• Marilyn Manson

    Running With the Devil, by Marilyn Manson

    He may be an agent of Satan, but, oh!, the places he's been, the people he's known... In this exclusive excerpt from Marilyn Manson's upcoming memoir, The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, the author makes friends with Anton LaVey, makes fun of Corey Feldman, and makes time with Jenna Jameson. I. I had written, I had called, I had pleaded. Finally, I was granted an appointment. During a day off on the fall, 1994 Nine Inch Nails tour in San Francisco, the hotel phone rang."The Doctor wants to meet you," came a woman's voice, stern and husky.I asked her if the Doctor would care to see our show the following night. I knew everything there was to know about the Doctor but he knew very little about me."The Doctor never leaves his house," she replied icily."Okay, when do you want me to come over? I'm in town for a few days.""The Doctor really wants to meet you," she replied.

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