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  • Luke Warm Instant Vibe Blueberry Records

    FaltyDL Won't Say Who Luke Warm Is, But We Know Anyway

    The latest signing to FaltyDL's Blueberry Recordings is apparently meant to remain anonymous, so we'll put it this way: If you carried a bunch of nuggets from a district near Redruth and put them in your wagon (Christ, it's leaking acid, better plug it) — well, you'd be getting warm. Luke Warm, to be precise.Luke Warm's ebullient, alternate-universe disco concoctions are right in keeping with our hero's mischievous M.O. They're full of chunky breakbeats, vibrant synthesizers, and cheeky samples pilfered from classic house, rap, disco, and further afield still.

  • Todd Terje

    The Hitman and the Trickster: Todd Terje's Improbable Disco

    All dance music is in some sense aspirationalist, and none more than disco, with its cocaine clarity and silky sunset glow, an apotheosis of sex and style over an expectant four-to-the-floor beat. But few artists conjure the sound of idealized leisure the way that Norwegian producer Todd Terje does. I don't mean mere fantasies about luxury products or vacation packages or vintage synthesizers; at its best, the 32-year-old's music is a kind of daydream given shape and volume, a pocket-sized Airstream trailer that whisks you away in a wibble of oscillators. It's like doing a line of pure, uncut Calgon.When a song like "Ragysh" or "Inspector Norse" is playing, it Tesseracts you to some magical, moonlit beach party where phosphorescent microbes twinkle in the surf like the spangles of a disco ball.

  • Audion Sky Scuba Remix

    Scuba Takes Audion's 'Sky' to the Basement

    It would be hard to out-epic Audion's "Sky," and that's not just because it's 11 minutes long. Like all of Matthew Dear's work under the mononymous, almost-metonymical alias, "Sky" starts from the simplest of premises — techno for techno's sake — and just keeps moving outwards from there, expanding its dimensions until the room seems to billow like a Frank Gehry building. Berlin's Scuba is no stranger to blowing the roof off, but his remix of "Sky" heads in the opposite direction. Suffused in metallic clang, clammy reverb, and steam-pipe hiss, it shoulders grimly, doggedly forward, like a search party in a catacombs.Scuba's "Sky" remix is available for download now from the Ghostly store. The full Sky/Motormouth remix EP, also including reworks from Daniel Avery and Matrixxman, comes out on June 30; new Audion material will follow later this year.

  • Principles of Geometry - Streamsters L-Vis 1990 Remix Tigersushi

    Hear L-Vis 1990's Industrial-Strength Remix of Principles of Geometry's 'Streamsters'

    Their last album was called Burn the Land & Boil the Oceans, but Lille, France's Principles of Geometry aren't really as gloomy as all that. Peel away the shadows on "Streamsters," their new single for Tigersushi, and you'll find the warm pulse of '80s yacht rock and electro-leaning R&B — think Tina Turner's "What's Love Got to Do with It," Stevie Nicks' "Stand Back," the Cars' "Drive," and similar landmarks of early-mid-'80s pop, in all its synth-heavy glory. (If it sounds unusually authentic, that's because it kind of is: That's Alessi Brothers, of Ghostbusters fame, on vocals and co-production.)L-Vis 1990, however, seemingly has little time for such sentimental pastimes. His "Streamsters" remix strips everything down to the greasy shudder of EBM and tops it off and plates it in undulating sheets of brushed stainless steel.

  • Unsound Ephemera Ben Frost Tim Hecker Kode9

    Sample Unsound's 'Ephemera' Installation Featuring Ben Frost, Tim Hecker, Kode9

    New Yorkers are accustomed to strange smells — including that mysterious wave of maple syrup that periodically wafts across the city — but that's nothing compared to what's in store this weekend at Unsound's Ephemera installation at Audio Visual Arts, where a cross-disciplinary team is exploring the synaesthetic link between sound, vision, and scent.Bringing the concept of Smell-O-Vision up to speed for the 21st Century, Ben Frost, Tim Hecker, and Steve Goodman (a.k.a. Hyperdub founder Kode9) created sounds and supplied concepts which master perfumer Geza Schoen, of the Escentric Molecules series, then translated into scents: Noise, Drone, and Bass.Now streaming (literally) as part of the exhibition, they will eventually be manufactured as fragrances, but there's not much chance of confusing them with Bieber's spritz of teen spirit.

