premiering Saturday on Comedy Central, kicks off his autumn-long Black Is White tour and coincides with the tenth anniversary of Wet Hot American Summer, a movie from Black's resume that is probably more beloved now than when it was released.

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    Elijah Wood Reveals His Favorite Music

    Name a song you've listened to in the past 24 hours. "Yonkers" by ?Tyler, the Creator. This single launched me into the world of Odd ?Future. I'm so fascinated. They're kids, man. What was the last concert you attended? I saw Sleigh Bells at the Hollywood Bowl, and I was really concerned their sound couldn't fill the space. They seem like they would have the most power in a smaller venue where they could sonically assault you. But they were amazing. Who would you like to portray in a rock biopic? There was a time when I was going to play Iggy Pop. It scared me then, and it scares me now. I would hate to be responsible for fucking that up, but I would still love to do it. What was the first album you bought with your own money? Prince's Batman soundtrack. That may not be the best offering from Prince, but I'm a huge fan. I took my mother to see him for Mother's Day.

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    'Bridesmaids' Rose Byrne on Her Favorite Music

    Aussie actress Rose Byrne, costar of 'Bridesmaids' and 'X-Men: First Class,' on the soundtrack to her life. What was the last concert you attended?I went to see the Kills at [Manhattan's] Don Hill's. Fuck, man, they went on so late. I was delirious by 2 A.M. They're very mysterious and messy, but the mess is weirdly polished. Name a band that a costar turned you on to. [X-Men's] Zoe Kravitz played the Black Keys in her trailer. I tried to go and buy the album. What happened to all the record stores in New York City? If you were to curate a festival, who would be on the bill? I'd open with Lucinda Williams and Ryan Adams, together. Then, I would get Prince and Beyoncé so everyone could cut loose and dance. And then I'd bring it home for a more spiritual ending with Radiohead. Speaking of, who comes after Radiohead on your iPod? The Rakes.

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    Classic Hole Lineup Reunite at Film Premiere

    Monday night's screening of Hit So Hard, a documentary chronicling the debilitating drug addiction of former Hole drummer Patty Schemel, began nostalgically with everyone waiting for Courtney Love to arrive. "We'll see if she shows up," said founding guitarist Eric Erlandson. "Patty will be disappointed if she isn't here to support her." For the first time in 13 years, all four members of the band's most classic line-up -- Love, Erlandson, Schemel, and bassist Melissa Auf der Maur -- were expected to "reunite" in the theater at New York City's Museum of Modern Art, although no one could agree on what, exactly, that meant.

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