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  • Laurent Garnier

    Dance Tracks of the Week: French Techno Titan Laurent Garnier Bangs the Box, Chicago-Style

    EeOo, Workout EP (Unknown to the Unknown) Might be a good idea to keep some Dramamine handy for this gut-wrenchingly turbulent new EP from EeOo, one-half of the Irish techno duo Lakker. This being an UTTU joint, it figures that there would be chopped-up robo-Chipmunk vocals and apocalyptic Mentasm stabs involved, but EeOo takes the sickly off-kilter thing to queasy new heights. Gliding pitch is part of it: The portamento on "Workout" brings to mind Nick Rhodes wrestling with the joystick on "Save a Prayer" while wacked out of his mind on vodka and Quaaludes, and the erratically plunging rave stabs of "Calc" suggest a Belgian rave in a multi-car pileup. But it's a rhythmic thing, too. Recent developments in no-fi may be inuring us to beats that sound "wrong," but these bizarrely contorted grooves have an elasticity that manages to bend brains and hips alike in whole new ways.

  • A still from Benedikt Frey's 'Koyaanisqatsi Reinterpretation'

    This 'Koyaanisqatsi' Remix Will Scramble Your Brain

    Nerve-jangling "future shock" is rarely as gratifying a sensation as it is in the 1982 film Koyaanisqatsi. Titled after a Hopi word that translates as "life out of balance," the film sets slow-motion and time-lapse footage of nature and industry against a hypnotically minimalist soundtrack by Philip Glass; the result is something like a kind of psychedelic version of documentary filmmaking — eminently stoner friendly, too, were it not for the absolute bummer of a subtext.Thirty-two years later, Koyaanisqatsi looks all the more prescient; there's nothing like this bizarre winter's extreme weather to remind us that modern life is still perilously out of balance. So a new "reinterpretation" of the film by the German musician Benedikt Frey feels especially timely.

  • Electric Forest

    Electric Forest Festival in Jeopardy as Companies Battle for Control of Land

    As companies tussle over EDM marketshare, the rave acronym PLUR ("Peace, Love, Unity, Respect") may be taking on new meanings. Say, for instance, "Pre-emptive Litigation to Unseat Raves."The fate of Michigan's Electric Forest festival is in limbo as concert behemoth AEG Live goes to court in the attempt to fend off the deep-pocketed EDM upstart SFX, reports Michigan's White Lake Beacon. (The article is available only to subscribers or for a $1.50 single-issue purchase, but it has also been posted on Reddit in full.) SFX denies any predatory intentions.A court petition filed by AEG Live reveals a potential struggle to control the lease attached to Rothbury, Michigan's Double JJ Resort, the site of Electric Forest since 2011.

  • Black Asteroid's Bryan Black

    Black Asteroid's 'Grind' Video Reveals Rick Owens Design

    As menacing as Bryan Black's brand of techno may be, there's also something unmistakably luxe about the music he records as Black Asteroid. So it's fitting that goth-futurist designer Rick Owens' clothing is featured in director Matt Kliegman's new video for Black Asteroid's recent single "Grind," including a $60,000 fur coat from Owens' appropriately named Hun line. "He just told the New York store to let us have whatever we wanted for the video, like a loan," Black says by phone from a hotel in Berlin's Friedrichshain neighborhood — a vegan, "bio and earth-friendly" hotel, in fact. (Presumably, Black wasn't wearing any of Owens' leather pieces when he checked in.)Black's relationship with the designer began "by accident," he says. "I was just on YouTube and I found his shows, and it turned out that he's been using my music for a while. I didn't know that.

  • Screen grab from Porter Robinson's 'Worlds' announcement video

    Porter Robinson Announces Debut Album via Cryptic, 10-Hour YouTube Video

    Porter Robinson has spoken at length about wanting to do things differently with his debut album. In November, he told Billboard point blank that the record will not be "the next big EDM" album. He's certainly succeeded in shaking things up as far as his official album announcement goes. Just posted to YouTube this afternoon, it's a 10-hour video — yes, that's right, 10 hours, almost enough time to fly from New York to Los Angeles and back, if the winds were in your favor — and while we haven't watched the whole thing yet, a quick skim is enough to confirm that it has even less narrative than Pharrell's Oscar-tipped (well, to perform it there, anyway), 24-hour-long "Happy" video.Fewer characters, too.

