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  • Lusine

    Listen to Lusine's Effortless Electro-Pop Beauty 'Without a Plan'

    "Without a Plan" is the second single from Lusine's upcoming album, The Waiting Room, and it's tempting to think that the song's title might just be autobiographical. While the Seattle musician's career has hardly been rudderless, neither has it ever seemed particularly calculated. Instead, across eight studio albums and a slew of EPs, Lusine (Jeff McIlwain) has allowed his sound to develop with an almost naturalistic ease. As the intricately detailed glitch techno of his early years has morphed into the lush, richly textured sound of 2009's A Certain Distance and this year's follow-up, he has revealed a canny pop sensibility that lurked just beneath the surface all along.

  • Superhuman Happiness / Photo by Nathan West

    Hear Superhuman Happiness' Cults-Enriched, Juan MacLean-Remixed, Rave-Ready Caetano Veloso Cover

    They bring together members of Antibalas, the Phenomenal Handclap Band, and TV on the Radio; their music joins buoyant call-and-response harmonies, rippling highlife-inspired guitar leads, !!!'s muscular funk-punk, and the spirited pulses of Steve Reich's Clapping Music. Their name is Superhuman Happiness, because they are many — and because, really, what other name could approximate this kind of ragged, rootsy joy?Led by saxophonist Stuart Bogie — a core member of Antibalas, as well as a contributor in TVOTR, a close collaborator of Dave Sitek, and a soloist in Bill T. Jones' Broadway musical Fela! — Superhuman Happiness brings together a powerhouse lineup of seasoned players: guitarists Luke O'Malley and Ryan Ferreira, bassist Nikhil Yerawadekar, drummer Miles Arntzen, keyboardist Jared Samuel, trumpeter Eric Biondo, and baritone sax heavyweight Colin Stetson.

  • the kife full of fire video come to daddy aphex twin

    The Knife's NSFW 'Full of Fire' Video is Full of Gender-Bending, Bondage, Boobs

    Heartbeats quickened this week when a 30-second snippet of the Knife's new single, "Full of Fire," surfaced online; then, hearts sank just as quickly when those samples promptly disappeared. But the full nine-plus minutes of the thing are now available to hear in all their fiery glory in an unexpected — and NSFW — video. (Hat tip to Swedish site SVT Play for having it first.)The clip comes courtesy of "feminist porn" director Marit Östberg (click at your own risk) and features all kinds of atypical sexual scenarios being played out in public spaces. An elderly woman dresses up like a man then goes trolling; a middle-aged woman urinates in the street through her stockings; leather-clad lads in colorful makeup have a tryst; so do some biker girls in bondage; romance emerges between a protesting punk and a member of law enforcement.

  • blur primavera barcelona 2013 lineup

    The Postal Service, Blur, My Bloody Valentine, Wu-Tang to Play Primavera Sound 2013

    With a booking policy neatly balanced between indie heavyweights, alt-rock elders, and experimental outsiders, Barcelona's Primavera Festival has developed into one of Europe's most respected festivals, something like a cross between Coachella (without, hurrah, the superfluous EDM) and ATP (without, alas, the chalets). Its profile has gotten to the point that this year, rumored lineup "leaks"— all of them fake — zipped across social media, weeks in advance of any official announcement.Primavera, it seems, can afford to tease its fans. A clock on the festival's website has been counting down to today's unveiling of the lineup, and at 7:30 p.m., local time, Internet users were treated to a lengthy press conference complete with Antony Hegarty impersonations and a series of comedy sketches about style mavens in hipster rehab.

  • Blasteroids

    Game Over: Atari Files for Bankruptcy

    Call it an arcade fire sale: iconic video game maker Atari is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, reports Forbes. That could mean that the troubled company is just about out of bonus lives, even though a press release from Atari Inc. stresses that the relief petition seeks to save the company "from the structural financial encumbrances of their French parent holding company… and secure independent capital for future growth."Despite the lasting impact of games like Pong, Asteroids, and Centipede — not to mention cult classics like Yar's Revenge — Atari was always best known as a maker of consoles. Perhaps for that reason, samples of Atari products turn up far less frequently in popular music, unlike Midway's Pac Man franchise or Taito's Space Invaders.

