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  • flaming lips freak night concert stream

    Watch the Flaming Lips' 'Freak Night' Concert Movie While the World Ends

    The Flaming Lips concert movie that promises "Party! Death! Love!" in its five-minute NSFW trailer will make its world debut tonight at midnight, as long as there's a world left to watch it."We are expecting that the world is not going to end in a fiery, volcanic, apocalyptic demise," Lips frontman Wayne Coyne predicts in a reliably freaky-deeky video posted to the band's Ustream page.

  • frank ocean django unchained

    Why Frank Ocean Isn't on the 'Django Unchained' Soundtrack

    No amount of wishful thinking can put Frank Ocean on the Django Unchained soundtrack — Quentin Tarantino has made damn sure of that. Last week, SPIN reported the official Django Unchained track listing to the upcoming antebellum opus and noted the conspicuous absence of 2012's Best Album artist, despite a recent GQ profile that revealed the channel ORANGE singer had composed for the film. Trying to keep the dream alive, we pored over soundtracks of movies past in search of an example of a song that premiered on the big screen despite being left off the OST. And we found one in Radiohead's "Exit Music (for a Film)," which played over the end credits of Baz Luhrmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet, but wasn't included on either of two musical releases. Hope!

  • kanye west tnght big sean

    Kanye West Had a Busier Weekend Than You

    When you have, at the very least, a baby mama jet at your disposal, it ain't a thing to spend a weekend stage-hopping. Such is the life of Kanye West, who began his Friday night in Brooklyn at a TNGHT show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. As Nah Right points out, when the trap-rave beatmakers cued up Cruel Summer single "Cold," the G.O.O.D. godhead appeared genie-like from offstage and (presumably) did a verse, even though he didn't have a mike or anything. Then just as fast as he'd appeared, he vanished into the darkness only to re-emerge the next night during the encore of Big Sean's show in Detroit.

  • skrillex quest video game

    Skrillex Spawns 'Zelda'-Based Video Game 'Skrillex Quest'

    Remember that time Skrillex cameoed as a cartoon DJ in Disney's animated movie Wreck-It Ralph, that sort of Toy Story-meets-Tron tale of redemption set in the world of video games? (You should, it's still in theaters.) Well, now in a bid of life imitating art, the EDM wunderkind has a video game to call his own based on the same early 8-bit RPGs referenced in the film.The thing's called Skrillex Quest, and it's a browser-based game modeled after Nintendo's 1986 dungeon raider The Legend of Zelda. A golden original NES-style cartridge appears on the official site, and the gameplay itself is built around that very object.In a Facebook post on Wednesday (November 28), creator Jason Oda explained the concept: "Remember blowing the dust out of your NES cartridges when they glitched?

  • James Franco R.E.M. That Someone Is You video cat grease

    Watch James Franco's Catty 'Grease' Remake for R.E.M.'s 'That Someone Is You'

    And now for a James Franco whatthefuckery news update: The sometimes actor has cast himself as Danny Zuko in fake behind-the-scenes footage from Grease, and has put it out there, on the Internet, as a video for R.E.M's Collapse Into Now cut "That Someone Is You." Shot through the kind of grainy, piss-hued filter kids use to make iPhone pictures look old on Instagram, the Franco-directed look turns the camera on the choreography rehearsals for the 1978 film's "You're the One That I Want" scene. But what began a straightforward conceit gets twisted to surreality with a press of Control-P in post. Yes, finally, to the batshit inanity that makes this one a James Franco joint: Sandy has a cat head.

  • Cee Lo Green and The Muppets

    Let Cee Lo Green's Muppets Christmas Video Thaw Your Cold, Cold Heart

    Because nothing is farther from the grim reality of sexual assault allegations than the family-friendly values of the Muppets, Cee Lo Green dives headlong into the world of puppet-centric fun for his latest video off Christmas album Cee Lo's Magic Moment. "All I Need Is Love" builds a rollicking holiday pop anthem off a sample of old Sesame Street favorite "Mah Na Mah Na" and features guest vocals by the characters themselves (however wrong-sounding they may be these days), so it's only fitting that Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Sam Eagle, Animal, Statler and Waldorf, etc. get to cameo in the clip.The plot unfolds like so: The Voice judge, and man who occassionally dresses as a Muppet, lands on Kermit the Frog's doorstep after getting lost on his way to a holiday party in Atlanta.

  • no doubt looking hot lyric video

    Pictures of You: No Doubt Issue Uncontroversial 'Looking Hot' Lyric Video

    After coming under fire for approprating Native American traditions in the Wild West-themed video for their single "Looking Hot," No Doubt have backpedaled down a safe new promotional route for the latest Push and Shove single. Posted to the band's website, appropriately, on Thanksgiving (November 22), the new visual is an uncontroversial photo college of fans' self-portraits that were tweeted with hashtag #NDlookinghot and scrapbooked together with the song's lyrics.The original video — directed by Melina Matsoukas, who also courted controversy over her parent-maddening, Dave LaChapelle-plagiarizing clip for Rihanna's "S&M" — featured lead singer Gwen Stefani dressed sexily in stereotypical Native American tribal attire, including a feathered headdress. At one point, Gwen is bound at the wrists and held at gunpoint by a shirtless Zorro-like cowboy.

  • the national matt berninger boardwalk empire

    Hear the National Cover 1920s Standard 'I'll See You in My Dreams' for 'Boardwalk Empire'

    HBO series Boardwalk Empire's third season will come to a close in two weeks, and last night the National's Matt Berninger helped put episode 10 to bed with an end-credits cover of Prohibition-era standard "I'll See You in My Dreams." The song was originally recorded in 1925 by Isham Jones and the Ray Miller Orchestra, and the update, featuring accompaniment by Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks, stays faithful to its original old-timey charm.

  • Till Dawn Here Comes The Sun song

    The Weeknd Gets Used 'Till Dawn' on Final 'Trilogy' Newbie

    The Weeknd's major label debut — a repackaging of his three mixtapes from 2011 — is there, just beyond the horizon, and Abel Tesfaye has debuted the last of the new songs that are tacked onto that release for added value. It's called "Till Dawn (Here Comes the Sun)," but it's far from the hope-filled sun salutation George Harrison had in mind. It's exactly the opposite, the dawn marking the coda to a night of tortured sheet-messing between our hero and a woman that has somewhere else she's supposed to be. Sound familiar? The brooder fits right in with the two sad sex jams before it ("Twenty Eight" and "Valerie"), though this time the PBR&B moves with a staccato twitch. For a man getting so much tail, you'd think Tesfaye would finally lean back and enjoy the ride.Trilogy drops November 13 on Republic.

  • lana del rey bel air video smoke clouds

    Lana Del Rey Shrouds 'Bel Air' in Smoke

    Lana Del Rey is always spinning — from her meme-making Saturday Night Live onstage pivot, to the romanticized yarns about her bohemian origin story, and now in the tinkling lullabye waltz "Bel Air."We first brought a snippet to your attention via an album sampler for the Paradise Edition re-release of Born to Die, and noted then that the track's "jewelry box ballerina" fragility calls to mind Elliott Smith's dreamy piano vignette "Bye." Co-written by Dan Heath, who worked on the luxuriously dour "Blue Jeans," the song can be heard in full in a smoke-filled video posted to YouTube last night. The looping footage of Del Rey bathed in billowing, white clouds is repurposed from the video for "Summertime Sadness," her same-sex retelling of Romeo and Juliet.The clip popped up with the message, "i lost my reputation, i forgot my truth. But i have my beauty and i have my youth.

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