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  • Branko / Photo by Nian Canard

    Download a Free Track From Buraka Som Sistema's Branko and Roses Gabor

    Buraka Som Sistema's Enchufada label has been awfully generous lately. Their ongoing Upper Cuts series offers a new, exclusive giveaway every two weeks. Now label co-founder and Buraka member Branko (formerly known as J-Wow), who debuted his new alias with a free single on Mad Decent's Jeffree's imprint last year, steps up with a free download of one of the songs from his upcoming mixtape, Drums, Slums and Hums. "Waves" falls somewhere between deep house at its stonkingest and U.K. funky at its downiest, with sax-synth bass riffs moon-stomping their way through a haze of 808 toms and wood blocks.

  • Justin Timberlake / Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage

    Hear Four Tet Cut Justin Timberlake's 'Suit & Tie' to Ribbons

    Here's one you probably didn't see coming: A Four Tet remix of Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie." It's legit, too. Last week, when the remix leaked, Four Tet (Kieran Hebden) confirmed to SPIN that it was his work. "Yeah, it's an official remix commissioned by the label," he wrote in an e-mail, "and it just got approved, so I think it will be getting a proper release. It got leaked yesterday, which is how people suddenly know about it. The sound on the leak is distorted, too, which is making it even more annoying."Well, turn that frown upside down: Hebden has uploaded a new version of the remix to his own SoundCloud account. It's hard to imagine a better fusion of the two artists' strengths, either.

  • Stygian Stride / Photo by Ed Rosner

    Hear Stygian Stride's Rumbling Synth Opus 'Drift'

    As a member of Rhyton, Jimy SeiTang explores the space between improv, psychedelic rock, and Middle Eastern music. In his solo project Stygian Stride, however, he trades that molten energy — bubbling, glowing, all-consuming — for a different kind of elemental sound. His self-titled debut album, out next week on Thrill Jockey, moves with the slow, majestic pace of glaciers, as massive walls of layered synths are propelled by churning arpeggios; in "Hindsight," the faint sound of dripping water reaffirms the sense that you've been dropped smack in the middle of a snowy wilderness.German synthesizer wizards like Klaus Schulze and Edgar Froese are obvious antecedents, but there's a low-key, home-built sensibility to Stygian Stride's music that links it to the American noise underground.

  • Sonic Aesthetic

    Hear the Sonic Aesthetic's (Literally) Balearic Disco Via International Feel

    The term "Balearic" gets thrown around a lot these days, but in the case of Mark Barrott and his label International Feel, it's more appropriate than usual. For one thing, Barrott actually calls Ibiza home. Beyond that, few contemporary labels more faithfully channel the balmy psychedelia and breezy eclecticism of the White Isle in its bohemian heyday.Barrott has spent most of the past few years comfortably behind the scenes, letting artists like Gatto Fritto and DJ Harvey carry International Feel's freak flag. In fact, it would be hard to get much further from the limelight than Uruguay, where Barrott was based until his move to Ibiza last year.

  • Carmen Villain / Photo by Simon Skreddernes

    Hear Carmen Villain's Smoky 'Made a Shell'

    "I wanna see the starlight on the rails," sings Carmen Villain on "Made a Shell," one of the many highlights of her forthcoming debut album, Sleeper. (Of the album's 12 songs, about the only ones that don't feel like highlights, in fact, are the two minute-long interstitial tracks.) It's a beautiful image, joining heaven and earth in a single line of flight that runs all the way to the horizon.

  • Pocz & Pacheko

    Stream a Bone-Rattling Introduction to Venezuelan Changa Tuki by Pocz & Pacheko

    With all eyes on Venezuela following the death of Hugo Chavez, it seems only appropriate to turn our ears to changa tuki, a musical style born in Venezuela's slums."Changa" is a Venezuelan catch-all term for electronic music; "tuki" is a derogatory term for "ghetto." Together, they make for a raucous, relentless fusion of 140-BPM electro-house and loping, rippling regional rhythms — think "dirty Dutch" house with a heavy dose of dem bow.The music had its heyday in the mid 2000s, but internal feuding amongst the scene's pioneers and increasing polarization between affluent and underclass effectively killed it off. A handful of DJs and producers are fighting to keep the music alive, however. One of them is Pacheko (Francisco Mejia), a Venezuelan producer and party promoter who has been instrumental in extending changa tuki to an international audience.

