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  • Actress

    Actress' 'Ghettoville' Is a Spectacularly Icy Riot of Grouchy, Grimey Outsider Dance Music

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are frozen in place.If this really is Darren Cunningham's final album under his Actress alias — a possibility hinted at in the press release, which speaks cryptically of the "conclusion" of the project — the London producer is going out in spectacularly anticlimactic fashion. The fact that his third album, in 2012, was already called R.I.P. only makes Ghettoville's walking-dead shuffle and thousand-yard stare all the more explicit. Forget about peaks; this is more like an endless succession of troughs, each one deeper than the last.

  • Jubilee

    Hear Jubilee's 'Pull Ova' EP, a Miami-to-Brooklyn Bass Odyssey

    Raised in Miami but located in Brooklyn, Jubilee (Jess Gentile) is pretty familiar, one would guess, with the long ribbon of pavement that is the I-95. And on "I-95," the A-side of her new single for Mixpak, she collapses its expanse into a shuddering amalgam of classic Miami bass and Brooklyn attitude. (Plus, for good measure, nods to the guncocks and klaxons of U.K. grime.) Los Angeles transplant Salva rotates the roadmap 90 degrees and delivers a driving, downbeat-heavy remix that connects the dots between Chicago house and Jersey club. Rounding out the EP, Jubilee's "Pull Ova" loops police sirens and low-end throb over a coolly percolating jack track, while chopped-up vocals (murmurs, moans, heavy breathing) add an extra layer of suggestion to the late-night vibes.Pull Ova is out Tuesday, January 28.

  • Excision and Downlink will rock you with laughter

    Dance Tracks of the Week: Excision and Downlink Combine Queen, Hardstyle, and 'Jock Jams'

    Bok Bok & Tom Trago, Night Voyage Tool Kit 2 (Night Voyage) When Bok Bok and Tom Trago first teamed up in 2011, it seemed like an odd pairing. What kind of common ground could be found between the Night Slugs head's hall of broken mirrors and the Dutch producer's ruminative, low-lit house? But with their Night Voyage Tool Kit, they found common ground in terse funk rhythms and frosty acid. Bok Bok told SPIN, "We're pretty different artists in our solo work, in our day-to-day lives, so when we come together, the stuff we've got in common is really, like, jacking Chicago house, arpeggiated disco, and kind of dirty, sort of dusty, home-made-sounding house shit." That shorthand still applies to their collaborative material — particularly, say, the queasy chords and nervous arpeggios of "Need This," or the crudely carved congas that give "Get Me What U Want" its lopsided roll.

  • Four Tet's Bandcamp page

    Four Tet Joins Bandcamp, Posts Four Early, Out-of-Print Titles

    In December, Four Tet's Kieran Hebden gave away a trove of his old songs via Sendspace, quipping, "Is sendspace indie label of the year 2013?" If so, then perhaps Bandcamp will be the indie label — or at least platform — that defines 2014. Last night, Hebden launched his own storefront on Bandcamp, kicking things off with four of his earliest releases: His debut EP Thirtysixtwentyfive, his debut album Dialogue, the Misnomer EP, and the "Glasshead"/"Calamine" single, all originally released on the now-defunct Output label in 1998 and 1999.Over the past few years, Hebden has increasingly moved to release his music on his own terms. After a decade-long association with Domino, he put out his 2012 album Pink on his own Text Records label — until then, mainly known as a vinyl-only outlet for club-music experiments — and he followed suit with last year's Beautiful Rewind and 0181.

  • Something is happening at Deep Dish's website

    Are Deep Dish Reuniting for Miami's Ultra Music Festival?

    Something is going on with progressive-house titans Deep Dish. The Washington, D.C., duo has been inactive since 2006; they split long before the domestic dance-music revolution they helped fuel began enjoying its recent renaissance. The two DJs have kept busy on their own, however: Dubfire runs the SCI+TEC Digital Audio label and can usually be found playing rolling tech-house alongside the likes of Richie Hawtin, while Sharam has kept up a steady string of singles on his Yoshitoshi imprint. But the counter on a new website suggests that the return of their best-known, Grammy-winning incarnation is imminent. (And it would fit with the ongoing spate of stealth campaigns and viral hijinks.)Back to the Deep Dish timer: If those are seconds it's ticking off, then the countdown appears to be leading up to an event some 71 days off.

