• a sunny day in glasgow, ice choir

    Ice Choir Clears Up A Sunny Day in Glasgow for 'Bye Bye Big Ocean' Remix

    A Sunny Day in Glasgow's Sea When Absent is their most reined-in album yet — an impressive feat considering it was written largely over email by six people who kept living their disparate lives in various time zones. For a band as unbound as ASDIG, a "clarified" sound means slightly more discernible vocals and a faint sense of logic running through the shoegaze clamor.On the No Death EP, a five-song bonus release accompanying ASDIG's new album, Ice Choir (a.k.a. Kurt Feldman, ex-drummer of the Pains of Being Pure at Heart) remixes opening track "Bye Bye Big Ocean (The End)." The original cut blasts off with amorphous guitar noise and then drops off of a cliff into a pretty falsetto-harmony sequence, skipping between moods as it pleases. Feldman's reworking pulls a single thread out of the ASDIG plasma and gives it a crisp, retro-synth gloss.

  • cold beat, hannah lew, over me

    Cold Beat Dodges the Ghosts of San Francisco, Dives Into Surf-Kissed Post-Punk

    In the middle of bemoaning the current state of San Francisco, Hannah Lew cuts herself off: "Something that inspires me about the Futurist movement is that they were sort of against nostalgia and all about moving forward." In order to stave off depression, Lew has to force herself not to think about the lost Bay of her past; the city where she grew up and cofounded the beloved post-punk trio Grass Widow isn't hospitable anymore in the Valleywag era. Most of her friends have moved away, her art scene is disappearing, and she's worried about getting evicted. "I really try not to pay attention to the ghosts that I find myself interacting with as I walk around SF."Lew's isolation and despair with her city are the fuel for her current project, Cold Beat.

  • truthers, most ghouls agree

    Hear Truthers Revive '50s Pop on Ominous Single 'Most Ghouls Agree'

    Brandishing a name that nods not to 9/11 or Benghazi but, rather, to their love for The X-Files, Truthers is a Brooklyn four-piece that plays hazy, carefully imbalanced pop anchored by standout hooks. Oscar Guinn (vocals/guitar) met Gryphon Graham (guitar/vocals, and former keyboardist/vocalist for DIIV) while both were crashing at the Market Hotel, a now-defunct band incubator in Bushwick, and their sessions quickly birthed a group that now also features Olivia Hu (bass/vocals) and Erin Hoagg (drums/vocals)."Most Ghouls Agree," the second track from Truthers' upcoming, debut 7" single, is a '50s-pop revival tune haunted by the band's macabre vibe.

  • boytoy, shallow town

    Watch BOYTOY's Grotesque 'Shallow Town' Video

    When Saara Untracht-Oakner moved from Boston to New York to start a band with her friend and fellow guitarist Glenn Van Dyke, she was disenchanted by the superficial aesthetics of a Brooklyn summer. That mindset yielded "Shallow Town" — a quick pop-punk ballad off of BOYTOY's recently released, self-titled EP — and its new music video. The just-unveiled clip distills the band's '90s aura, starting with a harmless, Empire Records-esque shot of drummer Matthew Gregory picking up BOYTOY on vinyl. Things then get weird in a hurry.Dolled up in gnarly sores and a unibrow, Van Dyke snatches the record from Gregory in an alley and ducks into a bar. That's where Untracht-Oakner, decked out in even grosser makeup and a crown of flowers, menacingly blows lines of cocaine before stealing the vinyl from Van Dyke.

  • unicycle loves you, the dead age

    Stream Unicycle Loves You's Gritty Noise-Pop LP 'The Dead Age'

    Singer-guitarist Jim Carroll formed Unicycle Loves You as a solo project six years ago in Chicago; he returned to Brooklyn in 2012 with two more band members, three records under his belt, and a refined hatred of artifice. For their fourth album, The Dead Age (out today on Highweel Records/Mecca Lecca), ULY offer a deep-dive into noisiness, burying Carroll's seductive pop hooks below several layers of distortion. The sound has come a long way from the clean cuts and pleasant riffs of the trio's self-titled debut, and it seems like the way was littered with rusty nails.To make The Dead Age, Carroll recorded rough demos of himself playing each instrument so that the other band members could know where to begin. The finished parts then got recorded over the demo, pushing the vocals down into the dirt.