  • Brazil's Tropkillaz (N.A.S.A.'s Zegon and Andre Laudz)

    Download a Free Compilation of New Brazilian Electronic Music, From Tecnobrega to Trap

    Globalization doesn't always suck. I met Chico Dub, the head of Rio de Janeiro's Novas Frecuências festival, at Krakow's Unsound festival last fall; we noshed on pierogi and talked about the tecnobrega scene — which translates as something like "cheesy techno" — around the Amazonian city of Belém. A few weeks ago, Dub emailed to ask if I'd be interested in hearing a new compilation he put together featuring young, mostly unsigned, Brazilian artists. The record blew me away.Too often, our view of Brazil gets framed by jetsetting tastemakers from abroad, but Hy Brazil Vol. 1: Fresh Electronic Music from Brazil is different.

  • Cam'ron / Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

    Cam'ron Gets Lovey-Dovey on Para One's 'Every Little Thing' Remix

    While everyone is (rightly, probably) stoked about Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers working together, theirs is hardly the only Paris/New York collaboration of note this week. The French electro producer Para One, of Parisian hip-hop trio TTC, has hooked up with Harlem's Cam'ron for a new remix of "Every Little Thing," off Para One's 2012 album Passion. The song is a springy, bleepy slice of nouveau G-funk, and it features Irfane and Teki Latex crooning in lovably nerdy Lothario mode; Cam makes the most of his 24 bars, tying up swagger, self-deprecation, Twitter and Instagram shout-outs, and a variety of dubious lovemaking metaphors ("I wanna get it cooking like a barbecue"; "Like my car, I'm starting you") into a tidy little valentine. Forget about #swag, we're talking #S.W.A.K.The full EP is out on Marble/Because Music on March 25, backed with remixes from Girl Unit and Canblaster.

  • Daft Punk: Clever marketers after all

    Loop Daft Punk's 15-Second 'SNL' Album Teaser for 10 Hours

    Rejoice, ye faithful worshippers of robots: The resurrection is almost upon us. Just a week after they confirmed signing to Columbia Records with an image posted to their website, Daft Punk teased fans with 15 seconds of new music during a television ad that aired during Saturday Night Live this weekend. Actually, make that eight seconds of new music — just four bars of elegantly restrained disco, looped once. (It's been reported that Daft Punk have been working with Nile Rodgers, and it certainly sounds like it from the snippet's flickering riffs.) Given the way the duo has been dropping Easter eggs across the pop-culture landscape, one wonders if the French electronic-music superstars are planning to pull a John Lennon and declare themselves bigger than Jesus by releasing the new LP unannounced on Easter Sunday.

  • Sinkane / Photo by Phil Di Fiore

    Hear Barker & Baumecker Take Sinkane's 'Warm Spell' to a Dark, Cold Place

    Sinkane's Ahmed Gallab knows a thing or two about distance. He was born in Sudan, is based in New York, and he's toured the world with Of Montreal, Yeasayer, and Caribou. He looked even farther afield with his 2012 album for DFA, Mars, blazing a trail from retro-tinged Afrobeat to outer-limits psyche, and leading it all off with the determined cry, "Gotta keep on runnin'."With his latest single for DFA, Sinkane touches down in Berlin en route to the red planet. Barker & Baumecker are a pair of producers and DJs linked to Berlin's iconic Berghain club; their 2012 album for Berghain's Ostgut Ton label, Transsektoral, made origami out of the time-space continuum, folding classic house and garage into futurist techno.

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