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  • Courtney Love

    Courtney Love's Got '99 Problems' and the N-Word Is Regrettably One

    "It's so genius, it either sucks or it's genius," Courtney Love said onstage in Park City, Utah, during the recent Sundance Film Festival, before launching into a cover of Jay-Z's hip-hop landmark "99 Problems."After the second inauguration of the nation's first African-American president, after Django Unchained, what the national dialogue on race probably didn't need was the frontwoman from Hole casually throwing around "the N-word." And the video quality is, to say the least, spotty. But Love makes the song sound like her own, and she transforms its meaning when she changes the lyric to "but being a bitch ain't one." (Which, why aren't we upset about Jay's use of "the B-word," right?

  • Soundgarden's

    Soundgarden Get Busted by Deadmau5 in Dave Grohl's 'By Crooked Steps' Video

    Rock'n'roll never dies, it just becomes aware of its own ridiculousness. As previously reported, Dave Grohl directed Soundgarden's new video for "By Crooked Steps," off of last year's toothsome King Animal, and Deadmau5 plays a role. Now the video is here, via Antiquiet, and it both revels in and lovingly mocks the image of heavy rock as a font of hedonistic rebelliousness.Chris Cornell and his crew are something like a biker gang, see, except they ride Segways. When Soundgarden force some tank-topped, backwards-hatted DJ from the stage at the local bar to show the crowd some Real Music™, booze starts flowing, at least one tongue is sucked, and Officer Joel Zimmerman is called to the scene.

  • Frank Ocean and Chris Brown

    Frank Ocean Heroically Fights Chris Brown Over Parking Space

    If you woke up this morning feeling like the forces of good and evil were locked in a battle for world domination, you weren't far off. Frank Ocean and Chris Brown got into a fight last night outside a Los Angeles recording studio.According to TMZ, sources close to Hall of Shamer Brown blamed Ocean for starting the brawl, which they said was over a parking spot. "This is my studio, this is my parking spot," Ocean allegedly said, after he and his entourage blocked Brown from exiting. Brown's people claimed the Sisqo-channeling singer went to shake Ocean's hand and got jumped by Ocean's buddies. Then a pop-royalty rumble reportedly ensued.Ocean, who is nominated for six Grammy Awards, suggests Brown — who has a history of scrapping with pop stars, rappers, comedians, and pretty much everyone else — instigated the incident. Ocean wrote on Twitter: "got jumped by chris and a couple guys.

  • Dirty Projectors sing Usher's 'Climax' on Triple J

    Dirty Projectors' Bare-Bones 'Climax' Doesn't Get Us Off

    Usher is a great singer. This shouldn't need saying, but it's important to understand. When R&B purists criticize Frank Ocean's voice, they're rightly pointing out an instrument that's more limited than one like Usher's. Of course, Ocean has other strengths, and Usher wisely turned to Diplo, Nico Muhly, Redd Stylez, and Ariel Rechtshaid to help shape "Climax" into, as SPIN's Rob Harvilla put it, "an all-timer." It's in part his voice that allows him to get away with such techno-flickering experimentation while still scoring a #1 on the R&B chart.Dirty Projectors are a band that was on the vanguard of the recent convergence between the indie world and R&B that apotheosized with Usher's "Climax" and Ocean's channel ORANGE.

  • Beyoncé

    Destiny's Child's Super Bowl Setlist Is More Disappointing Than Beyonce-Gate

    All the click-baiting controversy over Beyoncé Doing What Everybody Else Does, Only Way Better is distracting us from real issues. No, not the budget deficit — doesn't anybody read Paul Krugman? — and unfortunately we don't even mean the latest twist in the Manti Te'o soap opera (they're saying Ronaiah Tuiasosopo's cousin Tino did it).

  • Bob Mould

    Bob Mould Will Now Flood Your Screens With Awesome Live Footage

    Bob Mould fans suddenly have an abundance of live Mould to enjoy.The former Hüsker Dü and Sugar frontman announced today he'll appear on an episode of PBS' Austin City Limits airing this Sunday, January 26. Mould will play with his usual live band of bassist Jason Narducy and drummer Jon Wurster. Expect the setlist to span Mould's career, including material from bracing 2012 album Silver Age as well as Hüsker Dü, Sugar, and solo songs.At the same time, Mould has revealed the Kickstarter funding campaign for a concert movie documenting last year's star-studded tribute concert has succeeded.

  • Alice in Chains, Layne Staley, Pontiac Firebird

    Layne Staley's Pontiac Firebird Is for Sale

    It's a good time to be in the market for used vehicles associated with dead grunge-rock frontmen. If you missed your chance last year to buy the Melvins' first tour van, which was decorated by a somewhat notable doodler named Kurt Cobain, consider buying a car once owned by late Alice in Chains singer Layne Staley. As Blabbermouth notes, Staley's 2000 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is for sale over at the band's fan messageboard. The user selling the car, unless it's some strange hoax, is longtime Alice in Chains roadie Tavis LeMay, who as far as we know isn't related to indie rocker and music critic Matt LeMay. Tavis says Staley's estate asked him to sell the car, and he figured he'd give the fans first dibs.

  • The Flaming Lips' 'Sun Blows Up Today'

    Flaming Lips' Super Bowl Ad Song 'Sun Blows Up Today' Will Brighten Your Last Day on Earth

    Sorry, gramps, this supernova isn't the champagne kind. Yesterday the Flaming Lips announced they'll release a new album, The Terror, on April 1 via Bella Union and Warner Bros, and the Oklahoma psych-rockers reportedly planned to precede that "bleak, disturbing record" on February 3 with a non-album track with the bleak, disturbing title "Sun Blows Up Today."Happily, the song is here early as a hypercolor, seizure-inducing lyric video. And while it's lacerated with squiggles of electronic noise, the hummingbird-heart-rate psych-pop freakout makes the imminent end of our solar system actually sound kinda exhilarating. The repetitious vocals and frenetic percussion suggest a possible debt to mad-scientist party-starter Dan Deacon, but the wild sonics and beatific lyrical theme are pure Lips.Acid supernova? Ecstasy supernova?

  • Pulp

    Pulp's James Murphy-Produced 'After You' Will Get an Official Release

    In December, Pulp quietly shared a re-recorded version of a previously unreleased, 2000-era demo. Originally given as a download to attendees at the Britpoppers' Sheffield, U.K., reunion show earlier in the month, the track soon made its way onto the wider Web, where it was revealed to be a production by none other than former LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy, who's also reportedly working on the new Arcade Fire album. The resulting "After You," a lusty, five-plus-minute disco song edged with glam and punk and haunted by creeping death, was sublime.And now "After You" will be an actual thing that you can buy. According to the Quietus, which cites as its source Pulp themselves, the song will be downloadable from iTunes starting on Monday, January 28. Pulp's management confirms the track will be available globally.

  • The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne

    Will the Flaming Lips Prank Us All With April Fool's Day Album Release?

    The Flaming Lips are asking their fans to be very trusting. As Pitchfork reports, Oklahoma's purveyors of psychedelic pop will release a new album titled The Terror on April 1 via Bella Union and Warner Bros. Yup, that's April Fool's Day.Though the Lips have been so busy lately that SPIN's Chris Martins was able to document 2012's dispiriting Year in Wayne Coyne, The Terror marks the band's first proper album since 2009's Embryonic. The Lips reportedly produced the nine-track album with their longtime collaborator Dave Fridmann, and frontman Coyne is quoted as calling it a "bleak, disturbing record." And that's coming from a guy who brought a grenade to an airport.Meanwhile, onto music that isn't coming out on a day famous for playing pranks on people.

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