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    Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore to Collaborate?

    First comes "retirement," then comes marriage, then comes the subsequent release of all-new metal tunes. So what's next for Ryan Adams? Possibly a collaboration with his new wife, Mandy Moore. The actress-cum-songstress has a new acoustic rock album on the way next month (titled Amanda Leigh), and she's been keeping Adams gainfully employed as a music teacher. Moore recently told Details that her hubby has been schooling her in the art of playing piano and guitar. And from the sounds of things he's impressed -- Moore joked to MTV that "if [Adams] ever needs a job or something, maybe he can audition for [her] band.

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    Eminem Talks About His Drug Problems

    With his new album due in May, Eminem has opened up about his battle with drugs following the 2006 shooting death of his best friend and D12 member Proof. "I just went into such a dark place that, with everything, the drugs, my thoughts, everything. And the more drugs I consumed -- and it was all depressants I was taking -- the more depressed I became, the more self-loathing I became," he told XXL magazine. "The way I felt was almost like it happened to just me," he said of the murder. "It just blindsided me. I'm just now at the point where I'm better talking about it. It took me so long to get out of that place where I couldn't even speak about it without crying or wanting to cry." Em went on to elaborate how his drug addiction resulted in his three-year hiatus from music. "I wasn't ready mentally. I wasn't ready to give up drugs," he explained.

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    Rihanna's First Performance -- Chris Brown Dating?

    More than two months after her altercation with Chris Brown, Rihanna has confirmed her first comeback gig. The star will perform at a May 28 concert in Dubai. According to a spokesman for Dubai Tourism, approximately 25,000 tickets will be going on sale in the next couple of days. A location has yet to be determined, but a custom-made stage in the desert is said to be a likely possibility (via E! News). Rihanna, 21, is reportedly continuing work on her next album in a studio in Santa Monica, CA.

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    Kanye + Leto + Killers = ???

    Kanye West has recorded a new track with Killers frontman Brandon Flowers, after Flowers swung by the rapper's studio and apparently interrupted a work in progress between West and actor-cum-30 Seconds to Mars rocker Jared Leto. "I WAS WORKING ON THIS DOPE ASS SONG WITH JARED AND BRANDON STOPPED BY," 'Ye wrote on his blog alongside photographic evidence of the collabo (above).

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    Video: P. Diddy Bromances Arctic Monkeys

    Listen up HBO execs: There's a new Entourage in town -- and it has the makings of a hit show! P. Diddy has declared himself the fifth member of Brit indie rock outfit Arctic Monkeys, after partying down and forming a bromance with the lads during a house party at his Miami mansion. The best part? The whole thing was captured on film. Watch below. It all started when Monkeys drummer Matt Helders took a break from recording the band's new album in Brooklyn to go on vacation in Miami, where he stopped by Diddy's pad and the rapper promptly added himself to the Monkeys lineup: "Now I'm not going to be singing. I'm not going to be playing any instruments, but I am part of the crew," said Diddy. "I'm part of the entourage.

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    Pearl Jam Making a Film with Cameron Crowe

    During an interview with Seattle's "Ron & Don Show," guitarist Mike McCready said Pearl Jam are working on a film with Almost Famous director Cameron Crowe, that will feature "existing footage" of the band. He added that PJ have recorded 14 songs for their ninth album, which they're making with producer Brendan O'Brien in a California studio. The album, said McCready, should be released before the end of the year. [Via]. Pearl Jam are preparing to tour, too -- a "little thing in the States" and an in-the-works jaunt to South America in 2010. And let's not forget Eddie Vedder's recently-announced solo tour.

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    The Streets to Debut 3 Songs Via Twitter

    British rapper the Streets, a.k.a. Mike Skinner, has announced plans to write and record one song per day (beginning today), and then share them with fans for free via his Twitter account. "I am going to Tweet three new songs this week," he wrote yesterday. "I can't be bothered with all this trying to sell you music. It wastes valuable time." Skinner then outlined his musical itinerary: "Day 1 will be easy. I've got one nearly done. Day 2 easy. Day 3 is looking tricky. Might have to post a totally rubbish one [song]." [UPDATE: Skinner posted his first song, "I Love My Phone," Tuesday afternoon. Download it here.] He signed off by explaining that he was sitting down to watch the film Usual Suspects -- "Kevin Spacey inspiration," Skinner wrote of that film's mysterious criminal protagonist. "You won't hear from me till tomorrow eve and a song I will have." So what should fans expect?

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    Justin Timberlake, Lupe Fiasco to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

    Justin Timberlake and Lupe Fiasco have been recruited by Ethiopian-born pop singer Kenna to climb Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro later this year in an effort to raise money and awareness for the worldwide water crisis. For Kenna, the mastermind behind the trip, the cause is close to heart: "My dad almost died as a child from waterborne diseases in Ethiopia," he told Elle Magazine. "He had talked to me about digging a well there, and I thought, 'I have too many friends who would be concerned with the subject of clean water. Maybe I can help out.'" [Via] Fiasco was apparently more than ready to lend a hand, but his motivation seems partially attributed to a Survivor-esque competitive spirit and his untapped inner Ashton Kutcher. "I'm an adventure junkie.

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    First Look: Feist's New Music Video

    Feist's new music video for "The Water," a tune off her breakout 2007 album The Reminder, is a lot different from the peppy web hit that was the clip for "1234." In fact, pretty much the only thing they have in common is Feist. The clip is directed by Feist's fellow Broken Social Scene pal Kevin Drew, and stars Feist with actors David Fox and Cillian Murphy. In an interview, Drew said the video's concept came about because he thought Murphy and Feist had similar eyes. "It's about the beauty of their eyes. Their eyes are going to tell the story. There's going to be no words. We're going to have snow, we're going to have fire, we're going to have a mummy, there's going to be some ice and all eyes." Below, watch the short film/music video. Then tell us what you think in the comments section. WATCH: Feist, "The Water"

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    Kanye, Corgan, Nicks on Improving Themselves

    Lately, it's all about self-improvement for some of music's hottest stars. See what we mean: Kanye West: It's a well-known fact that South Park is mean to everyone -- sort of like Eminem. But rather than get hot-headed about the Comedy Central show's recent lampooning of him as a "gay fish," Kanye West took the "you hurt my feelings, but nice job with that -- I guess I deserve it" tack via a trademark all-caps posting on his blog: "SOUTH PARK MURDERED ME LAST NIGHT AND IT'S PRETTY FUNNY. IT HURTS MY FEELINGS BUT WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM SOUTH PARK! I JUST WANNA BE A DOPER PERSON WHICH STARTS WITH ME NOT ALWAYS TELLING PEOPLE HOW DOPE I THINK I AM. AS LONG AS PEOPLE THINK I ACT LIKE A BITCH THIS TYPE OF SHIT WILL HAPPEN TO ME. I'M SURE THE WRITERS AT SOUTH PARK ARE REALLY NICE PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE. THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO DRAW MY CREW.

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