  • Seixlack, 'Seu Lugar é o Cemitério' (40% Foda/Maneiríssimo)

    Dance Tracks of the Week: Brazil's 40% Foda/Maneirissimo Label Is 100% Awesome

    Seixlack, Seu Lugar é o Cemitério (40% Foda/Maneiríssimo) Hat-tip to Portugal's Photonz for hipping me to a stunning release from São Paulo's Seixlack; there are few things more gratifying to the digital crate-digger than discovering a musical vision this strong from an artist you were unaware of (and from a city you don't think of as a hotbed of experimental techno, to boot). As it happens, Seixlack turned up on a compilation I covered last year, but this EP showcases a much more developed sound. You can really hear him wrestling with his influences here, although that tension takes place beneath the surface of a sound — scratchy, glowing, supersaturated — that's distinctly his own.

  • Snow Ghosts (Ross Tones and Hannah Cartwright)

    Hear Matthew Herbert's Lullaby-looza of a Remix of Snow Ghosts' 'Secret Garden'

    Snow Ghosts' debut album A Small Murmuration was released in July, but their pensive take on trip-hop makes far more sense right now, in the depths of winter. For those who would rather forget about subzero temperatures and SAD, however, Matthew Herbert's remix of the duo's "Secret Garden" is something like a heat lamp for the soul. The full subtitle is "Matthew Herbert's Wash It All Away Remix," but perhaps he should've called it "Matthew Herbert's Hope Springs Eternal Remix," given the way tiny melodic details seem to open up like a hillside budding into bloom. Over rolling drum breaks recalling Four Tet's re-sampled jazz kits, Herbert layers the singer Hannah Cartwright's into patterns reminiscent of medieval rounds.

  • Vermont, 'Vermont' (Kompakt)

    Kompakt Signs Vermont, a.k.a. Marcus Worgull and Motor City Drum Ensemble's Danilo Plessow

    The Green Mountain State isn't exactly known as an electronic-music hotbed, but that hasn't stopped two German musicians from adopting the state's name as their collaborative alias. Recording as Vermont, Marcus Worgull and Danilo Plessow will release their self-titled debut album in March on Cologne's Kompakt label.It's the first time either artist has appeared on the titanic techno imprint, but Vermont's members are both well known for their respective solo work. Worgull, much like his Innervisions colleagues Dixon and Âme, is a careful craftsman of sensitive, understated epics, a style he put to excellent use in his remix of the xx's "Fiction." Plessow, better known as Motor City Drum Ensemble, is a devotee of classic, sample-heavy house; he paid tribute to his roots on his 2011 DJ Kicks mix, which featured songs from Mr.

  • Echaskech's Dom Hoare and Andy Gillham

    Echaskech's 'Form | Function' Reclaims Progressive House for the Headphone Crowd

    Jon Hopkins' Immunity was one of 2013's great out-of-nowhere pleasures: A vibrant mixture of sounds and energies borrowed from outdoor raves and IMAX screens and quiet, pre-dawn moments, all spun together into a big, gloopy mass that throbbed like an organism under a microscope. But perhaps Hopkins' album wasn't as out-of-nowhere as it seemed. London's Echaskech pursue a similar strategy on their new Form | Function EP, fusing the fidgety rhythms of classic IDM with the soaring melodies of golden-era progressive house. Fittingly, the group (Dom Hoare and Andy Gillham, assisted by the visual artist Mach V) is signed to Just Music, home to Hopkins' early albums and recent soundtrack work.The four-track Form | Function EP is out February 17 and features a remix from Arkist; Echaskech's new album, Origin, follows on February 24. Check out the title track of the EP in full, below.

  • DJ Funk brings the Dance Mania

    DJ Funk's 'The Original Video Clash' Is Classic Chicago House at Its Most Unhinged

    The Chicago label Dance Mania experienced its peak years between 1998 and 1997, but its take on house music — raw, soulful, often lascivious, and frequently unhinged — is back in vogue throughout club culture, and so is Dance Mania itself. Boys Noize released A Tribute to Dance Mania on his own label late last year, with contemporary producers Feadz, Bart B More, and Bok Bok & Tom Trago all paying homage to Dance Mania's livewire brand of jack tracks. And the rise of juke and footwork (what up, SPIN's No. 1 dance track of the year) has sent diggers scurrying to discover its origins in Dance Mania's ghetto-house years, in which producers such as DJ Deeon, DJ Funk, and Slugo raised temperatures (and tempos) with the kind of not-even-a-little-bit-veiled refrains (cf.

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