  • kye kye, scared or selfish

    Watch Kye Kye's Shocking 'Scared or Selfish' Video

    At first glance, Kye Kye may seem like an exercise in novelties: they're an Estonian quartet that's settled in Portland; their lineup features three siblings and one in-law; and their second album was funded by a $40,000 Kickstarter campaign. But their music has drawn repeated comparisons to Sigur Rós and M83, demanding a closer look while also proving that Estonians can sing in unaccented English just as well as Scandinavians.In the new video for "Scared or Selfish," a single from this past January's Fantasize, frontwoman Olga Yagolnikov (whose husband and two brothers round out the roster) takes center stage. A relatively stripped-down piano-and-synth production for the electro-ethereal outfit, the track gets a pensive visual treatment, replete with interspersed bits of home videos, dark tracking shots, and a heavy second-act twist. Watch it all above.

  • got a girl, dan the automator, mary elizabeth winstead

    Hear Dan the Automator and Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Cinematic 'Did We Live Too Fast'

    Dan the Automator is a man of worldly tastes when it comes to the art of the collaboration. While mostly known for his hip hop production with Gorillaz and Deltron 3030, the dude has previously joined forces, in one form or another, with Zack de la Rocha, At the Drive-In's Cedric Bixler-Zavala, and Glassjaw's Daryl Palumbo — and that's only taking into account late-'90s post-hardcore heroes.With his newest collaboration, Dan takes a decidedly cinematic turn. Having hit it off with Mary Elizabeth Winstead on the set of the 2010 film Scott Pilgrim vs.

  • hercules and love affair, i try to talk to you

    Hear Morgan Geist's Synth-Soaked Remix of Hercules and Love Affair's 'I Try to Talk to You'

    Last week, Hercules and Love Affair released their third album, The Feast of the Broken Heart, making good on their promise of an aggressive, emotionally dense record. As Barry Walters notes in his review for SPIN, DJ Andy Butler's shape-shifting crew hits hardest with "I Try to Talk to You," a piano-laden track anchored by guest vocalist John Grant's devastating regrets in light of an HIV diagnosis. For the remix, Butler tells SPIN that he wanted someone who "could confidently handle both the gravity of the song [and] a big vocal, and still bring the boogie."Metro Area's Morgan Geist, a producer who shares Butler's allegiances to past decades of house music, filters the powerful song through his industrial sensibilities and comes up with a contemplative, synthed-out remix.

  • bahamas, afie Jurvanen

    Hear Bahamas Rip Soulful Harmonies on Falsetto-Filled 'All the Time'

    The running thread in the musicianship of Afie Jurvanen, a.k.a. Bahamas, has been effortlessness. Raised in Ontario, he's self-taught on guitar, dismissive of calculated production, and describes his much-adored 2009 debut album as the near-accidental result of a cabin hang with friends.On "All the Time," a song from his forthcoming, self-produced third album, Bahamas distills his brand of breezy soul. He hard-sells the virtue of an underproduced life, crooning that he has "All the time in the world / Don't you want some of that?

  • sondre lerche, please, bad law

    Hear Sondre Lerche's Dancey, Divorce-Fueled 'Bad Law'

    Sondre Lerche spent a bulk of 2013 creating the mostly-instrumental soundtrack for The Sleepwalker, the well-received directorial debut by his then-wife, Mona Fastvold; on the heels of their divorce, Lerche promises a raw, primal seventh album — a painful turn in a career full of lush pop experimentation. His talent for complex melodies and his laidback Norwegian charm will take a backseat to his need for catharsis, giving space for more noise and darker themes on his forthcoming LP, Please.With "Bad Law," the 10-track effort's opening song, Lerche gives us a bouncy reverie on broken love which, in his trademark style, occasionally combusts into neat stretches of total disarray. He seeks a physicality in this contrast, riding on the pain of divorce to produce an aggressively simple track that abstains from the pop-craft flourishes of his past.

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