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    Kanye West: "MTV Europe Music Awards Were Fixed!"

    Let's face it: Kanye West and MTV awards shows have a relationship that's almost as tumultuous as that of Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil. West and MTV are on the rocks again, but this time it's for an award he did receive [via].

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    Another Pipettes Member Departs

    The "pip" supply is once again plummeting in polka dot land: Another Pipette has bid adieu to the Pipettes, leaving the girl group down to two members and just barely hanging on to the "s" at the end of their name. It was back in April when the girls broke the news that two of the original Pipettes --RiotBecki and Rosay -- were leaving the band and would be replaced by Ani and Anna. That gave Gwenno the distinction of being the only member without an 'An'-derived name and the only one to appear on the group's 2006 debut album, We Are the Pipettes. Well, it looks like change is afoot again. According to the band's MySpace page, "Anna MacDonald has abruptly announced her decision to pursue a songwriting career outside of the band." The post ended on a bittersweet note: "Our quest for the perfect Pipette continues..."? Ladies, have you tried looking in Smurf Village?

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    Razorlight's Johnny Borrell: "The Haters Won't Win!"

    Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell isn't happy with the reviews his group's new album, Slipway Fires, have been receiving -- and he suspects the negativity is aimed at him. "If I go to a gig and see a band I don't like, at least I can be objective, but it seems people want to believe the crap that's written about me," he complained [via]. "The haters aren't going to win," he added with resolve. And what exactly are the critics saying? The album isn't due for a U.S. release just yet, so SPIN has yet to chime in, but here are some samples from the U.K. press: "If Borrell spouted any more hot air you could mount him on the wall by the urinals and dry your hands underneath him," says The Guardian. "Nowhere near as bad as Razorlight's second album (but then, few records are)," said The Times.

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    Collaboration Buster!

    These days, rumors of artist collaborations start more quickly than you can say, "The lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish has the No. 1 Country album." Below, we weed through the reports to set the record straight. James Iha and Billy Corgan: After a dissatisfied fan at the Smashing Pumpkins show in D.C. commented that the band no longer "rocks" and inquired about former guitarist James Iha's whereabouts, Corgan pulled another fan from the audience and referred to her as "James Iha," then asked what she'd been up to. VERDICT: Mismatch! [Via]. The Faces' Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Ian McLagan, and Kenney Jones: It looks like a reunion for the Faces could be in the cards. That is, if a certain rehearsal goes well. On the agenda: "To check if they can remember the songs." VERDICT: Match!

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    Ryan Adams, Oasis: The Musical Feuds End!

    Everyone takes notice when music heavyweights start talking smack. But what about when those trash talkers decide to play nice? Below, a recent collection of musical kindness. Can it be that Barack Obama is inspiring everyone? Ryan Adams and Oasis: Turns out the guy who frequently complains about other people in the music industry is a huge fan of the guys who frequently complain about other people in the music industry. "I never miss Oasis," said Ryan Adams, who recently opened for the Britpop legends. "That is a band I buy tickets for and I go and see. If Oasis are playing New York I'm at that concert. I'm in the line with everyone else," he told BBC Newsbeat.

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    My Chemical Romance's Frank Iero Talks About New Band

    While My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way focuses on his comic books, guitarist Frank Iero has taken up a new project of his own: "Dirty rock'n'roll" band Leathermouth. [Via] The group, formed with a few like-minded pals, sees Iero take on a new role: Frontman. Stepping in for the vocalist originally slated for the band, who "never wrote any lyrics," Iero got right to work and penned all the words for band's debut -- due in January via Epitaph -- in the span of a week, among them the tune "Murder Was the Case They Gave Me." Wow! We think nearly everyone, especially Snoop Dogg, would agree that's a catchy title. Not bad for a rookie.

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    Deftones Bassist Should Recover from Coma

    In the wake of a life-threatening car accident last week that left Deftones bassist Chi Cheng in a coma, doctors are optimistic that Cheng will make a full recovery. A post over the weekend on the band's blog reported that Cheng was able to move his lower lip when promptedby his father, and both of his legs responded with movement after a tendon reflex test. It adds that his doctor is "expecting a recovery." [Via] Apparently a few off-duty EMTs are also to thank for Cheng's hopeful condition. "Three individuals happened to be traveling on the road with medical gear in tow at the time of the accident. If not for them, the chances of Chi making to the hospital alive would have been poor."

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    Fatboy Slim Recruits Iggy, David Byrne, Dizzee for New Album

    What is the Brighton Port Authority? It's the brainchild of Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) and studio whiz Simon Thornton, who recruited musicians like David Byrne, Iggy Pop, and would-be future British Prime Minister Dizzee Rascal to contribute vocals to a diverse collection of big-beat-tinged tracks set for a February 3 release. But if you buy into the BPA's press mythology -- which is a lot more fun -- the project is culled from a series of lost studio tapes recorded by a group then-known as the Brighton Phonographic Association, whose sessions ran from the early '70s through the mid-'90s.Of course, if that were, you know, true, then contributors like Emmy the Great, Jamie T, and Dizzee himself would have barely been out of grade school when their tracks were recorded.

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    Linkin Park: "New Album Like Peanut Butter and Jelly"

    Ever since Linkin Park announced intentions to make their next release a concept album, fans have been hungry for more details. Well, they're not exactly bleeding specifics, but the band did recently offer a cryptic metaphoric snack to MTV: "In terms of describing what it sounds like ... it sounds like peanut butter and jelly," frontman Chester Bennington said. "It's sounding delicious." Perhaps Bennington's instinct to chat musical matters nutty rather than nitty gritty is due to the fact that he's not entirely sure what "concept album" means to him, being that the idea was borrowed from a friend. "For me, you say the words 'concept record,' and the first thing I think of is theater or the opera or something," he said. "There's a story, and everything has to relate to that story. It sounds a little daunting to me...

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    Christina Aguilera Taps Sia and Goldfrapp for New Album

    As readers know, Christina Aguilera has recruited Aussie solo artist and Zero 7 singer Sia Furler for her next album. Now, we're seeing a trend: The pop singer has also drafted Goldfrapp and Ladytron to appear on the set [via], which, she recently revealed,will be a "futuristic" one. As everyone knows, futuristic = electronic. Of working with Furler, the pop diva said: "I'm definitely a fan of Sia's. I was thrilled she also wanted to work together and, in turn, was a fan of mine." The foursome haven't yet hit the studio, but Aguilera confirmed that they are indeed, "setting the wheels in motion now. I'm not exactly sure what we're gonna get when we get in the studio together," she added, "but (as) with all great things I'll go in and there's probably magic to be had."

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