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    Judge Crushes Courtney Love's Attempt to Duck Libel Lawsuit

    Though she prevailed in her January "Twibel" case, Courtney Love wasn't so fortunate in a Los Angeles courtroom on Thursday. On February 20, Judge Michael L. Stern denied her anti-SLAPP motion to strike a libel lawsuit filed against her by fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir who, in 2011, settled a defamation lawsuit against Love dating back to 2009 to the tune of $430 000. Love was not present in the courtroom for the latest decision.In 2013, Simorangkir filed suit against Love over remarks the latter made on a May episode of The Howard Stern Show. She'd accused Simorangkir of stealing from her and said the theft was captured on camera. Love also suggested Simorangkir had been involved in prostitution.

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    Courtney Love Found Not Liable in Landmark Twitter Defamation Case

    Courtney Love was found not liable of defaming her former lawyer, Rhonda Holmes, on Friday (January 24). Though the jury wasn't expected to deliver a verdict until next week, they opted to skip their afternoon break today and took only a few hours to come to a decision. Many press outlets left as the court day dwindled. The decision was read past the normal closing time of 4:30 p.m., partly because the defendant had stepped out as well.Ultimately Judge Michael Johnson decided that law trumps Love, and called for the decision with or without her presence. She was not there when the judgement came down, although the reporters had returned. The verdict is the culmination of a landmark "Twibel" lawsuit about Twitter and defamation.

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    Courtney Love Cries Again in Court When Discussing Frances Bean

    LOS ANGELES — As she did last week, Courtney Love cried in court this afternoon when speaking about her relationship with daughter Frances Bean.Asked what if felt like in 2008 to have attorney Rhonda Holmes say that Love's fraud case against people managing her late husband Kurt Cobain's estate had merit —a subject that made the singer weep in court yesterday — her voice became louder as she cried.“I wasn't wearing a tin-foil hat anymore," she sobbed, presumably referring to a common caricature of paranoid schizophrenics. "Mostly I could go into my daughter's room and she could talk about boys again and have me back as a mother.

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    Courtney Love Sobs About Kurt Cobain's Mistreated Legacy in Court

    LOS ANGELES — Courtney Love covered her face with her hands, audibly gasped, and began to sob today in court, as she listened to a defense witness talk about how her late husband Kurt Cobain's legacy had been mistreated. It was the fourth day of full testimony in a defamation lawsuit against Love, filed by her former lawyer, Rhonda Holmes, after the rock star alleged in a 2010 Tweet that the San Diego attorney had been "bought off." The man whose words had made Courtney Michelle cry was Canadian businessman Phillip Gross, who talked about a lawsuit he’d initiated against one of Cobain’s former guitar techs—someone who’d allegedly claimed that he’d had possession of the world's largest collection of Kurt Cobain's guitars.

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    Emails in Courtney Love Defamation Trial Show Friendship Between Singer and Attorney Suing Her

    LOS ANGELES — On the third day of Courtney Love Cobain's defamation trial, attorney Rhonda J. Holmes, who filed the lawsuit, took the stand for the entire day and underwent the longest questioning of the four witnesses who have testified thus far. Holmes was at the center of an allegedly defamatory Tweet by Love claiming the attorney – whom the singer had retained Holmes to pursue a fraud case against the executors of her late husband Kurt Cobain’s estate -- had been "bought off." As to Holmes' feelings about Love, she told the court, "I admired her very much. I thought she had accomplished a lot in terms of her acting career.

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    Courtney Love Cries About Frances Bean on the Witness Stand

    LOS ANGELES — Here are a few things we learned from Thursday’s installment of the landmark social-media defamation trial against Courtney Love Cobain. One, the mere mention of Frances Bean’s name still makes her mother cry. Two, the rock doyenne is the sort of person who will entrust her personal affairs to strangers she’s only met online. Three, Love has also allegedly asked one such stranger to commit illegal acts on her behalf."I was asked to hire a hacker,” testified Love’s former assistant, Jessica Labrie, who met her boss online. “I was asked to falsify legal documents, use legal letterhead and send out letters pretending to be a lawyer."It was the second full day of testimony in the defamation case against Love, a suit filed after the singer tweeted an accusation that her former attorney, Rhonda J.

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    Courtney Love's Defamation Trial Defense: Tweet Was Meant to Be Private

    "I'm not a forensic analyst, although by now I could be," said Courtney Love Cobain while seated on the witness stand for the first day of her defamation trial in Los Angeles today.Love, the first witness to be called in the trial, was being questioned by attorney Barry Langberg, counsel for the singer's former lawyer, Rhonda Holmes. Holmes sued Love in May 2011 over a tweet from the account @CourtneyLoveUK: "@noozjunkie I was fucking devastated when Rhonda J Holmes Esq of san diego was bought off @fairnewsspears perhaps you can get a quote."At the time, Love had retained Holmes and her San Diego firm, Gordon & Holmes, to pursue a fraud case against the executors of her late husband Kurt Cobain’s estate.In its suit, Gordon & Holmes claims that Love defamed it online after it stipulated that the singer "remain clean and sober" while it represented her case.

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