  • Glasser Shape Remixes

    Dance Tracks of the Week: Glasser Soars on 'Shape Remixes' from Deetron, Hyetal, Visionist

    Glasser, Shape Remixes (True Panther) Funny the difference six months can make. Glasser's Interiors didn't really stick with me when it was released back in October of last year, but returning to it now, it makes more sense; the idiosyncratic electronic production, soaked in ECM-caliber atmosphere, is merely the foil for that voice. And that voice is also the glue that holds together the five divergent remixes to be released on April 8. It's a set that brings to mind Björk's remixes from the early '90s, which proposed a sort of three-way tug of war between singer, remixer, and the dominant club-music tropes of the day. Deetron's, unsurprisingly, is a big ol' cathedral of a tech-house anthem, epic as is his wont, that shatters Glasser's melody and pieces it together like a stained glass window.

  • Hy Brazil Vol. 4

    Discover the Future of Brazilian Electronic Music on 'Hy Brazil Vol. 4'

    Five hundred years ago, sailors spoke of a phantom island shrouded in mist called Hy Brasil. This mythical rock had nothing to do with South America; the name is believed to derive from an Irish clan name, and the island was thought to lie somewhere in the North Atlantic. The Hy Brazil compilation series, on the other hand, is an explicitly Brazilian proposition, one designed to showcase an emerging generation of electronic-music producers scattered across that vast and varied land.That the series' curator, Novas Frequências artistic director Chico Dub, should draw inspiration from the European sailors' tale seems fitting, because the object of Hy Brazil's search is equally elusive. Like its predecessors, Hy Brazil Vol. 4 asks a simple question: What is the sound of contemporary Brazilian electronic music?

  • Frankie Knuckles

    Celebrate Frankie Knuckles' Life with His Warehouse Top 50

    As news of Frankie Knuckles' death spreads, social media is abuzz with tributes to the Godfather of House. We've seen photographs of street signs on Chicago's Frankie Knuckles Way, a snapshot of Knuckles with President Obama, and an outpouring of encomia from far and wide, young and old — friends like David Morales, figurative grandchildren like Disclosure, and even hip-hop producer Just Blaze and jazz pianist Robert Glasper. It's a range that suggests how deeply Knuckles changed the shape of popular music. Questlove called him "the DJ that DJs aspired to be," which pretty much says it all.For those who want to immerse themselves in Knuckles' musical world, Red Bull Music Academy has helpfully put together a YouTube playlist featuring the "Warehouse Top 50," a list of 50 classic songs Knuckles spun at Chicago's Warehouse club.

  • Ultra Music Festival, security guard, critical condition

    Security Guard in Critical Condition After Gatecrashers Storm Ultra

    Gatecrashers massing outside Ultra Music Festival toppled a fence and trampled a private security guard late Friday, reports the Miami Herald. Police say that the 28-year-old guard suffered severe brain hemorrhaging and remains in "extremely critical" condition.The incident occurred near Southeast First Avenue and Biscayne Boulevard, at a point in the festival's perimeter where police requested additional fencing, two hours before Ultra began admitting ticketholders at 2 p.m.; no reinforcements were supplied.

  • Laurie Spiegel,

    Own an Authentic Piece of Space Music Without Leaving the Heliosphere

    Of all the records listed on Discogs, none is rarer than a first pressing of The Golden Record. To begin with, only two copies of it exist* — and, what's more, both of those are currently located roughly 15 and 19 billion kilometers away from Earth, and traveling fast. (And you thought paying shipping on Japanese imports was expensive.) Barring some unforeseen quirk in the multiverse, no human will ever lay his or her hands on the thing.

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