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  • A State of Trance Jakarta

    Three Dead After State of Trance Festival in Jakarta, Drugs Suspected

    Three festival attendees died after attending Jakarta's A State of Trance festival over the weekend, reports The Jakarta Globe. The three victims — two teenagers, 18 and 19, from Java and a Singaporean national, aged 26 — were said by witnesses to have consumed drugs before the event, although police did not specify which substances were suspected; the causes of death are yet to be determined, pending autopsies.The tragedy marks the second string of festival-related deaths in the region over the weekend. At Kuala Lumpur's Future Music Festival Asia, six people died and 14 more were hospitalized on Friday night, prompting the cancellation of the third and final day of the festival.

  • Son of Sound,

    Son of Sound's 'Floor's Yours' Pays Tribute to Golden-Age New York House

    New York's Plant Bar is long gone; the Lower East Side hangout and de facto clubhouse for DFA's early years was shuttered in 2003, a victim of Giuliani and Bloomberg's years-long, Footloose-like crackdown on dancing, a pogrom that sent underground clubbers scurrying for warehouses in the outer boroughs and, in doing so, helped accelerate the process of gentrification that has left us with the Condoburg we know and fear today. (A Dance Truther might tell you that the whole cabaret-law thing was all part of a vast real-estate conspiracy, and she might be right.)But Plant Music soldiers on, because, duh, house music can't be stopped.

  • Future Music Festival Asia overdose death cancellation

    Future Music Festival Asia Cancelled Following Reported Drug Overdoses

    Malaysia's Future Music Festival Asia cancelled its third day today after six attendees are said to have died at the event. The Star reports that six attendees died and three more are in critical condition after collapsing at the event, according to Kuala Lumpur police official Senior Deputy Comm Datkuk Mohmad Salleh. "All tested positive for high levels of drugs and the deaths have been classified as overdose," Mohmad told The Star, which cited "methamphetamines" as the culprit without offering further substantiation. The Star reports that all six victims were Malaysians, between 21 and 28 years of age.Festival organizers disputed the death toll in a statement published earlier today on Future Music Festival Asia's Facebook page. "As at 5.00PM on March 15," they wrote, "we can confirm that one death, and not five, took place on festival grounds on March 14.

  • Kornel Kovacs' 'Szikra (Bónusz Beat)' Kicks Off Your Countdown to Summer

    Kornel Kovacs' 'Szikra (Bónusz Beat)' Kicks Off Your Countdown to Summer

    March is early, but not too early to acknowledge Kornél Kovács' "Szira" as one of the sweetest, most uplifting house tracks you'll likely hear this summer. Kovács is one of the co-founders of Stockholm's Studio Barnhus label, alongside Axel Boman and Petter Nordkvist; he's kept a lower profile than Mr.

  • Kyan 'Stratosphere' premiere

    Kyan's Soulful 'Stratosphere' Is Your Ticket to Walking on Air

    Back in 2010, when he was 20, Kyan Kuatois made it as far as the semi-finals of Must Be the Music, a British talent competition judged by unusual triumvirate of Jamie Cullum, Sharleen Spiteri, and Dizzee Rascal. ("Britain needs talent like you," Cullum told him after his audition performance.) The following year, he released his debut album, Conversations, a soulful — and surprisingly solid, for a talent-show alum — showcase of both his songwriting and his stunning voice.Sadly, it doesn't seem like Britain, or anywhere else, got Cullum's message, but now we've got a second chance. Following his recent single "Rosetta" — and a rippling remix from Kelela compadre Kingdom — Kyan is back with "Stratosphere," a song so stacked with buoyant harmonies that it sails right past its title's coordinates and keeps on going.

  • Evian Christ Waterfall Tri Angle

    Evian Christ's 'Waterfall' Will Scare the Be-'Yeezus' Out of You

    Evian Christ, Waterfall (Tri Angle) Maybe it was all his stylist's doing, but Joshua Leary — Evian Christ to us — didn't come across as terribly warm and cuddly in his recent New York Times style section cameo, close-cropped and wearing a perforated hoodie straight out of Moncler's new THX-1138 collection. I think it's likelier that his stylist followed the lead of the U.K. artist's new EP, Waterfall, a record full of exaggerated silhouettes, crisp lines, and bleached-out empty space. You thought his turn on Yeezus was forbidding? "I'm In It" was a hothouse flower compared to the brittle, mean-spirited Waterfall. (Perhaps he had images like these in mind when he chose that title.) This is trap as seen through the lens of Pan Sonic and techstep, full of blown-out 808 kicks and meat-grinder snare rolls and claps that scar the stereo field like glass-cutters.

  • Obey City,

    Stream Obey City's 'Fallin' (Merlot VIP)' Before His Live Debut at SXSW

    Obey City returns to LuckyMe this spring with Merlot, an EP that finds the Brooklyn producer (Sam Obey) both intensifying his palette and amplifying his music's proportions. Last year's Champagne Sounds EP, which the label calls "a primer" to his colorful, funk-infused style, threw together DX chimes, slap bass, trap hi-hats, jazz brushes, and whack-a-mole vocal samples into a fizzy mix that sounded as indebted to Jan Hammer as to club music. With Merlot, he moves closer to something like full-on R&B.

  • Skrillex - Recess

    Skrillex Drops Surprise Album 'Recess'

    All is fair in love and brostep, so forgive Skrillex for dropping his new album unannounced at 2:00 a.m. Austin time, just as bleary SXSW partiers were slugging the last gulps of their final beers and even blearier music writers figured it was safe to shut down the news cycle for the night.No, really: That's also the title of the first song on Skrillex's stealth-released debut album, Recess: "All Is Fair in Love and Brostep." So you know he's aware of what he's doing here. Recess, due out on March 18 on OWSLA/Big Beat/Atlantic, is now said to be streaming in full on iTunes Radio's "First Play" feature, although the service doesn't currently seem to be working.

  • Tensnake

    Tensnake's Occasionally Sublime 'Glow' Is Another Shot in the Pop-House Revolution

    Tensnake's Glow peaks early, which is perhaps to be expected of the debut album from a guy who has been cranking out well-received, retro-leaning house music for almost a decade; has one bona fide semi-smash under his belt; and can't wait to show us what he can really do, and who he got to do it with him.And so, after the introductory "First Song" — a rippling bass-music mood-setter — we're treated to "Love Sublime," a buoyant, mid-tempo number that's probably the best D Train/CeCe Peniston pastiche you'll hear this year. The featured singer, Fiora, has been bubbling up for a few years now, mostly alongside trance-pop types like Armin van Buuren and Arty, but it's immediately clear from the effortless way she inhabits the song that this is the kind of thing she was born to sing.

  • Leon Vynehall, Music for the Uninvited (3024)

    Hear Leon Vynehall's New Mini-LP, 'Music for the Uninvited'

    "Mastering engineers hate me," says Leon Vynehall, explaining his preference for beats that don't slot neatly into place and frequencies that are raw around the edges. In that case, their loss is our gain. No pun intended — it's not like the U.K. producer is redlining all over the place. But the slippery, swinging rhythms and hardscrabble sonics are precisely what make Vynehall's take on house music so appealing.At its core, his music is all about juicy chords, soaring vocal samples, and buoyant atmospherics. The grit is just a natural byproduct of his sound sources — well-worn vinyl, busted snare heads, drum machines seemingly on the verge of overheating — and serves to remind us that you can't have the peach without the fuzz.

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