• Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Defy Time, Drop Introspective Charmer 'Only Run'

    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Defy Time, Drop Introspective Charmer 'Only Run'

    Its been nearly 10 years since Clap Your Hands Say Yeah lit the budding "blogosphere" on fire with their self-titled debut, becoming an overnight lightning rod for the current state of how music is made, distributed, and consumed. They were the original Lana Del Rey: Whether you loved them or hated them, everybody had an opinion on the little five-piece from Brooklyn. Strip all that away and you're still left with a band that made a fantastic debut album. But unlike other acts that were starting to ride the digital buzz wave—Arcade Fire, the National, Arctic Monkeys to name a few—their popularity tapered off over the years. Maybe it was 2007's Some Loud Thunder, a lackluster follow-up that was probably doomed by expectations from the get go.

  • Wye Oak Swap Guitars for Synths on Soaring 'Shriek'

    Wye Oak Swap Guitars for Synths on Soaring 'Shriek'

    On Wye Oak's first three albums, the indie rock duo excelled at writing catchy guitar numbers that showcased its fondness for distortion and soaring vocals, compliments of lead singer Jenn Wasner. On 2011's breakout Civilian, the combination earned them heaps of critical praise, national TV spots, and landed them on tours with acts like the Decemberists and Dirty Projectors. But they've done a risky thing on Shriek: The guitars are gone, and in their place is a synth-pop sound that echoes great '80s pop. A lot of bands try this, but often complicate things by either over-producing or trying to stuff too much sound in. Wye Oak pull it off.Shriek sounds like the work of a reinvigorated band, right from the album's sweeping opener, "Before," which establishes that Wye Oak want to be something more than just another rock band competing with rock guitars.

  • Jay Z and Beyonce are profiled

    Jay Z's Watch Is Worth Half a Million

    It may come to no surprise to you, but Jay Z and Beyoncé are rich. Really, really rich. VH1's The Fabulous Life Of profiled the power couple last night, where we learned about Bey's million-dollar Mercedes van (complete with its own bathroom), Blue Ivy's mini Ferrari, and Hova's $500,000 watch. Yes, a half a million for a timepiece. As the show states, "Jay's got 99 problems ... but time ain't one." True. So true.Of course, this is a guy who created a $58,000 jacket for Barneys (which raised $1 million for charity). A guy who sold a million copies of Magna Carta Holy Grail via Samsung. A guy whose record covers are essentially gold. Still, it's worth watching to live vicariously for a moment. Plus, he hasn't forgotten about the little people — he recently found the time to play SXSW with Kanye West. Now if only he could turn some of that cash into another Black Album.  

  • Billy Corgan and AMC developing wrestling show

    Billy Corgan's Wrestling Career May Become a Reality Show

    Billy Corgan is a busy dude these days. Like, really busy. He recently performed an eight-hour synth-jam and just announced that he's working on not one, but two Smashing Pumpkins records for next year. And there's also his wrestling league, Resistance Pro. Variety reports that AMC, home to such classic programming as Mad Men and Breaking Bad, is developing an unscripted reality show about Corgan's league.At the risk of stating the very obvious: this will be awesome (and much better than developing a show about his tea shop).

  • Twitter and Billboard Team for Real-Time Social Chart

    Billboard Launches Twitter Music Chart

    Twitter recently shuttered its confusing and underused #music initiative, but the company hasn't given up on our world just yet. They're now teaming with Billboard to track real-time social trends about songs and music conversations. The new co-branded charts are expected to launch in the next several weeks and will reflect two primary sets of discussion: what's driving chatter at the moment and what, over time, has been discussed the most. "Twitter is where the music of the moment is discovered and discussed — every day, new songs and new artists are breaking on the platform," said Bob Moczydlowsky, Twitter's head of music. "We're partnering with Billboard to create a ground-breaking chart to track the conversation around music as it happens.

  • EMA releases new song '3Jane'

    EMA's '3Jane' Is a Delicate Ballad About the Internet

    EMA's second album, The Future's Void, is right around the corner and the San Francisco singer/shredder shares a third track today, the delicate ballad "3Jane." The tune finds her lamenting the downside of living in the digital era — blowing one's soul out across the "interweb" and suchlike. Earlier this year, Erika M. Anderson relased videos for "So Blonde" and "Satellites," painting a broader picture of her often harrowing sound. The Future's Void arrives April 8 on Matador, and she'll kick off a two-and-a-half month tour starting April 24 at Washington D.C.'s Rock & Roll Hotel. Stream "3Jane" below:

  • Cloud Nothings and Wavves Record Album Together

    That Cloud Nothings, Wavves Album Is Almost Done

    The long-whispered about Cloud Nothings and Wavves album is almost done. In a new interview with Exclaim, Cloud Nothings frontman Dylan Baldi said he's been in Los Angeles working with Nathan Williams for the past 10 days, that the sessions have been "super easy," and they've banked "eight good ones" so far. He also said the new stuff doesn't sound like either band: "It's between, and [there's] another element that wasn't present in either of our music before."He didn't elaborate further on that cryptic detail, but did explain the project's origins: "I woke up one morning hungover in Paris, which is where I usually live, and I just had a text on my phone [from Wavves' Williams] that was like, 'Yo, wanna make a record together?'" Baldi recalled. "It sounded fun. The whole time I've been here we've been recording, all day, every day. We're almost done.

  • Teens React to Nirvana

    This Video Proves Teens Totally Know Who Nirvana Is

    It's a rather easy joke to take something old, put it in front of a bunch of youngins, and capture their reactions on camera. What's amazing about the Fine Bros' viral clip "Teens React to Nirvana" is that there is no joke — everyone knows who Nirvana is (duh) and everyone respects the legacy. Seen above, participants are asked for comment on "Smells Like Teen Spirit, "Heart-Shaped Box," and the band's legendary MTV Unplugged performance.

  • Butthole Surfers Gibby Haynes Was on The Daily Show

    Watch Jon Stewart Talk Punk With Butthole Surfers' Gibby Haynes

    Back in the day, Daily Show host Jon Stewart was a bartender at City Gardens, a rough punk club in Trenton, New Jersey. He's recalled his days a few times recently, but last night, one-upped himself by having the Butthole Surfers' lead singer Gibby Haynes on the show. He was there along with Amy Yates Wuefling, who recently authored an oral history of City Gardens called No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes.Stewart gets right to the point and asks Haynes why, if this place was such a shithole, so many bands played there. "It was a place you could play between New York and Philadelphia," Haynes explained. "Maybe people just got lost on the turnpike." Haynes and Wuefling recall the days of yore, when 'zines ruled, the indie-music scene, and why City Gardens "came from a place of love." Case in point: Haynes only got stabbed on stage once.

  • Chief Keef Involved in Early Morning Shooting

    Chief Keef Involved in Early-Morning Shooting

    Rapper Chief Keef was involved in a shootout this morning in Northfield, Illinois, TMZ has learned. While a rep for the troubled hip-hop star says that he was present, he wasn't the shooter. The incident has left one person in intensive care and WGN (via XXL) is reporting that the victim called the newstation and said "Chief Keef shot me." Keef's Twitter has been active today, but no mention of what happened — just plugs for his friends' latest tracks. However, earlier this week he tweeted out a picture of himself, smoking a blunt and holding an AK-47, with the hashtag #ANOTHERSITUATION #ALREADY. This latest incident is just another bullet point on a long resume involving the law. Earlier this month, he was arrested for driving while high. He was ordered to return to jail last November, after failing two drug tests. Still, he has managed to release some tracks here and there.

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