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  • Anno Stamm

    Hear a Chilling Techno Cut from Anno Stamm, a/k/a Anstam

    Usually, when dubstep tries to be scary, it errs on the side of cartoonish excess. Anstam, on the other hand, makes music that's all the more terrifying for what it keeps hidden. Between 2007 and 2009, the Berlin producer (aka Lars Stöwe) put out three cryptic 12-inches that were less Fright Night than Frankenstein, summoning a nameless dread with little more than shuddering kick drums and the buzz of shorted circuits. Now he applies his gothic sensibilities to techno with the debut EP under his new alias, Anno Stam. Not, like, Bauhaus gothic, but Edgar Allen Poe gothic.

  • Ultra Music Festival's main stage, a day before the collapse / Photo from UMF's Facebook

    Two People Critically Injured After Ultra Music Festival LED Screen Collapse

    Just 24 hours before Miami's Ultra Music Festival was scheduled to open, stage elements collapsed on site, seriously injuring two workers, reports CBS Miami. Miami Fire Department Lieutenant Ignatius Carroll was quoted as saying that the workers' injuries are "life threatening."Ultra Music Festival issued a statement that explained, "Today (Thursday, March 14) as preparations were being made for this weekend’s Ultra Music Festival, a section of an LED screen fell and injured two workers. Fire Rescue was on site so there was a rapid response.

  • Root for the Villain / Photo by Marie Kristiansen

    Carmen Villain, 'Sleeper' (Smalltown Supersound)

    A brisk wind's blowin' in from paradise, and it's got Norwegian singer/songwriter Carmen Villain caught by the wings. She's spun upside-down, turned inside out; she's calling through a kick drum, purring through the wreckage, all tangled up in delay. Braiding strands of '90s indie rock, rumbling post-punk, and ambient crackle and hum, Sleeper is a spellbinding portrait of metamorphosis. Its dreamlike lyrics — fragmentary, sometimes nonsensical, often unintelligible — are shot through with images of stasis and escape, broken animals and beat-up souls. It's dotted with crows, owls, and an "anguished lion," and crisscrossed by lines of flight: figures flying away, train tracks glinting in the moonlight.As much as it's rooted in the elements, her debut album is all tied up in the bondage of buying and selling.

  • 'The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations'

    Irdial Reissues 'The Conet Project,' a Rare Compilation of Cold War-Era Spy Transmissions

    In the annals of non-musical recordings — curiosities like Smithsonian Folkways' Sounds of North American Frogs and the clanging Cable Car Soundscapes — few albums have generated more passionate cult followings than The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations. Originally released in 1997, the four-disc set proffers 150 tracks' worth of bleeps, radiophonic warble, and, principally, recitations of numbers, in multiple languages. If it sounds like the most cryptic thing in the world, that's because it is: The collection represents a massive archive of Cold War-era spy transmissions, which were sent in code over open shortwave signals.Nearly five hours long, it's hardly the kind of thing you're likely to put in your CD changer and listen to all the way through, unless you're given to hosting some really strange dinner parties.

  • The cover of Shawn O'Sullivan's 'Security' EP

    Led Er Est's Shawn O'Sullivan Delivers State-of-the-Art Techno, Brooklyn Style

    The Corner, a fledgling electronic-music label from Brooklyn, keeps things simple. It doesn't do press releases. It doesn't do digital retail. It doesn't even do SoundCloud previews. (The fact that we've got something to listen to here is thanks entirely to Halcyon, the Brooklyn record store that distributes the Corner's releases.)All of that can sound precious, especially in the era of limited-edition, marbled-wax vanity projects, analog fetishism run rampant, and pseudonyms so shadowy they have their own anonymous pseudonyms. But the Corner, run by Anthony Parasole, who also has a hand in Levon Vincent's Deconstruct Music, is a testament to the positive connotations of the term "boutique label." Its record sleeves — just folded sheets of card stock, really — are as tactile as they are visual.

  • Branko / Photo by Nian Canard

    Download a Free Track From Buraka Som Sistema's Branko and Roses Gabor

    Buraka Som Sistema's Enchufada label has been awfully generous lately. Their ongoing Upper Cuts series offers a new, exclusive giveaway every two weeks. Now label co-founder and Buraka member Branko (formerly known as J-Wow), who debuted his new alias with a free single on Mad Decent's Jeffree's imprint last year, steps up with a free download of one of the songs from his upcoming mixtape, Drums, Slums and Hums. "Waves" falls somewhere between deep house at its stonkingest and U.K. funky at its downiest, with sax-synth bass riffs moon-stomping their way through a haze of 808 toms and wood blocks.

  • Justin Timberlake / Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage

    Hear Four Tet Cut Justin Timberlake's 'Suit & Tie' to Ribbons

    Here's one you probably didn't see coming: A Four Tet remix of Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie." It's legit, too. Last week, when the remix leaked, Four Tet (Kieran Hebden) confirmed to SPIN that it was his work. "Yeah, it's an official remix commissioned by the label," he wrote in an e-mail, "and it just got approved, so I think it will be getting a proper release. It got leaked yesterday, which is how people suddenly know about it. The sound on the leak is distorted, too, which is making it even more annoying."Well, turn that frown upside down: Hebden has uploaded a new version of the remix to his own SoundCloud account. It's hard to imagine a better fusion of the two artists' strengths, either.

  • Stygian Stride / Photo by Ed Rosner

    Hear Stygian Stride's Rumbling Synth Opus 'Drift'

    As a member of Rhyton, Jimy SeiTang explores the space between improv, psychedelic rock, and Middle Eastern music. In his solo project Stygian Stride, however, he trades that molten energy — bubbling, glowing, all-consuming — for a different kind of elemental sound. His self-titled debut album, out next week on Thrill Jockey, moves with the slow, majestic pace of glaciers, as massive walls of layered synths are propelled by churning arpeggios; in "Hindsight," the faint sound of dripping water reaffirms the sense that you've been dropped smack in the middle of a snowy wilderness.German synthesizer wizards like Klaus Schulze and Edgar Froese are obvious antecedents, but there's a low-key, home-built sensibility to Stygian Stride's music that links it to the American noise underground.

  • Sonic Aesthetic

    Hear the Sonic Aesthetic's (Literally) Balearic Disco Via International Feel

    The term "Balearic" gets thrown around a lot these days, but in the case of Mark Barrott and his label International Feel, it's more appropriate than usual. For one thing, Barrott actually calls Ibiza home. Beyond that, few contemporary labels more faithfully channel the balmy psychedelia and breezy eclecticism of the White Isle in its bohemian heyday.Barrott has spent most of the past few years comfortably behind the scenes, letting artists like Gatto Fritto and DJ Harvey carry International Feel's freak flag. In fact, it would be hard to get much further from the limelight than Uruguay, where Barrott was based until his move to Ibiza last year.

  • Carmen Villain / Photo by Simon Skreddernes

    Hear Carmen Villain's Smoky 'Made a Shell'

    "I wanna see the starlight on the rails," sings Carmen Villain on "Made a Shell," one of the many highlights of her forthcoming debut album, Sleeper. (Of the album's 12 songs, about the only ones that don't feel like highlights, in fact, are the two minute-long interstitial tracks.) It's a beautiful image, joining heaven and earth in a single line of flight that runs all the way to the horizon.

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