  • Cousin Cockroach, 'This Ain't Tom N' Jerry' (Berceuse Heroique)

    Dance Tracks of the Week: El Guincho Joins John Talabot's Hivern Label as, 4&5 (Hivern Disc) From John Talabot's Hivern Disc label comes a new act named, making not trance but choppy, cut-and-paste house music out of scratchy recordings of African music laid over equally scratchy machine beats. The label is keeping mum as to the artist's identity, but plug into your browser, and you're directed to a 25-minute DJ mix from the Barcelona musician El Guincho that's in a very similar spirit; " 5" turns up about 15 minutes in, in fact, so that's that mystery solved. It makes sense; the material, a porous web of chants and kalimba and rolling drums, shares the psychedelic, fourth-world spirit of El Guincho's recordings, if not their supersaturated pop overtones.

  • Dead Heat

    Dead Heat, Formerly Esperanza, Coax Brooding Haze Out of 'Bosco'

    From Berlin's Life and Death label comes Dead Heat, an Italian trio formerly known as Esperanza. "Bosco," the group's debut single under the new alias, is a long way from their label's recent underground hit, "Requiem" by Ten Walls, too. Where the latter was made for open-air festivals, the slow-motion haze of "Bosco" is better suited to rainy Sunday mornings, complete with finger-picked guitar that rises like steam from a hot mug. (The beat still throbs like a Saturday night out, it's just slower and muddier.) As Dead Heat, the trio still have the same deeply emotive leanings they displayed on Esperanza's self-titled album for Gomma in 2011, but they've left Balearic disco and new wave behind, turning instead to Superpitcher and Leonard Cohen for inspiration.Dead Heat's "Bosco" / "The Dam" EP is out now, backed by remixes from the Field and Lucy. Listen to "Bosco" in full below.

  • Mr. Oizo

    Dance Tracks of the Week: Mr. Oizo Recruits Marilyn Manson to Mock Your Dance Moves

    Mr. Oizo feat. Marilyn Manson, "Solid" (Because Music) Critics haven't been exactly kind to Quentin Dupieux's 2013 film Wrong Cops, the follow-up to his 2010 feature debut, Rubber; the Austin Chronicle's Marc Savlov calls the absurdist comedy "just a torturous series of blackout sketches hung together with the filmsiest of threads." The same could probably be said about its soundtrack, which doubles as a sort of odds-and-sods collection of the French artist's work as Mr. Oizo, except in the album's case, its all-over-the-place qualities are part of its essential charm.

  • Elliott Smith

    Elliott Smith's EDM Tracks With Mike Doughty Tantalize and Frustrate in Equal Measure

    Elliott Smith wrote some of the most bittersweet music of the past 20 years, so perhaps it's only fitting that the revelation of three new songs featuring the late singer may turn out to be rather bittersweet news itself.As Pitchfork reported yesterday, Soul Coughing's Mike Doughty has uploaded three songs featuring Smith to the SoundCloud account of Doughty's solo project, UUL. They're unexpected, to say the least. "The Record" features Smith singing lyrics that would eventually evolve into "Bottle Up and Explode," from his 1998 album XO; Doughty says that "Burn (Aah Fuck)" would eventually turn into Smith's "Going Nowhere," included on the posthumous collection New Moon. But all resemblance to Smith's prior catalog ends there.All three songs are full of hammering house beats, laser bleats, unvarnished synthesizers, and choppy vocal edits.

  • sinjin hawke, thunderscan

    Sinjin Hawke and MikeQ's 'Thunderscan' Mines '90s Rave Graphics for Potent Futurism

    The dream of the '90s is alive in "ThunderScan," the latest video in Sinjin Hawke's Fractal Fantasy series. Framed by the strobe-lit ribcage of an eerily dehumanized architectural space, a throbbing blob of mercury pulsates like a rave flyer come to life. But if the visuals bring to mind the low-bitrate CGI of early '90s classics like this one, the music is anything but retro.

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