• Spotify Map App Spotlights 'Music of the World'

    Spotify Map App Spotlights 'Music of the World'

    Have you ever wondered what the pop charts of Papua New Guinea look like? Or a list of Latvia's local listens? Well, now Spotify users can use an interactive third-party map to navigate the "Music of the World," a curated collection of representative sounds from all over, with data sourced directly from Google. This new plug-in from X5 Music Group allows you to navigate through 220 countries, territories, and regions for playlists and albums hand-picked by an in-house expert at X5.

  • Stream Kimbra 'Miracle' the Golden Echo

    Witness Kimbra's Strange, Disco-Kissed 'Miracle' of a Track

    Kimbra is aiming to be much more than — wait for it — somebody that you used to know. The Grammy-winning pop weirdo has shared another taste from her upcoming album, The Golden Echo, due out August 19 on Warner Bros. Heard below, "Miracle" nods to the lighthearted sound of the disco days of yore, but is driven by a flawlessly fluctuating (possibly Thundercat-divined) bass-line.

  • The Nostalgia Machine music year best favorite videos

    The Nostalgia Machine Transports You to Your Favorite Musical Year

    At last, someone has invented a time machine without the use of a hot tub or a DeLorean.This one is — surprise! — a website that immediately takes you back to the musical hits of your heyday: introducing The Nostalgia Machine. Spend a little time with the 1995-you who couldn't conceive of a day when "Kiss From a Rose" wouldn't be on repeat. Or fondly return to that one Nickelback track that earwormed you in 2002, or call on 1970, crossing a bridge over troubled waters to return to a time when Simon and Garfunkel charted.  The only instructions? "For optimum nostalgia pick a childhood year." Click "Hit Me!" and the Machine pulls music videos from the Billboard year-end Hot 100 for the era chosen.

  • Slash Stars And Plays Himself In Potential 'Breaking Bad' Sequel

    Kickstarter's 'Breaking Bad' Sequel Stars Slash as Walter White Nemesis

    What if we told you there was a Kickstarter in motion to fund a sequel to Breaking Bad — picking up precisely where the finale stopped — staring Val Kilmer and Slash as the comedic U.S. Marshal geniuses searching for Walter White? The project is called Anastasia, and Van Nuys resident Lawrence Shepard, the mastermind behind this resurrection, spoke with Vice about where he's coming from. Either Shepard really found himself while reading The Secret, or this is his way of coping with the fugue state-inducing experience of running out of Breaking Bad to watch. Either way, this is very very real to him, as he tells Vice Slash will "definitley" be in the pilot and Val Kilmer will work for any old paycheck: "From what people tell me about Val Kilmer, you don’t have to pay him a million dollars.

  • Kanye West young rapping video teenager

    Here's Teenage Kanye West Rapping About Alanis Morissette

    Remember when Kanye was a kid from Chicago and not the human-selfie? Well, there's video evidence of such a time, specifically of Ye dropping a verse at the 1996 opening of the Fat Beats record shop on 6th Avenue, a home for the underground rap scene of the time. DJ Eclipse, the former general manager of the New York store (which closed in 2010), reached out to Complex to share the unearthed footage and his memories of the time:It was also the beginnings of our independent movement which had recently started bubbling about a year before... Now we had a lot of the usual suspects in the place that day such as ILL BILL, Arsonists, Lord Finesse, Adagio, Breeze Brewin, A.L. Skills, Percee P, J-Live, Mr. Live, Chino XL, Al Tariq, Black Attack, Xzibit, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Rawcotiks, Ak Skills, Rob Swift, Roc Raida, DJ Spinna and many, many more.

  • R.I.P. Punk Etsy Starter Kit

    Posers Rejoice as 'Punk Starter Kit' Hits Etsy

    "Did you recently see some punks at the mall, thought they looked sick and want to join the freak show? Well now you can with the kit that has everything you need." These are actual words selling something on Etsy: the Punk Starter Kit from HeineBorel of Boston, which wrongly purports to offer — for just $85.00 — protection from "other punks ...

  • Video Watch

    Watch Grumpy Cat's Music Video, 'Cat Summer'

    The most famous faces of feline Internet celebrity star in the "Cat Summer" music video above. (All but our music-loving friend Lil Bub.) Grumpy Cat, Nala Cat, and Hamilton the Hipster Cat, plus Oskar the Blind Cat and his housemate Klaus, are the unusual model/actors booked for this clip set at a sizzling summer BBQ and shared by Rolling Stone, who had had Grumpy star in their own mean-mugging vine.These Kardashians of kittydom take no prisoners at the soirée. The song takes their point of view over an indie-pop ditty that wouldn't sound entirely out of place as a Tegan and Sara B-side: "Well too bad if we are in the way / It's a cat summer!

  • Eddie Vedder Responds to Anti-War Controversey

    Eddie Vedder on Anti-Israel Controversy: 'I'm Still Anti-War'

    Eddie Vedder has addressed the swell of controversy surrounding his on-stage anti-war rant via a statement on Pear Jam's website dubbed "Imagine That — I'm Still Anti-War." Yes, the title is a John Lennon reference — fitting since the F-bomb flinging happened in London — but it sets a sarcastic tone for his retort: "I'd rather be naïve, heartfelt and hopeful than resigned to say nothing for fear of misinterpretation and retribution."Vedder's damage control does seem more heartfelt than headstrong, considering he never actually takes on the accusations aligning his words with an "anti-Israel diatribe," instead shrugging off the specifics motivating his "need to reach out": "With about a dozen assorted ongoing conflicts in the news everyday, and with the stories becoming more horrific, the level of sadness becomes unbearable." Awarded the forum

  • Great Pagans Gazelle Twin So Pure

    Great Pagans' Shimmery Sadness Will Soothe Your Soul

    Great Pagans took their name from "a well-thumbed copy" of Dante's Inferno so it makes good sense that they walk the sonic line between melancholy and contentment. The Brighton band formed in 2012 around the songwriting of frontman Alex Painter, co-founder of the Anti-Ghost Moon Ray label and collective alongside noisenik Gazelle Twin (her "Belly of the Beast" landed on SPIN's Best Songs of 2014, So Far). Heard on "So Pure" below, Painter's floating vocals cast a yearning spell over a wistful haze of cathartic noise. It's a refreshing mix no doubt colored by Great Pagans' penchant for recording in unusual spaces, including churches and cluttered basements on either side of the Atlantic. There's a bit of Bowie in the mix, and also a touch of the sort of florid eroticism explored by the likes of Wild Beasts.

  • Drake Pays $100,000 Rapping 4Tay

    Drake Settles $100,000 Beef Over 'Who Do You Love?'

    Consummate entertainer and ESPYs host Drake has reportedly coughed up $100,000 in retribution to Bay Area MC Rappin' 4-Tay, TMZ reports. The money changes hands as a result of Drizzy's feature on the single YG "Who Do You Love?" that preceded the SPIN Essential album, My Krazy Life. The more recent rap verse clearly leans on Tay's rhymes on his 1994 hit "Playaz Club," borrowing both wording and a general structure. While the San Francisco-born rapper never actually filed suit against Drake, he tells TMZ he's content to dissolve the beef in light of those six figures.Listen to the songs below and catch Aubrey Graham 9 p.m. EST on ESPN. Meanwhile, we can only assume this recent Instagram from 4-Tay was meant for his benefactor:

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