  • Pantha du Prince rocks the bells / Photo by Ed Jansen

    Pantha du Prince with the Bell Laboratory, 'Elements of Light' (Rough Trade)

    House music is a spiritual thing, as they say, and for Pantha du Prince, that spirit has long manifested itself as a fascination with church bells. Over beats and bass lines borrowed from Chicago's house tradition, the Berlin-based musician has (w)rung out a sound appropriate for Easter Sunday. There's a whole subset of German electronic dance music that takes this tack: Bell tones (both sampled and synthesized) were an early hallmark of Hamburg's Dial Recordings, where Pantha (Hendrik Weber) put out his first records alongside overtone-besotted peers like Lawrence, Carsten Jost, and Pawel. "For a long time, we were totally into who had the better bells," Weber confessed shortly before the release of 2010’s Black Noise.Now, with his new project, there's no doubt whose bronze takes the gold.

  • Renaissance Man

    Hear Renaissance Man's Sinister Cellular Ode 'Call2Call'

    Last week, the New York Times reported that the Finnish phone maker Nokia's fortunes are finally turning around, and this week, the Finnish duo Renaissance Man premiere another cut from their Call2Call EP on Turbo, which finagles telephonic bleep and buzz into six emphatically funky club cuts with an impressive signal-to-noise ratio. Coincidence, or a suggestion of insider shenanigans?We'll leave that up to the SEC, but there's no doubt about the record's potential to move butts, if not markets, fusing as it does the hair-raising analog frequencies of electro revivalists like Dopplereffekt and i-F with Neptunes-inspired clicks and clatter. "We're both big electro fans since a long time," explains Renaissance Man's Ville Haimala, "and it felt it was the right time to finally write stuff like that. We wanted to take our music back to the club after the less clubby album.

  • Zedd on 'Letterman'

    Zedd Tickles Ivories on Drop-Free 'Letterman' Performance

    When Skrillex told SPIN, "Electronic music isn't a fucking genre, it's a platform," his protégé Zedd clearly must have been taking notes. The young German producer may have made his name on the back of remix contests, singles for Skrillex's Owsla label, and flash-bang laptop sets at gigs like Ultra Music Festival, but his recent album Clarity suggested a desire to use his EDM cred as a springboard into straight-up pop music. His appearance yesterday on Late Night With David Letterman proved that he's made that jump.Zedd traded his laptop and controllers for a gleaming concert grand; guest singer Foxes, practically glowing in her white lace tunic, stood front and center behind the mic. To drive home the point that this was Very Serious Music made by real, live people, a string sextet was on hand to provide the requisite sweeps and swells.

  • The Others / Photo by Sarah Ginn

    The Others: Dubstep Renaissance Man Tests the Boundaries

    Who: Originally a duo, the Others is now the solo nom de plume of London dubstep producer Alex Crawford, who crafts exquisitely twisted bass-line fantasias for Caspa's rugged Dub Police label. He's no young wubber-snapper, though: Crawford boasts a deep catalog of spare, seismic anthems going all the way back to 2007. His film-music studies near Croydon, the birthplace of dubstep, left him well-positioned to get involved with the scene when it was just starting. "I've been DJing and producing for going on ten years or so," he says. "It's a natural thing. I didn't really have a career in drum and bass or garage, but when dubstep came along, I wanted to get involved. If you've been to [seminal London club] FWD before, you know it's a tiny little place. Everyone in the scene was under one roof. It felt accessible.

  • Ultra Music Festival 2012 / Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

    State of Dance Music 2012: Have We Already Peaked?

    I don't want to alarm anyone, but it looks like we may have reached peak dubstep.That might be news to Muse, Taylor Swift, Ke$ha, Chris Brown, and all the other artists who cribbed from dubstep's broken rhythms and buzzing palette in an effort to sound more timely — or, at the very least, to get a leg up in the SEO wars. Al Walser, who spammed his way to a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording, wasn't the only one who learned to game the system this year. For pop stars, lacing a track with a hint of wobble or a dribble of drop kept their names ricocheting through the aggregated universe.This was the year that dubstep ceased to be a discrete subgenre and went full-on meme.

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